Board Meeting Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

October 11, 2017

Midtown Crossing


Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Jeremy Williams, Don Jones, Neely Bagwell, Vivian & Roger Ekstrom, Jay Adkins, Gene Laurenzi, Tom Midgley, John Cameron.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Bill reported on the tree planting effort. There were about 6 requests for trees based on initial posting in Evergreen News. We will continue to post there and other EHDA Social Media Outlets.

Communication – Chris noted a posting on the Facebook page regarding a dog fight at the Overton Dog Park. There was some disagreement on the facts. The post was deleted. Chris requested feedback on website content.

Membership – Chris reports only 3 new members from last meeting. 2018 dues are due Jan. 1. First notice will be electronic. Second notice will be mailing a couple months later. It was decided that the new Evergreener list will go out to the board each month.

Fund Raising – Teresa reported on the meeting of the Evergreen Ball committee. It will be Feb. 24. The committee is discussing ideas to add games to make the event even more fun and raise money for EHDA.  Jay noted he may have some photography that he could donate to the cause.

Planning and Community Engagement – Sam noted that in the last month he has received more email from neighbors, including issues at the following properties.

120 N. Willett – the house was torn down except for the front façade, a stop work order was issued, but construction continues.

417 N. Avalon was demolished.

A parking pad was poured at 221 N. McLean. The board of adjustment voted to deny this pad. The owner now has 6 months to appeal to the appropriate court of jurisdiction.

A metal garage structure was built at Galloway at Hawthorne. That is in the Landmarks process now (after construction).

201-203 Stonewall – Sam reports the owner wants to remove the retaining wall and grade. It is EHDA Board position that this wall needs to be repaired and retained.

275 Buena Vista has an application for a certificate of appropriateness for an expansion. We are now studying these plans and getting an understanding of changes and improvements.

Commercial Parking in the neighborhood – There have been some complaints of commercial vehicles parking on neighborhood streets. John Cameron will provide a narrative that outlines existing codes and laws that address parking vehicles on streets, drives and backyards in residential neighborhoods so that the board understands all facets. At a minimum, commercial vehicles of a certain size are prohibited from parking on residential streets (unless engaged in work). This is currently enforced by MPD.

It was noted that after changes in the Landmarks Commission staffing, EHDA may not be getting notification of items on their agenda, so it is important for EHDA to look at the Landmarks website. We will do that.

It was recommended that EHDA should open a dialogue with the Shelby County Code Inspector for our area. Of the issues raised above, several seem to be caused by homeowners not getting appropriate permits/permissions. However, others appear to have been properly permitted, but some flaw in the system kept them from getting appropriate Landmarks permissions before being allowed. EHDA will follow up with OPD leadership to ensure the process is followed.

Sam received several calls and emails from members of OPA regarding parking lot design. Powers Hill Design is receiving input. Sam encouraged all board members to givefeedback. EHDA needs to submit a letter to Powers-Hill this week; Missy is leading this effort. Three points of significance to Evergreen: trash, traffic and parking. Sam encouraged the board to send suggestions to Missy to assist in writing EHDA’s letter.

Midtown Memphis Development Corporation is putting together a strategic plan of what it should be in the future. They are asking for input from stakeholders. EHDA will be invited to participate.

Highland Heights has an event “Heights Line” through November; similar to what took place on Broad Avenue. Madison Heights “Mem Fix” is this week. Sam noted both events are worthy of Evergreener participation.

There was a complaint by a resident near Overton Park Avenue and Watkins regarding golf balls raining down at night damaging automobiles and hitting roofs. EHDA will use our communication venues to ask for residents to give any information they may have regarding who is responsible. The effort will hopefully allow EHDA to triangulate where the golf balls originate, and do what is necessary to get this to stop.

There was discussion regarding the drive by shootings in the Poplar/Avalon area at or near the Car Wash. It was discussed whether or not this may be a nuisance property. This is now being researched.

Next meeting November 8.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting

September 13, 2017

Midtown Crossing Grill


Attending: Chris Morton, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Caroline Smith, Thomas Midgley, Kyle Veazey, Carrie Kerley, Louise Ann Dawkins, Don Jones, Missy Williams.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Chris reported 394 total memberships with revenues at $12,225.

Carrie reported total assets of $49,925.77.

Sam will discuss status of Williamson Park improvements with Maria Nunoz-Blanco, Director of Parks and Neighborhoods. Teresa will send the plan to Sam.

Planning – Jeremy reported an illegal parking pad has been poured on McLean. Owner is now seeking approval after the fact at 221 N. McLean. With Don Jones abstaining, the board agreed to oppose the parking pad, which not only violates code also is antithetical to the EHDA design guidelines.

The EHDA Gala is scheduled for February 24.

It was noted that Evergreen has lost a number of trees in recent storms. Based on past success of funding tree replacements it was approved for $5,000 to be allotted to plant native canopy trees in front yards in the neighborhood this fall/winter/spring. Bill will write a message for the E News and will chair the effort.

Caroline reported a good block captain meeting/party at her house. There was significant discussion on how to get more blocks and block captains engaged.

Sam recognized Missy on putting together a great dessert pot luck membership meeting with excellent attendance.

Frayser Landfill issue will be at LUCB tomorrow morning. Sam encouraged any board members who can to attend.

Sam reported that Pinnacle Bank has an application in for variances to build a branch on Union Avenue where Wiles Smith Drug Store used to be. Sam will keep abreast of the situation to see if EHDA needs to weigh in.

It was approved to support the Mayor in his effort to pursue the Amazon HQ project.

Sam closed the meeting with an appropriate quote from Margaret Mead, underscoring the importance of neighbor involvement.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting

August 9, 2017

Midtown Crossing Grill


Attending: Chris Morton, Don Jones, John Cameron, Carrie Kerley, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Gene Laurenzi, Wain Rubenstein, Missy Williams, Louise Ann Dawkins, Lanae Peterson.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported total assets of $48,000.23 as of July 31, 2017. Large expense was D&O Insurance at $930. The report was approved.

Beautification Committee – Teresa will be coordinating with the Evergreen Garden Club regarding status of the rain garden at Evergreen and Peach.

Communication Committee – Missy and Teresa will coordinate on flyer creation and distribution to block captain for upcoming general membership meeting. Sam requested a new blurb for E News and social media, requesting neighbors to contact other neighbors who may not be aware of the general membership meeting. Teresa will get 15 signs made for upcoming meeting.

Membership – Chris reported that we are at 388 members, with dues of $12,090.

Planning – John reported our process in working on sidewalks. Central Gardens is further along than we are, and he will look to them for best practices. Jeremy reported that the location that was formerly the Baptist Brotherhood and later at Poplar and Willett has an application for the Board of Adjustment to use as office and/or mini-storage. A variance is needed for both mini storage as well as the office use. With Don recusing, the board agreed to oppose any variance allowing mini storage but to support a variance for office use.

Sam reported that we are able to make comments on revisions to the Unified Development Code (UDC). This year there are some changes that have caused concern. One has to do with signs. There is concern regarding the ability to have an interior-lit LED billboard near an interstate and in/near residential areas. There are concerns that the night-time light intrusion may be inappropriate to residential areas so far. Don will attempt to answer questions posed by Sam on this topic.

Fund-raising – Brew-fest is planned for October 1. At present, only 5 brewers have expressed interest. There is a need for homebrewers brewing batches of 5 gallons. We will put requests on E News and social media. If not enough brewers, we will contemplate other ways to offer more locally brewed beer options.

Evergreen ball will be this February. Planning will begin in October. February 24 is date we are shooting for.

Community Engagement – Movie idea became too expensive. Looking at more ideas – update/repair of signage is one option. Sam asked for feedback from board members for discussion at next meeting.

Problem Properties – 1677 Beard is new to the list. Property bought a year ago or so; intent to turn from duplex to single family. Financial issues have postponed development, and the property has been rented to an individual who had some legal issues as well as issues with neighbors. It appears this situation is now under control, with the owner looking to begin renovations.

Sam thanked the ones involved with planning and participation in national night out.

New Business – Sam reported there was a compromise reached with the development between the neighborhoods and MRG. Councilman Worth Morgan mediated a very acceptable compromise. Main points – height was reduced from 5 floors to 3 and parking spaces were added.

Frayser Landfill – Sam reports that the Frasyer landfill is at issue again. Frayser Landfill has hired Caissa Public Strategies to assist them into getting this allowed next to Whitney Elementary. This is an inappropriate use of this land and they are seeking a planned development to be able to get around the current rules that protect the nearby property owners. With Don recusing, it was approved for EHDA to write a letter supporting Frayser and opposing this inappropriate use of this property.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting

July 12, 2017

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Teresa Bullock, Caroline Smith, Kyle Veazey, Wain Rubenstein, Misti Doose, Don Jones, Louise Ann Dawkins, Tom Midgeley, Jeremy Williams, Lisa Jacola, John Cameron.

Lisa Jacola shared her concerns with the old church next door to her at 1669 Autumn. Her family has been there for 5 years, first renting the buying. The Church is at 1663 Autumn. No services are being held. Not clear if anyone is in the property. Lawn is maintained. Overgrowth impacting their fence, holes in roof, family of racoons inside. Now two windows are out. Code has been out and made citation with follow up on July 13 scheduled. Vector control will not deal with raccoons.

She was asking the board for help in making the situation more tolerable. Ownership is The Church at Memphis. It was determined no property taxes were owed given it is owned by a non-profit.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Don requested that board members turn in projects with expected expenditures to assist in budget creation.

Financial Report – Sam noted total assets were $49,250.28 on the report as submitted by Carrie Kerley.

Membership Report – Chris submitted a report showing 380 members to date, compared to 424 members paid at the end of 2016.

Planning – John has email out to Manny Belin at the city and waiting to hear back regarding sidewalks.

Fundraising – The wine tasting went well. The beer fest is the next fundraiser, to be held in October on 1st or 8th.

Community Engagement – Caroline announced the block captain appreciation event at her house this Sunday, 2 -4 p.m. Caroline had a survey of block captains. She related the various levels of participation from various captains/blocks. Some have many events per year, others only NNO if that. Several blocks have Facebook pages. Communication is key, walking around is effective, paper flyers are not that effective.

Properties: 1663 Autumn new on the list. Poplar and Angelus – Gene reported they are selling cars from this property again. John encouraged board members to contact 311 to complain.

Peach and Garland – Two sex offenders living in the apartment buildings. They are parking on the grass (311 complaint needed). Could be a zoning issue if being used as a boarding house. Hard to prove in court per John Cameron.

1709 Forest at Evergreen – owners are requesting permission at Landmarks to put an 8 foot solid brick fence up. The board chose to let the Landmarks process of enforcing existing design guidelines work its course.

Aug 2 is Neighborhood night out. There will be a Cop Stop that night.

