2019 Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

March 13, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Gene Laurenzi, , April Pruett, Turner Foster, Jason Brewer, Denise Parker, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Neely Bagwell, Tom Midgley, Brenda Morris, Vivian Parkerson, Chip Chockley, Carrie Kerley, Tim Flack, Don Jones.

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported total assets of $41,825 as of 2/28/2019. Biggest expense was General Liability Insurance, $2,430. Application fee for renaming Forrest Avenue, $400.

Beautification – Gene reported the application for $500 City Beautiful grant was submitted for trees in Williamson Park. A letter was sent to the city regarding the hardscape improvements at Williamson. It was agreed we should follow up with Maria Munuz Blanco. May be good to have her at a board meeting. Members of this committee: Vivian, Gene, Denise, Teresa, Don.

Gene reported on the hearing on the apartments at Madison that back up to Court. The judge ruled against us. In general, the judge ruled that the process is to give remedy to applicants who are denied a request at Landmarks. The process is not for appealing a favorable Landmarks response.

It was noted that there is a revised application that excludes tearing down the homes facing Court. It may be related to lack of funding for the larger project. It was agreed that EHDA will have conversation with the applicant regarding rehabbing the houses. Sam and Bill will pursue this discussion.

There was a discussion regarding the formation a Political Action Committee of some sort. Noting EHDA’s constitution and by-laws, it was agreed that the formation of any such PAC would be outside the auspices of EHDA. Roger noted if there was such a committee, we would want to make sure to expend as much effort supporting good projects as we are in opposing bad projects. It was suggested creating a plan for our neighborhood, looking at lots larger than minimum, and paying attention to the Memphis 3.0 plan — Being more proactive than reactive.

Communication – Teresa reported Facebook page is working well, working on new member packets. Members of this committee: Chris, Teresa, Angela.

Membership – 8 new house packets this month. Have 171 members at this time. Notices about to go out again to non-paid members.

Planning – Jeremy gave out a report on Landmarks cases and problem properties . Planning Committee Members: Jeremy, Turner, Don Jones, Cannon Parkerson, Shannon Dixon, Buddy Fey, John Pruett, Joey Hagan. Two focuses: 1) design review; 2) problem properties.

There was significant discussion on the new Montessori school on Poplar at Garland. It was approved to support the letter Jeremy Williams has drafted that supports the project with some concerns on setback. Don Jones abstained.

Fundraising – Committee Members: Teresa, Neely, Brenda, Missy, Carrie. Gala is on the schedule for February. Wine tasting at ECCO is a potential new event this year.

Community Engagement – Committee Members – Jason, Neely, Missy, Tom, Caroline Smith, Denise, Chip. Ideas – Block captain event, Homemade ice cream event, Neighborhood Watches, Movie nights.

50th Anniversary Celebration Committee: Will meet and explore options. Serving on this committee: Roger, Brenda, Bill, Teresa, Lisa Hume, Angela, Krissi. Ideas: T shirts, public art.

Community at Snowden – It was approved to fund with $250 again this year. Sam will forward info to Carrie to prepare check.

Renaming of Forrest Avenue to Forest Avenue– Land Use Control Board, April 11. Vivian will forward announcement and Chris will put in E News.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30.


EHDA  Board Meeting

February 13, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Gene Laurenzi, Vivian & Roger Ekstrom, April Pruett, Turner Foster, Neely Bagwell, Tom Midgley, Chip Chockley, Carl Tisdal, Eric Price (Evergreener and owner in Victorian Village).

Carl recently purchased the Trinity United Methodist Church building. He plans to preserve it as it is. Use the back space for his personal office space, needing limited parking. Probably used for weddings, community functions, etc. In the next year, will be addressing roof and HVAC. Built in 1924 with hot water gas heat. There is no working AC at present. Roughly $200 k in HVAC. Some limestone needs repairs. This is his 21st historical renovation. Owns medical device companies. Lives in Victorian Village and has re-done historic buildings in Victorian Village, Main, Front and historic Nashville.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Gene said grant proposal is in, but no response yet. Grant is for trees around Williamson Park.

Membership – Chris reported on new home packets. Dues rolling in. Chris will report next meeting. Noted many recurring payments.  Court Ave block captain has moved and resigned – seeking new block captain.

Planning – Jeremy passed out a report which includes properties they are keeping an eye on. There was discussion about Memphis 3.0. which is before LUCB this week. Roger reported that according to his bosses, 3.0 added another layer, but did not supersede historic designation status. Roger confirmed that 3.0 guidelines do not trump Landmarks Historic District guidelines. Jeremy reported