There was a meeting involving the MRG proposal at Lea’s Woods. Sam reported that through mediation involving Worth Morgan, the maximum height has gone from 5 stories to 3 stories. Lea’s Woods thinks they can get sign off by neighborhood on that. As part of the deal, a letter will be written that says that Lea’s Woods is granting a waiver on historic district guideline because of the uniqueness of the area and the situation.

EHDA has been asked to write a letter in support of the plan. It was agreed to send a letter in support of Lea’s Woods in this situation.

August 24 is general membership meeting at Trinity UMC. Mayor Strickland will speak. 6 p.m. Dessert. 6:30.

EHDA Signs – Bill and Sam will take one sign and repair/refurbish to get an understanding of manhours and skill levels needed.

Sam suggested that EHDA have a liaison to Land Use to be the point person in dealing with the City on anything that comes before OPD that involves EHDA. Jeremy Williams volunteered for the task. Don will ensure that Jeremy gets on the distribution for this.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

June 14, 2017, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, John Cameron, Andy King, Caroline Smith, Carrie Kerley, Tom Midgeley, Missy Williams, Chris Morton.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Sam discussed “Keep midtown our town” signs that had been going up in Lea’s Woods and elsewhere. These are available on request.

Financials were not discussed.

Beautification: Brief discussion of tree watering relative to the heat of summer.

Communication: The website has been updated with contact info for board members. There was very little response to Neighbor Helping Neighbor, with only two volunteers. Community Engagement Committee should look at putting together some sort of emergency engagement plan for future disasters like the one we recently experienced. There was discussion to look at pre-approving some funds that could be used to purchase supplies in the event of a disaster that impacts the community.

Membership: We are behind where we were last year. 150 members from 2016 have not paid. An email blast is being sent out to all other addresses who have not yet paid.

Fundraising: The wine tasting went well. About 30 people paid and showed up. Noted that OPC raised the million dollars that they were targeting. October 1 is the date for the home brewing get together. There was some discussion of ticket prices, and it was generally agreed that $25 was a good price point.

Planning: Discussion about the city partnering on sidewalk improvement plan. Need to identify how many need repair. John hopes to have more information available for the next meeting.

Community Engagement: Wain is interested in getting board support for speed bumps. Discussion of street width and division (such as on Stonewall south of Poplar) as it relates to getting city approval. Discussion on getting block captains involved and engaged, a meeting related to this was held this past week. There is a desire to increase engagement with the National Night Out. Discussion of block captain vacancies and of previous recruiting efforts. Perhaps it will be necessary to go knock on doors in order to fill those vacancies. Andy volunteered to be a block captain on Lawrence. Discussion of creating a facebook page for block captains in order to increase communication and involvement. Discussed putting on a regular get-together for block captains, once or twice a year. A motion was made to have this get together with a budget up to (but not necessarily) $500 on July 16 of this year for block captains and board members. Wine, beer, finger foods.

Sam noted that Lea’s Woods was voted down at a meeting concerning Makowski Ringel Greenberg management of apartments. Sam attended the meeting (personally) and spoke regarding the management company, and issues that he’s previously experienced with them.

Turner Dairy situation was briefly discussed, employee parking and trailer parking was mentioned.

Landmarks commission and the termination of Nancy Jane Baker was discussed. There was some concern expressed about how this will impact Landmarks and the protection of historic design guidelines in neighborhoods. It was suggested to bring up to Don the question of, whom OPD reports to- city or county. Board members expressed a desire to speak to Landmarks/OPD to find out if historic design guidelines will be protected. There was mention of asking John Zeanah or Josh Whitehead to speak. This segued into conversation about having Doug McGowen come speak again in August.

There was discussion of a Historic District Coalition, and whether EHDA was interested in participating. This would potentially be made up of the 13 historic districts in the city, and would collectively seek to protect historic districts. No decision was made regarding EHDA participation in this coalition.

It was noted that a house on McLean has run afoul of code enforcement for historic guidelines over a parking pad.

Sam noted that the arranged walkthrough of Trinity Church sanctuary was missed due to a mistake, and that apparently there is still some controversy within that community over whether the sanctuary or the community building will be sold.

It was noted that the Landmarks Commission meeting will be on Thursday, June 22 at 4PM at City Council Chambers, for any interested in attending.

It was noted that there are two neighborhoods which are not currently city Historic Districts, which are applying for this status, Cooper Young and VECA.

Plans to hold EHDA meeting at Trinity community building on August 17th or 24th, the 17th being preferred.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

May 10, 2017, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Missy Williams, Carrie Kerley, Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Vishant Shah, John Cameron, Tom Midgeley, Louise Ann Dawkins, Tom Lawrence, Jay Adkins, Chris Morton, Caroline Smith, Don Jones.

Tom Lawrence let the board know he will coordinate the family picnic in the fall. He wanted to get ideas from the board on dates and any programming. He thinks that inflatables would be good for the kids. It is traditionally in later October. It was agreed to have picnic on October 22. Action Item: Board members give Tom ideas they have for creating a great fall picnic event.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Bill has agreed to distribute to the entire board.

Carrie reported total assets of $47,852.61. We have scheduled the wine tasting dinner for June 6. $50 per person, half going to Café Society, half to EHDA. 40 people maximum. 5 wines. 3 small plates. Proceeds will go OPC. We will note that additional donations are encouraged to support the OPC effort to resolve the parking issue on the greensward.

Beautification. Bill will contact Michael Wayt and get his recommendation on watering the trees in Williamson Park. We currently have no contract in place to do this. There has been discussion that the department of agriculture has additional grant money for tree planting. Missy will look at it. Carrie suggested that watering may be a boy scout project. The “gator bags” are owned by EHDA and are still in place on the trees, which all appear to be healthy.

Membership – Chris reported we have 290 memberships to date. Based on activity, he expects membership to be similar to last year. Teresa will send individual thank you notes to large donors. Sam suggested that we think about doing something like Central Gardens does for their president’s circle high dollar donors with some recognition like invitation to Levitt Shell event. Perhaps have an event for block captains and sustaining donors. Caroline, Missy and Teresa agreed to plan this event.

Planning -John and Vishant reported main project is looking at sidewalks. It was thought that we could coordinate with the City. Perhaps a branding opportunity for an “EHDA” stamp in the sidewalks. John noted there is an assistance program for aged/low income property owners. It was noted that curbs are the responsibility of the City. John opined that we can combine the efforts of sidewalks and curbs. Kyle suggested we begin working on this prior to July in order to meet city budget deadlines.

Sam reminded the board to take a look at our design review guidelines on our website. He also noted the Charter has some need for update. Kyle and Wain will assist Sam in updating/correcting. Vishant suggested looking at some of the language in the charter/by-laws of other neighborhood organizations so that we can take advantage of best practices.

Fund Raising – Brewfest will likely be October 1 or 8. Chris will talk with Sabine at ECCO and confirm best date. Thoughts from Missy included adding cornhole games/contests, as well as having judges to give awards for some of the best brews. Also having beer “celebrities” from organizations like Joe’s, Cash Saver or Eagle Distributing would be beneficial. After Wine Tasting and Brewfest, we can work on planning our Evergreen Ball.

Sam encouraged the board to reach out to friends and acquaintances via social media and other methods to help raise money for the Overton Park Conservancy.

Community Engagement – We have a vendor for movies at Williamson Park. We need to pick a film and date.

Evergreen Amber alert system. There was discussion regarding a texting, emailing or other methods of contacting neighbors. Chris and Carrie suggested this being a good discussion item with block captains.

Jay discussed a stop sign for intersections with Evergreen. Missy reported that after she contacted the city, a “hidden entrance” sign went up. Evergreen may be in play since it is ready to be repaved and restriped for bike lanes. Missy has asked for high visibility cross-walks.

It was suggested to start conversation with Josh Pickler regarding property crimes.

Sam noted that EHDA signs are showing signs of ages and rust.

There are 23 signs. Bill will contact Don Walker to see what insight and materials he has regarding refurbishing signs. Vishant suggested the local Technical School may be able to help. Jay suggested it could be a boy scout or eagle scout project.

Sam asked the board if we had any concerns with Air B&Bs. The board noted several experiences, all good. EHDA has no issues with Air B&B so no action taken.

Sam noted that City Council will review the special use permit for Railgarten. Lennox neighborhood does not like it because it is loud and generates a lot of trash.

He also noted that Makowski Ringel Greenberg had another plan for Lea’s woods, but Lea’s Woods wants single family not apartment. The new plan has a right-in, right -out curb cut on Sam Cooper per Don. Present plat calls for same number of parking spaces as units. The board agrees that this situation bears watching, but no action at this time.

Don addressed the Evergreen-Peach rain garden. He stated that the manager of the City’s real estate group has shared a contract with Don, as well as a new one just worked up that was created for VECA. He is reviewing now and getting details back from the City’s real-estate office. Question: is this for Evergreen Garden Club or EHDA? Don will report back.

Sam noted that Crosstown has formed a neighborhood association as well as the CDC.

Sam encouraged committees to hold committee meetings and report back to the board at the next meeting, Wednesday, June 14.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

April 12, 2017, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Missy Williams, Carrie Kerley, Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Vishant Shah, John Cameron, Tom Midgeley, Lanae Peterson, Krissi and Jeremy Williams, Don Jones.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported based on March Financials and the 2016 year end. Total assets, $41,471.78. The board recognized Carrie for her service as treasurer of EHDA for several years. It was noted this was a time-consuming and little-recognized position that is vitally important to the neighborhood.

Sam reported Kim Lloyd’s resignation. Several candidates for replacement were discussed. John Cameron will discuss potential with top candidate(s).

Gene will check with parks and neighborhoods on the budget money for Williamson Park. It was determined that Carrie will speak with Michael Wayt to determine if we need to continue with a watering program on the trees in Williamson.

Planning – Sidewalks are of interest in the neighborhoods.

Fundraising – Carrie reported on the possibility of a wine tasting at Café Society. It was approved by the board to pursue this for a summer event.

Greensward. Gene reported on latest developments. It was approved that EHDA would fund $1,000 for OPC to go towards their $1 million effort to fund the Zoo’s new parking lot.

Community Engagement – We will have a community building Movie at Williamson Park event. EHDA will contract with a company to do this for about $700 plus rights for movies. With the $5,000 grant, we could do a series of several movies at Williamson Park.

Block captains and social media. – Vishant discussed idea of more block parties. Promote more block parties, bottom up.

Problem properties – Poplar and Angelus. Gene reported Nancy Jane Baker of Landmarks has issued a stop work order. A lot going on there, much unknown.

Wain reported that at 127 Clark, there is a debris situation.

Overton Park – Potential drug dealing. Pods in ROW.

Sam reported a height and square footage issue on Garland.

Robert Anthony is doing work at 201 Stonewall. Lost Lake LLC.

Center for reproductive health at McNeil and Poplar.

Sam encouraged the committees to keep records of issues going on to ensure that future boards are aware of past actions. Keep folks’ feet to the fire.

Much discussion on how we handle problem properties.

Intersection of Overton Park and McLean. Speeding on Evergreen. Missy reported that while she has requested a crosswalk striping across McLean at Galloway and Overton Park, it seems unlikely that we would success on flashing lights since we could not get them in front of Snowden on North Parkway.

Don suggested making a list of concerns and getting it to the traffic engineer.

Caissa Public Strategies is holding meetings regarding the Mckowski Ringlold property at Sam Cooper and E. Parkway. They will be invited for to a future EHDA meeting.

Next meeting May 10.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

March 8, 2017, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing


Attending: Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Andy and Libby King, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Neely Bagwell, Kyle Veazey, Vishant Shah, Don Jones, Louise Ann Dawkins, Caroline Smith, John Cameron, Jay Adkins, Jeremey Williams.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Sam recognized Wain for a great job as president of EHDA.

Committee Reports:

Beautification: Teresa reported speaking with Judith Johnson about the sale of Robyn Mace’s house, next to the EHDA Rain garden. It appears that a contract between EHDA and the City of Memphis was not fully executed. She also reported that the Evergreen Garden Club would like to take care of the garden. The plan is the Garden Club will continue with the plan for them to maintain this garden. Teresa will design and get quotes for a sign.

Louise Ann reported Fall 2017 expected construction on Williamson Park. We are to keep in touch with Mike Flowers.

Communication: Sam thanked Chris for his great job on the E News weekly newsletter.

Membership: Chris reported 162 memberships so far, about par for the course at this point. Dues cards will go out shortly to those not yet paid.

Planning: John reported he spoke the Steve Barlow regarding sidewalk replacement. John is attempting to get the City to partner with EHDA to get a group discount as well as potentially provide some payment plans. IOBY may be a good way to gage interest in the neighborhood.

Fundraising: Vishant repoted two main items – Craft brewing event and Wine tasting. Art show above Dianes was another idea. Working with businesses. Perhaps something with Brooks. Chris reported Brewfest is planned for late April or fall. He is polling brewers now. Need at least ten brewers.

Greensward Action Committee – Monitoring action regarding parking solution.

Community Engagement committee was created with Safety falling under the purview of this committee. Vishant reported to the group, and it was moved and approved that we research the use of the engagement grant funds for the movie in a a box series to be run at Williamson Park as a continuing community engagement series. It was suggested to reach out to Tim and Dawn on Stonewall who may have some experience with this.

Problem Properties: John reported 1663 Lawrence going to court on March 17. Peach and Stonewall properties are moving forward. 1805 Overton Park is up for auction.

Overton Park Alliance: Waiting on design.

Lea’s Woods: Meeting on March 22 at 6 p.m. at Caratas. McKowski, Ringold and Greenberg are asking for community input on the appropriate use of the property they now own on Sam Cooper and East Parkway.

Turner Dairies: At City Council on March 21. EHDA is on record as supporting Tucker Jefferson in their opposition of change of zoning.

There was discussion regarding the Kroger owned “Washingon Bottoms” property. No one is aware of any plans at this point for this land, which is “zoned” for planned development.

Cop Stop – Sam reported both Cooper Young and Central Gardens are having a number of Cop Stops.

Speeding on Evergreen: Sam reported that a request was made for additional traffic control on Evergreen. There has been some excessive speeding as well as accidents at Galloway. Kyle will check with

SeeClickFix – Kyle will write something for the newsletter with a link to this app that is designed to assist Memphians report issues like trash to be picked up, potholes, etc.

Sam mentioned the upcoming Mojo of Memphis awards.

Andy had a question about alley maintenance near his home. He was encouraged to try SeeClickFix to see what results he gets.

Next Meeting April 12

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Minutes – Board Meeting Feb 8, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Midtown Crossings   394 Watkins (corner of Overton Park)

Attending: Bill Bullock, Caroline Smith, Carrie Kerley, Christie Doosey, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Jeremy Williams, John Cameron, Krissi Williams, Louise Ann Dawkins, Missy Williams, Neely Bagwell, Sam Goff, Teresa Bullock, Tom Midgley, Vishant Shah, Wain Rubenstein,

Approval of minutes from last meeting – Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report (CK) – Carrie reported total assets of $41,363.38, which includes the $5,000 grant. There were no deposits in January, but there will be some in February because some dues will come in from the annual meeting. Emails are also going out with the PayPal link. Withdrawals include MLGW for the Sally Hillyard Park hookup, Mail Chimp for the EHDA news, the MPD Christmas dinner, the General Liability Policy and the Trinity Methodist Church donation for using the facility for annual meeting. All the events in the insurance policy are itemized, so since the Evergreen Ball will not be held this year, Carrie will reach out to Brie to see if this can reduce the policy cost.

Motion to approve the Financial Report was approved.


  1. Old Business
    1. Beautification –
      1. Fix up/clean up was historically done at the end of April and it was discussed whether this would be done again.
      2. The EHDA Garden Club is also asking about the rain garden as it appears someone has dug up plants. The Garden Club would be interested in helping to maintain this. The people who moved in have taken the fence down to their backyard, which was previously the dividing line. There was a suggestion to create a sign reminding others not to dig up the plants and to formally name the location (possibly putting in a bench). Teresa will coordinate a proposal from the Garden Club and will also get in touch with the realtor. Carrie will also email Robyn regarding this.
    2. Communication- Currently, Chris produces the EHDA newsletter, and he and Teresa oversee the Facebook page. Teresa manages the EHDA website, and Chrissie offered to help with this as well.
    3. Membership (CM) – several people paid dues/joined the night of the last annual meeting.
    4. Planning – Rob, Chilton, John and Robyn previously worked on this committee, but it is currently on hiatus. It was suggested that it is possibly time to renew this committee’s activity. John would chair and Jeremy and Don are also interested in joining. John noted that Kyle may be interested as well.
      1. Sidewalks was its own agenda item but is now part of the planning committee. Jeremey and Kyle Veasey will be a part of this and meet before the next board meeting. The city is responsible for liability if someone is injured by a sidewalk, but the city is not responsible for repairing the sidewalk. So the city cites owners to court to have their sidewalks repaired. They also have the authority to do the repairs they give you notice, but it’s more likely they will take the owner to court to cover their liability.   Much of the high cost of redoing a sidewal is in getting a full truck, so it may be helpful if neighborhood coordinates this, work with the city to give us curb cuts, and do as much as possible at one time.
      2. The Williamson park grant has been spent, but it was noted that the board should keep an eye on the trees this spring/summer to see if paying for watering is warranted. The City of Memphis is also reviewing park maintenance as part of the 2017 budget – putting in the ADA parking place as well as the tables around the playground to give EHDA the ability to finish out the sidewalk. This falls under parks and neighborhoods. The long-term plan after handicap spots and walkway included a natural playground. Laurie will research the proper contact person and this will be moved to beautification in future agendas.
      3. When discussing Problem Properties, the board discussed SafeWays, which is a program that talks to apartment complex management and works with police to create safer communities. There is a higher rate of the crime in the area in apartment complexes along Poplar. One recommendation is that apartments have mini-boards, and they have a person of contact and to discuss any issues. This is to be addressed in Planning in the future.
    5. Fundraising – A separate fundraising committee is being considered and Carrie, Christie, Missy and Vishant would be interested.
      1. The Evergreen Ball will not be held in 2017. Carrie will create an average budget for the past 3-4 years of the ball and Brewfest.
      2. Considering a 5K was proposed, but it was also noted that lately 5Ks may produce little profit for the amount of effort required.
    6. Greensward Action Committee (GL) –
      1. The OPA is moving forward trying to implement what happened at the mediation.   The Evergreen Charter includes that we protect Overton Park and it is felt that EHDA has worked toward this end. Gene continues to work to lobby counsel to reduce size of parking spaces.
      2. Wain noted there was a request for proposals for design teams to put for the proposal for completing the work as approved by the City Council – which included the 10×20 parking spaces. There are numbers of people who feel the parking spaces are too large, as they would also require another 1.7 acres of parkland to accommodate this. Overton Park Alliance is working to address this. It was mentioned that even with the 10×20 spaces, Tina Williams has confirmed that the design doesn’t go beyond the edge of the berm stipulated. 8 design team proposals were reviewed and one is chosen and the OPA and others are currently working to support the design team making recommendations/decisions. The OPC is also working to support this, without this having to come back to City Coucil.
      3. There was a suggestion to request that Tina Williams come speak during a board meeting.
    7. Safety – It was noted there is significant interest in people participating in this committee longer term than just the spending of the grant funds. It is felt that it’s important to work on promoting neighborhood connectivity above and beyond safety. At this time, Chilton continues to lead this group, and Vishant is willing to help. It was suggested the committee be called Community Engagement or another name beyond just Safety.
      1. Community Engagement Grant (CS) – John presented that the committee has reviewed neighborhood safety data and it appears that most of the issues are falling around the perimeters of the neighborhood. Vishant mentioned that the committee has FOIA requested last 3 years data on crime in the neighborhood. As currently reviewed, many of the issues involve vehicle break-ins, and many of which are in the daytime. The group has moved away from cameras as far as effectiveness for deterrence, and some specific suggestions/updates were discussed, including:
        1. Purchase of engraver sets for people to put serial numbers on their personal items
        2. Crime prevention through environmental design.
        3. Increased neighborhood/block outdoor activities (It was noted having teenagers on the block also statistically has a positive effect.
        4. Auto campaign – reminders to not leave out devices, put spare change away.
        5. Talking to young juvenile offenders who have served their time to understand why they commit these crimes and understand their motivations (possibly partner with Rhodes or U of M to get a better understanding of why crime is being committed).
      2. Neighborhood Watch – Eric Gottlieb does head a local neighborhood watch. He and Wain have also spoken with the neighborhood watch contact at Crump station, and Buddy Fey attended the Crump Station neighborhood watch meeting last night. There is a grant for those who want to attend a class on setting up a neighborhood watch. This could be included in the EHDA newsletter. Wain will follow up with Eric to work toward authoring a blurb for the newsletter on neighborhood watch, the grant, 311 and Click/Fix.
      3. Sam mentioned ClickFix, an app that gives him notices of people reporting issues within his street-area. People can sign up for it on 311 and it includes various sorts of notifications.
    8. Problem Properties – Problem properties are identified and made known to EHDA via 311
      1. 1750 Peach – is being reviewed
      2. 1663 Lawrence – Will be in court end of March, so there should be more updates by the April meeting. This property has complicated ownership and multiple quit claims.
      3. 290 Stonewall – – Will be in court end of March, so there should be more updates by the April meeting.
    9. Overton Park Alliance – no action beyond the discussion noted in the Greensward Action Committee secton
    10. January Membership Meeting and Elections – There was a good neighborhood turnout and the speakers were well-received. Doug McGowan spoke as the COO for the City of Memphis, and Dr. Scott Morris from the Church Health Center updated attendees on the move-in to Crosstown (ribbon cutting for concourse is March 16, with the CHC ribbon cutting March 22. Curb market is also planning to move in. New board members were approved and new district representatives were welcomed.
    11. Turner Dairies (SG) – There is nothing new to report. The application has been pulled for 60 days while the city works with them to come to a resolution. Expansion plans move forward, but are not directly connected to the application to rezone the 3 acres to industrial from commercial. The plant continues to expand, but are negotiation in good faith with the city about possibly relocating to fulfill the increased demands.
    12. Cop Stop (SG) – Jan Shively hosted one on January 29th, and it was well attended.
    13. Board meeting Dates – It was agreed to continue to meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7PM.
    14. Crosstown CDC (BB) – Sam and Bill attended their meeting last week and talked about some of the same things that were discussed before at the EHDA meetings, including boundaries. They consider themselves a CDC and remain interested in the commercial properties, but they also represent residents, many of whom are in the Speedway Terrace area and those who haven’t had neighborhood association representation. Crosstown CDC has filed for 501(c)3. Bill and Sam did discuss wanting to limit the overlap between residential representation, but Crosstown as a CDC feels they wouldn’t be taking residential neighbors away from the EHDA. They want to extend east to Stonewall, which could result in two CDCs working for our neighborhood. If they follow the CDC model, their board members would pay dues. But if our members wanted to join them and pay dues, they could.
      1. The distinction between a neighborhood association and a CDC was discussed – briefly a CDC may purposefully stay out of residential development and community development – working toward a purpose of making the area livable/walkable for those who live here. They could take on properties and fix them up. For example, they may be able to offer assistance for apartment complexes along Cleveland corridor.
      2. Ways in which we can collaborate was brought up. Sam noted that Midtown Development Corp (MDC) – which also represents area interests – would only ever provide support for a neighborhood after consulting with the neighborhood association, and he thought it possible that the CDC would approach this similarly, noting that they have already expressed interest in working together.
    15. Trinity Methodist Church – Sam met with Pastor Jonathon who indicated they have been asked to host the Guatemalan Consulate from Atlanta March 25-26. There is a large population of Guatemalans who live in our city, and the consulate (~20 staff) is coming Friday through Sunday. Roughly 2,500 people will be coming to the church that weekend so the church wanted to make EHDA aware. They church will bring in PortaPotties and likely food trucks as well. The church will ask the zoo parking brigade for assistance/advice on parking and routing people to parking. One suggestion was to operate a shuttle – maybe partnering with other churches to help with parking/transportation. Another is to ask Pastor Jonathon to write a blurb for the newsletter.
  2. New Business
    1. Artwalk – the board passed a motion to contribute $250
    2. Central High School yearbook ad – the board previously passed a motion for a full page ad ($250). This has been completed and paid.
  • Calendar
    1. Next board meeting Wednesday, March 8, 2017
  1. Announcements/Adjournment
    1. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned


Minutes – Board Meeting January 11, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Midtown Crossings   394 Watkins (corner of Overton Park)

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Neely Bagwell, John Cameron, Louise Ann Dawkins, Sam Goff, Don Jones, Carrie Kerley, Gene Laurenzi, Chilton Simmons, Kyle Veazey, Missy Williams

Approval of minutes from last meeting – Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report (CK) – Carrie reported total assets of $43,882.36 which takes into account both $750 for the Mike Neal appreciation gift, $1945.74 for General Liability Insurance and the $5,000 grant from the County Commission. The County Commission grant deadline is 30Mar2017.

  1. Old Business
    1. Beautification – no action
    2. Communication- no action
    3. Membership (CM) – no action
    4. Planning – no action
    5. Fundraising – The Evergreen Ball will not be held in 2017. Ideas for additional fundraisers included
      1. an art show which would sell tickets for admission, and either have art that is not for sale (just loaned for viewing), or art for sale. If the art is being sold, one format could be to have an anonymous art sale in which the art is not yet signed but would be after purchase. There could be a preview show in which the art is available for advance purchase at a higher price.
      2. House concerts with a band and a party
    6. Greensward Action Committee (KV) – Kyle informed the board that the Implementation Committee (of which he is a non-voting member) is working to evaluate design firms to implement the July 19 City Counsel rule. Three design firms will present in a meeting January 27, 2017 which is open to the public. The requirement for 10 x 20 feet wide parking spaces was discussed, and it was confirmed that this is the specification the firms will be designing their proposals to. This cannot be changed without going back to the City Counsel.
    7. Safety –
      1. Community Engagement Grant (CS) –
        1. CS reached out to members of the neighborhood to form a group interested in implementation of the CEG. The group also includes Neely and Missy, met in early Dec, and divided into three smaller groups responsible for data mining, prevention and community engagement. Options including cameras and neighborhood watch groups were discussed. The board noted that VECA recently installed a camera, and there may still be grants available through MPD for forming neighborhood watch groups. Kyle can confirm this.
        2. Chilton can also say something about this group at the January 26 membership meeting. In general, there was a good deal of interest in a standing committee/sub-committee for pursuing activities related to the overall safety of the neighborhood past the March, 2017 use of grants funds. This can be further discussed by the board at the February or March board meetings.
        3. The next meeting is 22Jan.
      2. Problem Properties –
        1. 1750 Peach – this house is currently under renovation. Wain received a letter from a neighbor requesting that the board follow up to confirm when the work will be done and to monitor progress. This house was first damaged by fire ~5 years ago, is currently uninhabitable, and the owner now lives in Memphis suburbs. Wain can reach out to Nancy Jane Baker, and the property can be added to 311.
        2. 1663 Lawrence – this property is $14K in arrears in county taxes, and was transferred from being in one owners name to 4 owners last June.
        3. 290 Stonewall – no action
        4. Wain noted that 201 Stonewall is no longer on the list.
      3. Overton Park Gates (GL) – complete
      4. Overton Park Alliance – no action
      5. January Membership Meeting and Elections – will be included in the next newsletter and needs to be added to the EHDA online calendar. It was agreed that this would be a good opportunity for a cop stop. Teresa will send the flyer to the block captains. Neely suggested that the flyer include a reminder of the neighborhood newsletter for those who may not already be on the email list.
      6. Turner Dairies (SG) – Sam reported on the current status of discussions regarding Turner Dairies expansion. He attended a community meeting the night prior and noted that the focus of the discussion was largely about Turner’s expansion, but it’s important that the conversation needs to remain about whether the 3 acres will be zoned industrial as this could have significant impact on this residential area. He noted that the City Council will vote on January 17. The Midtown Development Corp. (MDC) has hired Caissa Public Stratefies and has received funding from other organizations and individuals.) The board discussed how best to address this as a nearby neighborhood, and it was agreed that Sam would write something for the next EHDA newsletter informing those within the neighborhood how they can lend support.
      7. Cop Stop (SG) – It was agreed that the January membership meeting should be a cop stop. Sam noted that recent cop stops have been successful.
      8. West Precinct Christmas Eve Dinner– This was a success and thanks were received from the precinct. The total expenditure was ~$356, and came from Holiday Ham.
      9. Crosstown CDC – Justin Gillis, Interim President of the Crosstown CDC joined the board meeting., (cell) 901-230-5444 (Wain- give to board but maybe take out his contact info before posting these?)
        1. Boundaries – Wain referenced discussions with the previous Interim President regarding the boundaries of CDC versus those of the EHDA, with the latter preferring the CDC consider boundaries along business lines rather than extending into McNeal. Justin stated that the Crosstown CDC doesn’t currently have membership boundaries and wants to be as inclusive as possible, but also does not want to cause confusion among neighbors. The current north boundary is up to Klondike, but not into Klondike.
        2. The CDC is more business-centric with a mission to coordinate community outreach (i.e. neighborhood watch). The CDC currently does not have a focus on property remediation/renovation, but this may be looked at in the long term for derelict properties.
        3. There is a small board and representatives from EHDA would be welcome (next meeting 6:30PM, 18Jan at Midtown Crossing). Board members are to be comprised of a majority of area residents, with the only current non-resident being an area business owner. There is support but not a great deal of involvement from those businesses who have not moved in yet.
      10. Sidewalks – no action
    8. New Business
      1. Recreational Vehicles and Trailers –
        1. Wain received a request for EHDA’s policy on RVs and responded that code enforcement should be checked. The board discussed that in general, the guideline is that it must be parked on a hard surface and behind the setback of the house (not visible from the street). There could be considerations for the number of accessory structures and distance from the house as well.
        2. Airstream parking on the street (in front of a business) was brought up. Wain to follow up.
      2. Board Meeting Dates – WR will follow up with Octavia (Midtown Crossings) for future date options as the 2nd Tuesday is no longer available.
      3. Block Captains – Chris continues to work on this as some blocks are still in need of a block captain for 2017
      4. OPC Representative – the board agreed to request that Ray Babaoglu continue to remain as the OPC Representative
      5. MOJO Awards – Sam informed the board that the MDC is looking for nominees for the MOJO awards. This is for a person, group or business that through their talent, motivation, innovation, and Mojo, has enhanced or created midtown mojo. Any nominations should be sent to Sam via email.
      6. AirBnB – EHDA does not currently have a formal position on AirBnB within the neighborhood
  • Calendar
    1. Next board meeting Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017
  1. Announcements/Adjournment
    1. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned


Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting

December 13, 2016, Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Teresa and Bill Bullock, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Louise Ann Dawkins, Chilton Simmons, Missy Williams, John Cameron, Lanae Peterson.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Communication: Teresa is now doing the website and Facebook.

The board congratulated Chris Morton for graduating from the U of M with an MBA. The board also recognized Gretchen Stroud as being one of the 101 women to watch in the US per Biz Woman. Missy was recognized for a great job of communicating with the neighborhood regarding the Marathon route, and John Cameron was thanked for a great Christmas Caroling on Sunday.

Fundraising – It was decided to skip the Evergreen Ball in the spring of 2017 and concentrate on the Homebrew Fest.

Wain reported he had recently talked with Mary Wilder who is working on the configuration of the parking.

Chilton reported the safety committee will meet on Saturday.

Problem properties. Contract on 201-203 Stonewall, should close this week. The board is optimistic that the purchaser will do appropriate work.

1663 Lawrence – No update.

290 Stonewall – Car was towed. Chris did get an email from someone interested in purchasing.

Overton Park Gates – Work is being done now. Geico came through with the money to fix.

Marathon – Missy did a great job. Stonewall was a highlight for the runners.

January 26 is the meeting date. Doug McGowan is the possible speaker for the event. Todd Richardson and Scott Morris are two more possibilities.

Turner Dairies – Wain was at a meeting led by Caissa Public Strategies on this topic. Emphasis is on the expansion of the 2 + acres of the distribution facility. Study being done on trucks at the property, as well as studies on taxes paid by Turner as opposed to nearby residents. The group will meet on the 5th, there will be a public meeting on the 10th at Hattiloo, and to City Council on January 17.

Christmas Caroling – Bus did not show. About 65 folks attended. Great event with festivities at Trinity UMC afterward.

Sidewalks – It was agreed that we do want to pool resources and attempt to do a number of sidewalks at one time. Don, Chilton and John will work to plan a course of action.

Cop Stop – One was held last Saturday done through signup genius at the Whitbys home on Avalon.

Christmas Eve Dinner – Jay Adkins is leading this effort.

Mike Neal appreciation. Per David Rhea’s suggestion, EHDA contributed towards a bike and equipment for Mike Neal, who donated a lot of his time toward problem properties in EHDA, especially 201 Stonewall.

Chilton requested information on funding for Williamson Park, noting that even though funds may have run out, we may need to continue to water the trees next summer. Wain will check.

Next meeting is January 10.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association

Board Meeting, November, 2016

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Don Jones, Jay Adkins, Rob Clark, Carrie Kerley, Neely Bagwell, Chilton Simmons, Gretchen Stroud.

Carrie reported total assets of $44,938.62. Williamson Park grant money received plus fund raising was $10,650. Amount spent was $10.925.11. An unforeseen cost was the City’s requirement that we stake the trees, and expense of over $700.

We have received $5,000 from the County Commission that needs to be spent by March 1. This money is for security. Chilton noted he will convene the Safety Committee to determine best way to utilize County Commission funding.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

It was agreed to stick with same membership levels as this year as we head into the new year.

Wain noted that he had previously sent the board the report from Dan and Karen Dixon regarding activity on the Greensward Action Committee.

The picnic was a big success, with about 100 people in attendance. Tom Lawrence reported several suggestions for improvement and that he would be willing to work on it again next year.

Wain reported that Gene has written the insurance company regarding the damage to the Overton Park gates. He noted the insurance company has responded favorably. We will get estimates.

Water station for Marathon will be on Poplar, and water will come from fire hydrants. Station will use the fire hydrant near Willett. Rob will organize the effort again this year. Missy Williams continues to put information out to the neighborhood, and will continue with door hangars as we get closer to the event.

January 19 will be the general membership meeting date. Someone from Crosstown Concourse will speak.

Chris noted we need to put out some information on Christmas Caroling. It will be Dec 11, and John Cameron is organizing.

Sam reported on Turner Dairy. Tucker Jefferson, East End and Belleair are very interested in what is going on because of noise and traffic. It appears that Turner is using larger bob trucks than what used to be used plus full sized semi tractor trailers. They are increasing plant capacity by 40%, increasing the existing 180 trailer trips per week. Turner has applied for a planned development in their quest to expand.

Loeb has come out against the plan, more in favor of other development for suitable for this neighborhood. Sam reported the expansion will take the plant from about 6 bays to 16 bays for trailer trucks. City is trying to convince them to go to the old Firestone site. In general, the opposition groups involved feel it is fine for Turner to stay with the operation they have historically had, but a significant expansion may not be appropriate.

It was agreed that EHDA would support Tucker Jefferson in opposing the expansion of Turner Dairies at the current site. Wain will prepare letter and send.

Wain reported we had a request from Central High School regarding fund raising. Gretchen reported Central has formed a partnership with Methodist Hospital, where students can get some college credit in several health sciences degrees from specific classes.

It was agreed that EHDA would make up to $500 available for matching grant funds for Central fund raising.

Sam reported Cooper Young wanted to tag onto our Cop Stop. Sam will administer, and they have their first Cop Stop scheduled.

It was agreed that EHDA will allocate up to $400 for supplying food for West Precinct on Christmas Eve. Jay will coordinate. We will approach Kroger for donation of drinks.

December 13 next board meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association
Board Meeting, October 11, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Missy Williams, Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Don Jones, Karen and Dan Dixon, Kyle Veazey, Misti Doose, Lanae Peterson, Gene Laurenzi, John Cameron, Louise-Ann Dawkins, Tom Lawrence.
Wain introduced Dan and Karen Dixon as potential representatives to the Overton Park Alliance. They had been recommended by Eric Gottlieb. It was approved by the board that they represent EHDA with OPA. Kyle let the board know that all the documents associated with the parking plan will be posted to a webpage, and that subscribers can get a message each time the page is updated.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Wain passed out the financial report submitted by Carrier Kerley. Total assets of $44,162.29.
Teresa and Chris agreed to take over responsibilities of web site that had been handled by Allison Graham, who is moving from the neighborhood.
It was noted the brewfest has been postponed. There was a discussion that we may try again in the spring. Other alcohol-tasting fundraising events were thrown out as potentials.
Chilton reported that next step for utilizing safety grant money is determining the uses. Possibilities include cameras and lights. Bill and John volunteered to serve on this committee.
Sam reported that Colonel Houston has a new liaison with neighborhoods to make sure the Cop Stop program works well. 12 officer showed up at most recent Cop Stop. Sam will send an announcement to go in the ENews.
201 Stonewall for sale. 1663 Lawrence has been turned in. 290 Stonewall – no update.
John reported that there was a program for pouring concrete sidewalks where City money is available for citizens that meet the criteria using age and/or income. John will write up some information for the ENews regarding this program.
There was discussion regarding how to go about getting the city to pursue the insurance company of the driver that hit the Overton Park gates. Gene will write a letter to the insurance company from EHDA regarding this.
The Marathon route will go through EHDA on Stonewall. Missy has been keeping the neighborhood informed.
Wain asked Bill to chair the nominating committee. Lanae will represent District 1. Kyle will represent district II. Now need one each from from IV and one V.
It was decided the January General Membership meeting will take place on January 19 pending availability of Trinity UMC. 6:30 pot luck, 7 p.m. meeting. Crosstown update would be a good idea. Wayne will reserve the church.
Sam reported that he met with Jim Turner at the Dairy. He noted that there are about 55 trailers parked on site. He reported that 16 docking bays were slated for the expansion. There is a meeting this Thursday at 5:30 at Circuit Playhouse. MMDC is involved. Tucker-Jefferson is the neighborhood involved.
Tom Lawrence reported the picnic is Oct. 23. Check in table in the middle portion of the plant. Livable Memphis, Central, Snowden and City of Memphis Stormwater division will be there. MemPops will be there as well. Evergreen Pres will organize a kids area. Tom will get boxes for trash and recycling. Snowden PTO will have games. Missy suggested that EHDA supplement the cost of MemPops. It was approved that EHDA fund $500 for MemPops.
Invitation to Snowden Community Breakfast Nov. 4. Sam noted that specific supplies like “string” backpacks are much appreciated.
Next board meeting is Monday, Nov. 7.

Evergreen Historic District
Board Meeting
September 13, 2016, Midtown Crossing
Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Sam Goff, Missy Williams, Bill & Teresa Bullock, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Neely Bagwell, Carrie Kerley, Louise Ann Dawkins, Lanae Peterson, Gretchen Stroud,
Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
Williamson Park – Wain reported that Robyn Mace has moved to Nashville. She will submit a maintenance plan for the Rain Garden.
Financial Report – Total Assets = $43,659.04. Two payments to Brian White for watering of trees in Williamson Park. Carrie reported a nice thank you note from Levitt Shell. Sam suggested moving some of the money to an interest bearing instrument. Carrie suggested a survey to our membership to see interest regarding how EHDA should spend money.
Fundraising – Brewfest has been cancelled for October.
Cop Stop – It was noted that some of the Cop Stops were not well attended. Sam recommended that EHDA remind the precinct on the day of each Cop Stop to remind the officers that it was underway.
Fall Picnic – October 23. Tom Lawrence is in charge. Mempops will be there. Snowden and Central invited. Buddy Fey and several neighbors of Tom are helping.
201-203 Stonewall – Wain reported he received a call from someone interested in purchasing the property. He recommended they talk with David Ray. David reported that there are two offers on the house and Judge Potter has ruled that he must approve any sale. Listed at $201,000.
1663 Lawrence – no update. 290 Stonewall – no changes noted. Intersection of Peach and Garland. It was noted a great place for a Sky Cop.
Downtown Pilots – Wain received a phone message from Terrence Patterson but has not yet spoken to him. It is EHDA’s wish that DMC treat Midtown no less favorably than downtown.
Overton Park Gates – Gene and Carrie noted we have the police report from the damage from the auto accident. The city has not taken an interest in pursuing the at fault driver’s insurance (Geico). EHDA may weigh in if allowed by City.
Marathon Route (Dec. 3) – Significant changes involving Evergreen. Route will go down Stonewall. Most impacted area is the west side of Evergreen. Starting times will stagger by 3 minutes. Gretchen suggested door to door communication for the folks on the west side of the neighborhood that will be affected by the marathon.
Sam reported that Turner Dairies was issued a courtesy citation for being out of compliance with code for parking trucks where they should not be parked. To his knowledge, Turner has done nothing. Sam spoke with Jim Turner, and a meeting is scheduled for next week. Turner did receive a pilot from EDGE.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
July 11, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Sam Goff, Louise Anne Dawkins, Vince Higgins, Chris Morton, Jay Adkins, Missy Williams, Neely Bagwell, Chilton Simmons, John Cameron.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Robyn reported we received $500 grant from Memphis City Beautiful for trees at Williamson Park, which are looking healthy. Two 6th and 7th grade football teams have been practicing there several days per week. Hope is that they can keep parking to paved areas, including potentially parking behind the Livable Memphis Building. A reminder about trash to the coach would be helpful.

Get barricades in from of Sam Goff’s house. Check with Sam on Turner thing.

Membership – Chris reported record numbers of members and dollars – about 90 members over last year. 424 members as of today.

Robyn reported funds will be available from IOBY soon for rain garden. Mulching will take place soon along with ongoing volunteer neighborhood maintenance of lot.

Fundraising – Brewfest October 16 will be next fundraiser.

Greensward Action Committee – Jay recommends to stay aware and involved, but it appears things headed in good direction. Sam reported the Zoo took media people through the old Forest on trams. State is looking at violations. OPA feels that the plan as the Mayor submitted, even though not perfect, should be supported.

The board agreed to support the plan put forth by the mayor on July 1. Corresponding secretary will put out notification to City Council and Mayor’s office.

Safety. Chilton will report back to determine how many and what kind of cameras we can purchase with the grant received. Will let neighborhood know we want input on where to put cameras, and potentially use data from Cyperwatch/Blue Crush.

Jay showed a trail camera that he just purchased for $150 to shoot video and pictures. He will set it up to record activity in his alley, where there have been several crimes lately. These cameras are not connectable wirelessly to anything, and must be accessed to download the pics. It is motion activated. It was approved for the Safety committee to review and evaluate different camera systems and determine protocol for neighborhood to implement them.

Sam reported that cop stop has slowed down. Sam recommended more board members participate. A number of neighbors have done it once; only a couple have done it more than one occasion.

Sam Goff reported about Turner Dairies request for a PILOT in an expansion to their plant on Madison. It was approved that a variance in code be opposed by EHDA. Jay and Vince abstained.

August membership meeting – August 18. Program. Possible participants: John Zeanah. School principals. Crosstown Concourse. Paul Young. Cheryl Forbes Crosstown CDC. John Michels of Midsouth Greenprint. It was approved to invite contiguous neighborhood associations and CDC’s to our August general membership meeting.

Fall Picnic, October 23. Tom Lawrence is leading.

National Night Out will be August 2. John and Elizabeth Cameron leading. Working on block captain list.

There was discussion regarding status of several problem properties including 201-203 Stonewall, 1663 Lawrence, 290 Stonewall, house just west of Galloway and Evergreen, 1430-1436 Poplar, 1414 Peach, 337 Garland. 95 N. Willet and 1754 Peach have been added to the list, as well as a house on Autumn.

Robyn announced she has accepted a job in Nashville.

Tuesday Sept. 13 is next board meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA meeting
June 14, 2016
Midtown Crossing

7:10, meeting called to order
In Attendance: Gene Laurenzi, Don Jones, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Chilton Simmons, Kim Lloyd, Carrie Kerley, Wain Rubenstein, Jay Adkins, Rob Clark, Louise Anne Dawkins
Kim Lloyd taking notes on behalf of Bill Bullock.

May 2016 meeting minutes were approved.

Financial report – Carrie reporting. A recent large withdrawal is for tree planting and maintenance in Williamson Park. Recurring charges explained. 2015 financial summary included in response to financial questions asked. 2016 reporting is on target to have same financial outlook as 2015. Donations, administrative, events, etc… are similar. Next meeting Carrie will do year to date for 2016 using same format. Net 2015, $6,000.00. We have historically been in the red but are in the black now because of the Gala and Brew Fest. Categorizing Paypal payments discussed.

Question about approaching brewers discussed for October Brew Fest to begin batch brews.

Beautification – Gene suggests CUPUFU could be in conjunction with the Williamson Park maintenance and revitalization. Robyn was absent. More will be discussed at the next meeting.

Membership – Chris reports we have largest membership at over 400 members.

Planning – Wain reports in Robyn’s absence. Williamson Park, Trees planted. Looks Great. Rain Garden being maintained.

Fundraising – County Commission funds available for potential crime prevention cameras. EHDA Crime and Neglect committee discussed. Formalities discussed to begin committee meetings.

Cop Stop – Successful though slowed down. Missy says we have one coming up. Not a lot of new sign ups.

201-203 Stonewall – Ongoing discussion, Judge potter fined property owner for court no-show. Letter sent to the owner by Nancy Jane Baker of Landmarks suggesting we were happy with the work. EHDA responded saying we were not happy with the work and want the statement retracted. EHDA will send a followup letter to Judge Potter. Litigation will continue.

Neighborhood USA Conference – Went well. Nancy Jane sent a thank you letter. Jay received a standing ovation for his work as tour guide. 20 people showed up (expected 50). Left over food was donated to Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Fall picnic – Food trucks? Probably not enough people to warrant food trucks. Maybe MemPops. Date set: October 9.

Overton Park Alliance – meets every Sunday. letter sent to mayor stating position, June 30th mediation going well/going poorly. Still too soon to tell which way it will fall. Mayor engaged in mediation. Gene says there are two issues – maintenance area, proposal been made to buy the property close to the zoo to move zoo maintenance – which has become equally important to parking. Gene has heard positive things. Strickland is meeting with council individually. He’s engaged in helping the issue. Zoo has offered to move zoo maintenance. Parkway striping is not being used. Jay makes suggestions. Signs say “Bus Parking Only” Alliance came up with ideas for up to 600 spaces for additional parking. Alliance is counting the cars each day on the Greensward. Hard work is being done. It looks hopeful. We need to continue to encourage Strickland to be engaged. Alliance made a request to be a part of the mediation. Central gardens has joined the Alliance. Now Chickasaw Gardens has asked to join – so the effort is getting support further east.

Crosstown Community Development – Cheryl Forbes to get federal funds for housing and redevelopment – buy blighted properties, fix them and sell them – mostly housing. Boundaries extend from Poplar to jackson and cleveland to 240. Chilton suggests we invite CCD to EHDA board meetings as non voting meeting.

Neglected properties and heavy crime areas – Kim suggests we set up bullet point procedures for crime and neglect reporting on the EHDA website to send neighbors to; and also reports ongoing concerns from four of the neighbors in regard to the Peach/Garland Apartments. Chris is concerned that police are not being called to report crime. Property at Watkins and Poplar, work on lot is being done. 1430-1436 Poplar building with boarded windows – demolition discussed.

August membership meeting – Date set: August 18th.
Possible speakers include: Bike and pedestrian developer discussed for meeting & Tina Sullivan from Overton Park Conservancy. Also someone from the Harahan Bridge Project, or the principals of Snowden Middle School and Central High School.

National Night Out – Dates: August 2 or October 4. John Cameron has volunteered to organize the event. The date will be determined based on his schedule.

New Business – nice thank you letter from OPC for our help with Day of Merrymaking.

Island at Evergreen by Drakes – discussion about maintenance – can we get someone to water the island? Michael Wayt – lawn maintenance and watering person. Chris suggests we call him. Wain will talk with Robyn about this.

Roger Plankenhorn passed away. A $100 donation will be made to a charity listed in Roger’s obituary. Chilton suggests a placard could be placed on one of the Williamson Park trees. Chris suggests something in the eNews. Board approved.

Gene asked for bullet points for crime and neglect areas. He will dig up past letters explaining procedures. Kim suggests we include information for concerned neighbors to start Neighborhood Watch Programs in their areas.
Next board meeting will be Monday, July 11.

8:22 meeting adjourned

EHDA Board Meeting
May 10, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Louise Anne Dawkins, Allison Graham, Chris Morton, Don Jones, Lanae Peterson, Chilton Simmons, Andy Kitsinger, Cheryl Forbes.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

It was discussed that CuPuFu would likely involve cleaning up at Williamson Park and potentially moved to the fall.

The Board agreed that our paver at the Levitt Shell shall read, “Evergreen Historic District Association.”

Membership. Chris reported that we are at our highest number since 2008 at 355. And being early in the year, expectations are that we will surpass that number – 377. Returned dues cards included volunteers on several topics, including legal services.

Robyn reported that trees have now been planted in Williamson Park. The low bid came in from Landscape Works, owned by Michael Wayt of EHDA, who has also been the planter of trees in EHDA’s other efforts. There is a contract with Brian White to keep these trees watered for the first year. Robyn reported that the total amount raised through IOBY, grants and other donations was $10,650.

Robyn reported the Raingarden will be planted soon.

Louise Ann discussed a soccer goal at Williamson Park for neighborhood kids. Neighbor GlennBruce Campbell has constructed one mobile goal for neighborhood kids to use. It was agreed that it makes great sense for Evergreeners to make good use of this neighborhood park, and that use of this mobile goal was very appropriate.

Cheryl Forbes, resident on North Parkway for 20 years, and community service professional decided to form a CDC in the Crosstown area. Cheryl has been involved community development with Whitehaven CDC and currently works in the district attorney’s office. She and Andy Kitsinger wanted EHDA to be aware of their plan and get input and buy-in from EHDA on their goals, boundaries, etc.

It was discussed that there are 50-60 CDC’s in Memphis with varying goals such as education or housing. Cheryl felt a key goal of the Crosstown CDC would be to act as a neighborhood association. When asked about funding sources, she noted that would likely be in the form of dues from business and residences inside the footprint, with the hope of additional funding from other sources.

Board members were enthusiastic about the benefit of a CDC in the areas not currently served by a neighborhood association (i.e. Crosstown, Speedway Terrace, Washington Bottoms), and suggested that EHDA help support this worthwhile endeavor. Cheryl said they are now meeting bi-weekly, and suggested an EHDA representative be at the table as well.

It was later discussed that an appropriate eastern boundary north of Poplar may be Watkins. Wain will give feedback to Cheryl and Andy so that they can proceed with filing application for tax exempt status.

County Commission Grant Funds are in.

Cop Stop – 2 in May, 91 Clark Place and 322 N. Avalon (3rd) event. Sam encouraged more board members to participate.

201-203 Stonewall – Judge Potter came, with 25 or so people in attendance, including law school students as well as the owner’s representative. He just came to see the property with no determinations to be made at the site. Nancy Jane Baker of Landmarks was there, as well as other neighbors. Another hearing is set for June 2.

The condition of the stone wall was discussed by the board, though that topic did not come up with Judge Potter. $80,000 was the last estimate. Gene Laurenzi will get us contact info for Fortner, who has worked on Overton Park Gates and Stonewall Lodge.

Attorney Mike Neal was there. The board discussed how much work Mike has done on this and other neighborhood blight issues and is considering appropriate ways to recognize these significant efforts.

Neighborhood USA Conference. May 27th, Fellowship Hall of Trinity is reserved 3-6. Jay and Wain need to get together and ride the route, and then report to Nancy Jane on a turn by turn map. Wain has had second thoughts on Pot Luck, and the board agreed that we should get it catered by a local business. Jay is looking for more historical anecdotes to liven up the tour.

Picnic to be October 23, 2-5 at Williamson Park.

Homebrew October 16 at Ecco.

Still unconfirmed reports that McDonalds wants a potential relocation across the street to Poplar and Garland.

EHDA received thanks from Snowden for helping raise all money needed for band uniforms. Also received thanks from VECA for our support of the VECA Art Walk.

Wain and some other members of the Overton Park Alliance met with Mayor Strickland. They report he is committed to mediation process and consider the meeting worthwhile and constructive.

Sam attended Frayser Exchange Club meeting. They are working with an issue of a potential truck stop/motel to be constructed on Hollywood north of the interstate. This is a PUD requiring approval by Council. The neighborhood is against it, and after discussion, the EHDA Board agreed EHDA should lend its support to our fellow neighborhood. Wain will reach out to Councilman Berlin Boyd to find out how we can assist. Sam will also do this in his capacity of MMDC and EHDA at the next Exchange Club meeting.

The board agreed it was appropriate to send thank you notes to Mayor Strickland for bike lanes on North Parkway.

1663 Lawrence – Gene spoke with the complainant regarding code infractions at this property.

Crosswalks – Louise Ann asked who is responsible for the crosswalk on Morrie Moss. She will call Tina Sullivan of OPC. Also concerned about crossing McLean at Overton Park and Galloway. Chris reported that during his term as president, the City conducted a traffic study and determined there was not enough pedestrian traffic to warrant crosswalks.

290 Stonewall – Jungle. City will send someone out to mow it. Behind in mortgage but mortgage company is still paying taxes. No one living in the house.

There was a question on reporting neglected property. There is something currently on the web page (311), but we may put a more detailed description of the process that residents can go through on reporting.

It was discussed after many years of neglect, the Overton Manor Apartments have been purchased by an entity that is rehabbing them and bringing them back to the market. EHDA played a significant role in preventing Walgreens from purchasing this and other residential property near the site and erecting a drug store. While a long time coming, this was the result that EHDA and other neighborhood associations hoped for.

June 14 will be the next EHDA Board Meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
April 12, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Kyle Veazey, Carrie Kerley, Louise Anne Dawkins, Vince Higgins. Rob Clark, Allison Graham, Chris Morton, Don Jones, Jay Adkins.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported about $8,700 in deposits that was mostly gala income and some dues payments. We have about $49,000 in total assets compared to about $34,000 same time last year. About $7,000 is committed to the Williamson Park project and includes grant money.

Gene reported we were awarded a Memphis City Beautiful $500 grant in conjunction with the Williamson Park project.

Chris reported the main dues card mailing went out recently. We are at 270 memberships and over $8,400 in dues. Checks are coming in fairly fast. More than half of members used PayPal. We are ahead in membership of where we were this time last year.

Robyn reported that things are ready to go for improvements at Williamson Park. It is fully funded, but the scheduling of tree planting needs to be worked out. We had hoped to get trees in during the previous dormant season. It was discussed that planting in conjunction with the Fall Picnic may be appropriate.

CuPuFu is coming up first weekend in May. Fence line on east edge of Williamson Park and alleys are likely areas of focus.

Robyn reported the rain garden improvements are funded. Planting in later April or early May is anticipated.

Safety – EHDA will receive $5,000 in funding from Shelby County.

Sam reported Cop Stop is going well. One event this morning, three coming up. Anna Rich will host this week, with two more coming up after that. We had three events in March, four scheduled in April. We will re-run in E News to encourage more involvement.

201-203 Stonewall – Judge Potter will do a site visit on May 6. Wain will attend, but a big turnout is not warranted.

Greensward – EHDA as part of the Overton Park Alliance has been taking a measured approach. The Overton Park Alliance was formed in the last couple of months. Its membership is a broad representation of many citizens concerned over the issue. It was noted that the likely best result at present will be achieved by EHDA continuing to encourage EHDA residents and park-users to peacefully and non-confrontationally encourage zoo patrons not to park on the grass.

EHDA Lawsuit regarding the Greensward – Gene reported Chancellor Newsom ruled against EHDA intervening in the Zoo/OPC lawsuit. The City and the Zoo opposed our intervention. There was discussion regarding whether EHDA wants to file our own suit, or let the mediation take its course. The board decided to take no action at this time, anticipating progress through the mediation process.

A number of residents on Galloway have contacted EHDA regarding parking in the middle of Galloway. An unscientific poll in combination with the feedback the board has received shows no Evergreeners in favor of this, a few have not ruled it out completely, and many who strongly oppose. The board voted to oppose any efforts to use the middle of Galloway for parking, with Veazy and Jones abstaining.

The possible Prentiss Place parking deck was discussed. One proposal would move Prentiss south to nearer the back property line of the residents on Autumn. There was much board discussion on this issue. Of major importance is the traffic at McLean and Prentiss, and the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at this area. It was noted a previous opinion from the City Engineer indicated that McLean cannot support the traffic that would be generated with significant additional parking in that area.

The board voted to oppose efforts to construct a parking structure at the Prentiss/McLean lot, with Veazy and Jones abstaining.

It was discussed that since last board meeting, Shelby County Code Enforcement issued several citations to residents/businesses displaying “Save the Greensward” banners. This enforcement effort now appears to have been stopped.

It was suggested EHDA should include a map of paved parking areas in EHDA on our website that can be used by Zoo patrons.

Neighborhood USA conference, May 27. Wain needs help in organizing pot luck at Trinity to feed 50 people. Jay Adkins will be the EHDA “tour guide.” Tony Pellicciotti will join to give an architectural perspective to the tour. Sue Williams will assist in speaking on the I-40 issue. Jay is looking for interesting facts about places and events in EHDA to add more color to his tour.

There is a potential state grant for $5,000 that EHDA was made aware of by State Representative Larry Miller. Wain submitted the necessary form.

Rob suggested a safe cycling item for E News.

Don requested a list of EHDA funded projects. Carrie will attempt to find a list of projects. While seeing a good reconciliation of expenses and income, Don also asked if EHDA has or should have a budget.

The board agreed to fund Community Day at Snowden with $500. This event is April 30.

Central High School is giving EHDA a ½ page in in the yearbook in thanks for our previous support.

The board agreed to fund $500 for the Day of Merrymaking event at Overton Park.

Tom Lawrence will head up the Fall Picnic. We are looking at dates in October.

There is a rumor of McDonalds moving east a block or two and to the North side of Poplar. Several board members will investigate.

Next meeting May 10.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
March 8, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Jay Adkins, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Carrie Kerley, Chilton Simmons, Gretchen Stroud, Louise Anne Dawkins, Kim Lloyd, Don Jones, Allison Graham, Gretchen Stroud, Misti Doose, Lanae Peterson.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as amended.

Carrie reported $42,000 in assets, including 7,000 in recently deposited ioby money. Upcoming expenditures will be matching money for Snowden band uniforms, and just under $2,000 for the EHDA Paver at the Levitt Shell. Gretchen reported that EHDA’s matching commitment caused an additional $670 in donations to Snowden Foundation for which EHDA will match up to $500 in addition to the initial $500 donation. It was noted that matching is a great way not only for EHDA to support worthy causes, but it is a great incentive to get others to give.

There was significant discussion of the recent disappointing decision by Memphis City Council regarding the Overton Park Greensward. All lawsuits are still pending. The first mediation took place earlier in the day, but no details had been reported. Far from settling any part of the issue, the board discussed that the Council decision regarding Overton Park may actually be solidifying further efforts to stop the practice of parking cars on the Greensward.

As a result of Council action, the Overton Park Alliance has been formed. It is compiled of many groups interested in the stability of Overton Park. Several Evergreeners participated in the formational meetings of this group. Wain reported that the group is evaluating all facets of the issues regarding the greensward parking issue. Those facets certainly include the environmental effects of parking on the grass and identifying the users of the park. A number of photographs have been taken documenting activity and damage to the park.

It was noted that EHDA is not a one issue organization. We are doing a number of things to fight crime and blight, and our position on the greensward is part of a balanced approach of our overall commitment to the viability and security of the neighborhood.

Planning – Robyn reported we have received $2,400 from TN Agricultural Enhancement program for tree planting in Williamson Park. We are also pursuing ioby matching funding for additional beds at the rain garden at Peach and Evergreen. More information will go out in Evergreen News and social media postings.

Cop Stop – Trinity had first event this week. Next event will be at Sam Goff’s home. Looking for other locations within Evergreen. Interested folks can sign up using Signup Genius.

Wain discussed formation of a public safety committee. Wain reported Kyle Veazey is interested. Gretchen gave two names of neighbors who may be interested as well.

Misti reported that the Evergreen Ball was a great success. Thanks to Gene and Diane Laurenzi for use of the terrific Stonewall Lodge. We made over $6,000 dollars for EHDA from a combination of ticket sales and auction items..

County Commission Grant – Wain reported that EHDA is applying for $6,000 of grant money to address security issues. Robyn is completing the grant. Potential ideas of lights and/or cameras would be in alleys, with identification of areas driven by crime statistics. If cameras do go up, then it may be worthwhile to have signs made and posted noting that EHDA uses video surveillance to deter crime and assist in apprehending offenders.

April 1, Cocktails for the Cause at Kathy Fish’s house on Peabody. 5-7 p.m.

Neighborhood USA conference in late May. EHDA has been asked to provide a tour guide on Friday, May 27th, at 3:30. There should be a busload of about 50 people to tour the neighborhood for about 4 hours, with some refreshments or meal provided. Jay Adkins volunteered if his schedule allows.

Sam reported that the second annual MOJO Awards will be held March 30, 6 p.m., at Circuit Playhouse. Sponsored by MMDC, tickets are $35 in adance.

VECA art walk will be April 23.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
February 9, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Jay Adkins, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Lanae Peterson,  Kyle Veazey, Carrie Kerley, John Cameron, Misti Doose, Chilton Simmons, Gretchen Stroud, Missy Williams, Neely Bagwell, Louise Anne Dawkins, Kim Lloyd, Don Jones,Vince Higgins, and City Councilman Worth Morgan.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported we had $36,268.22 in total assets. Liability insurance coverage of $2,152 was paid in the previous period. The next largest expense for the period was reimbursement of the Christmas dinner expense for the Crump Station police officers. Had deposits from memberships during the period totalling $4,314.

Worth Morgan addressed the board and reported that he has received more emails about Overton Park than anything else since the beginning of his term. He will chair the public safety committee for council this year. He discussed the work underway to improve performance in the 911 call center. He reported the goal was to get to 95 percent of the calls in 20 seconds. He reported they are now averaging only 65 percent.

He reported that the State legislature is addressing prison reform guidelines this year. He says his goal is to hold on to repeat offenders of crimes, but ease up on sentencing of first time felons in situation like convictions involving marijuana, and release earlier those first time crimes involving pot etc.  The goal is they want to make sure Memphis is heard in Nashville.

Regarding greensward, his goal is to have agreement between the parties in the long term. Short term, he thinks parking will continue on the greensward. Hope is that mediation and parking study will lead to long term solution. He wants the Zoo to participate and invest in the process.

When asked how our voice can best be heard, he noted we should continue to take the high road and keep comments in a positive light with solutions as the primary goal. He also said he has yet to see an organized plan from the opponents of parking on the Greensward that includes a fact sheet as well as plan of solutions that we feel will be appropriate.

Several board members pointed out some of the background that has caused many on the board to be frustrated with the position of Zoo regarding finding solutions to the parking problem.

Board members brought up the issue not only with 911 but with the police non emergency number. Councilman Morgan reported there are people being trained right now as 911 callers.

The board enlightened Councilman Morgan on Cop Stop. Sam reported that Cop Stop has been approved by the City. The first one scheduled so far will be March 13 at Sam Goff’s house. Use Signup Genius to volunteer. There may be a way to contribute food to a neighbor’s house who is hosting. We are on the learning curve on this program, which gives officers an opportunity to stop in homes in the neighborhood they serve and get a home cooked meal.

Want an organized plan from OPC or EHDA regarding what you want. He has not seen that. A fact sheet.

Alleys, safety, blight were brought up to him as other issues of concern for the neighborhood.

Wain introduced the new board members to the group.

Gene reported we submitted grant application for City Beautiful grant.

Robyn reported on the improvements at Williamson Park. They have a number of estimates for tree planting. No forestry class for the spring, but possible for the fall.

Robyn explained to Worth Morgan our plans for Williamson Park, and the neighborhood’s involvement and fundraising for the park.

Vince reported that Feb. 2 had meetings with planners OPC has hired. They are asking the right questions. They are a third party, with objectivity and credibility.

Safety – Gretchen reported on the apartments at Peach and Garland. Issues ongoing include renting by the week, a lot of transient residents and several registered sex offenders living there. There has been a lot of crime right around those apartments, but not easy to tie to the apartments. Arrest locations are “at the corner of” as opposed to at the complex itself. EHDA will write a letter to the owner.

EHDA’s biggest fundraiser, The Evergreen Ball, is Feb. 20 at the Stonewall Lodge. There will be specialty drinks with beer donated by local breweries. There will also be a Taste of Evergreen, with donations of small bites from our neighborhood restaurants. Also, a silent Auction of both experiences and items.

Sam reported he met yesterday with Melvin Burgess. He suggested we submit a safety grant request. It could be patrols, lights, cameras, whatever we deem appropriate. Cooper Young recently received a grant which included lighting at corners. It was assigned by Wain to the planning committee to complete the task.

1663 Lawrence – Being worked on and moving through the channels to resolve.

VECA Art Walk – We agreed to contribute $250 for the event. Looking for volunteers for booth.

Gretchen reported on the award winning Snowden band uniforms are 30 years old. EHDA agreed to donate $500, with a potential additional $500 in matching donations from the neighborhood. Gretchen agreed to have the band come and march down Overton Park Avenue.

There is a variance request for 1703 Carruthers. Don Jones will look into it.

Wain reported that he was approached by Mary Wilder with the request that we all speak as one voice on the Greensward situation. Gene reported that whatever happens in court needs to be a solution. If we want to do file a friend of the court brief, we can down the line. OPC will answer the existing brief. The judge will need to hear options for solutions.

It was unanimously approved with Kyle Veazey abstaining that the EHDA statement be forwarded to Mary Wilder and the coalition as a beginning for a unified position statement.

Wain and Eric met with Melanie Dorsey, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. She noted we can form as many groups as we want, with EHDA as overall coordinator. It seems to make sense to break it down in the existing 5 district boundaries of EHDA.

Gene reported that DJ Naylor is selling the building next to Stonewall Lodge.

John Cameron reported that the City is moving towards some enforcement of the sidewalk ordinance. He reported significant economies of scale in replacing large areas of sidewalk for many residents than doing it one house at a time.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
January 12, 2016
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Jay Adkins, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Lanae Peterson, Allison Graham, Kyle Veazey, Eric Gottlieb, Carrie Kerley, John Cameron, Misti Doose, and Chilton Simmsons.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Gene and Robyn noted we will apply again for City Beautification Grant. CuPuFu is early May. Focus will likely be Williamson Park fence line cleaning.

Allison reported the web page is back up and running after the hack. A lot of Facebook activity, with a lot of that focus on crime.

Eric Gottlieb addressed the board regarding the significant amount of social media reports on crime, particularly home invasion. Kenilworth, Buena Vista and part of McLean have formed a Neighborhood Watch. He reported that at a meeting at his home, they decided to apply for and received a crime fighting grant of $2,500. He suggested EHDA have a security committee. He had questions of what Neighborhood Watch groups exist in EHDA, and which ones are functioning efficiently.

He noted reports from police are not that useful. He suggested an EHDA led effort to track crime and perhaps identify trends. Melanie Dorsey is the contact at MPD regarding Neighborhood Watch. Wain suggested that Eric may chair and/or serve on a security committee. Wain and Eric will discuss offline.

Chris reported the 2016 dues mailer will go out by email soon to about 800 households. After a month, non-payers will get a reminder card in the mail.

Williamson Park – Robyn reported that total funding received has hit $10,075, ahead of the goal. The plan is to plant at least 22 trees and make other improvements. Andy Kitsinger and Ritchie Smith are significantly involved in the plan. They suggest EHDA request Memphis Tree Board for a letter of support. Included in the funding is $2,325 of matching funds from TEAP – Tennessee Environmental Agricultural Program. Robyn suggested using any additional funds for an urban forestry class to train volunteers to care for trees. Sarah Newstok is requesting the neighborhood to assist in cleaning up the fence line at Williamson Park. The board agreed that we should approach the Tree Board for the support letter.

Greensward –  Gene reported that after review of the agreement with OPC, he believes it is pretty clear that OPC has charge. He reported that Sam Blair wants the groups to get together and push for resolution. It was noted that if there was no solution agreed to by July 1, Mayor Strickland will find one. Kyle reported mediation may be one avenue. Eric believes that OPC has a process ongoing to attempt to get an expert opinion, similar to the resolution of the Lick Creek storm water issues previously resolved.

Potential participants in mediation would be OPC, CPOP, Park Friends, EHDA, VECA.  Wain will call Sam Blair with OPC to get his ideas.

Apartments at Peach and Garland. Wain is ready to write a letter but is waiting on some additional facts from Gretchen.

Cop Stop – Sam has spoken with Colonel Houston regarding this program to provide dinner for policemen in the neighborhood. He hopes to have a meeting soon. Five interested parties in Evergreen so far. He reported that it might tie in well with Neighborhood Watch.

No movement on the repair of the Overton Park gates.

Wain reported that St. Jude is working on a solution to the Marathon Course so that the majority of the neighborhood will have a way out. It is not finalized. There were over 21,000 people and raised over $8 million.

Christmas Eve Dinner at Crump Station went well.

A neighbor reported a potential issue with a backhouse renovation on Stonewall. They were encouraged to check with Landmarks and Codes to ensure all permissions and permits were received.

Worth Morgan and Sarah Newstok will speak at the general membership meeting. Nominating Committee will have a slate of officers and board members prior to the meeting.

Crime Commission is watching the EHDA closed Facebook page regarding crime.

Misti reported planning is underway for the Evergreen Ball. They plan to have a Taste of Evergreen and hope to have several EHDA restaurants participate. Will have Silent Auction. Date is February 20.

1663 Lawrence – Unoccupied for 5 years. $20,000 in unpaid taxes, squatter living there who claims he is a family member. Flipper cannot get contact for sale. Code said it is to be boarded up. John Cameron was surprised that the County had not set it for tax sale. He will check on the property.

1441 Poplar – There was a fire in December. Owned by Kroger. Backs up to Washington Bottoms.

Next  board meeting Feb. 9.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.



EHDA Board Meeting
December 8, 2015
Midtown Crossing Grill
Attending: Kim Lloyd, Teresa Bullock, Gene Laurenzi, Gretchen Stroud, Missy Williams, Will Murray, Nick Hayes, John Cameron, Sam Goff, Robyn Mace, Chilton Simmons.
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
Gene and Robyn reported that the Memphis sidewalk ordinance is back in force. There is assistance available for the elderly. Citizen should call 311 to report bad sidewalks. It was noted that the City is liable if someone is hurt. There are only 5 employees and they are only addressing areas where significant complaints are made.

Allison is continuing to work on the EHDA web page.

Robyn reported that IOBY funding has exceeded the goal for raising money for trees in Williamson Park. We can now pay for 22 trees. Other potential improvements requested include water availability, increased lighting, increased law enforcement presence, and the playground moved to the other end of the park. Robyn will check on next meeting of the park planning committee and inform the board.

Cop Stop – Sam reported two responses for volunteers to feed policemen. This will start in January or February.

Greensward Action Committee – waiting for new administration.

Anti Neglect – Addressing the apartments at Peach and Garland where there is renting by the week. Questions regarding whether letter has gone to owner in Germantown.

$200 was approved for providing dinner for Crump precinct during the holidays. Gretchen will handle.

Overton Park Columns – Gene reported that based on his understanding, the city is taking responsibility for fixing the columns, and waiting on the new administration.

Marathon – It was reported that the water station was a success and well supported by the neighborhood. It was determined that Cleveland was the best way out of the neighborhood, but EHDA was unaware prior to the event.

Missy reported there will be a meeting on bike lanes on Evergreen at Trinity UMC on Thursday, Dec. 10. There are new plans that include parking.

The nominating committee will be Bill Bullock, Chris Morton, Carrie Kerley, Marjo Labonte and Lisa Sanchez.

Next board meeting Jan 12. Annual meeting January 21.


EHDA Board Meeting
November 10, 2015
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Wain Rubenstein, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Robyn Mace, Jay Adkins, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Toni Pelliciotti, Chris Morton, Misti Doose, Will Murray, Carrie Kerley, Rob Clark, John Cameron (arrived late).

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Will reported that EHDA has been working with Ritchie Smith for improvements to Williamson Park. Have a plan, with significant part planting trees in the park. Funding is live on the IOBY site. Budget is approximately $7,500. Will handed out pledge forms to board members requesting responses by the end of the board meeting.

Wain reported that the web page was being put back together after the virus attack earlier. Allison is working on it.

Chris reported that we are down a little on members but fundraising is approximately the same.

Sabine Bachman of Ecco once again donated all food that was prepared at the Evergreen Homebrew Fest.

Misti reported that Feb. 20 is the date for the 2016 Evergreen Ball.

Toni will send Wain a copy of the RFP from the Overton Park Conservancy for a plan pertaining to the parking and traffic for Overton Park.

There was a hearing on 22nd of October regarding 201 Stonewall. Landmarks has also ruled. The results were unclear, but reports are neighbors are pleased with progress and there is activity at the house.

Elisa Marus on Peach has contacted Wain regarding the garage that burned. There have been complaints of rats.

Sam reported he called Code Enforcement regarding three properties on Galloway. Sam will follow up on the complaints with the City.

Sam reported an article will go in the newsletter this week looking for volunteers for Cop Stop.

Overton Park Columns – Carrie confirmed that the at-fault driver has Geico insurance. Carrie is concerned that EHDA may not have the authority to lodge the complaint. Gene will contact Roan Waring at the City Attorney’s Office.

Wain attended the Livable Memphis Parks Summit on behalf of EHDA and reported it was a good event.

Marathon Route – Wain recommended that Evergreeners should plan on spending the day in the neighborhood cheering on the runners; or if they need to leave the neighborhood by car, they should plan carefully. EHDA will be surrounded more this year than previous years, with us losing our unimpeded exit on Cleveland/Watkins.

Evergreen Bike Lanes – The plan will reflect the availability of on-street parking, which will likely limit traffic to one lane north and south with potential turn lanes.

Christmas Caroling – John reported he has a Santa that will fill in with costume. December 6 is the date. Will begin and end at Trinity United Methodist. Notice will go in Evergreen News of the date.

Sam reported there is an issue coming up regarding closing a street in Central Gardens. MMDC opposes the closing. We understand Central Gardens is split, and is not taking a position. OPD supports the closing. Meeting is this Thursday at City Council Chambers at 10 a.m.

Sam also reported that March 30, 2016 will be the date of the second annual MoJo of Midtown awards. Sam is soliciting nominations for folks worthy of being recognized.

Jay reported that the majority of the Trinity UMC playground has been completed.

Next meeting Dec. 8.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.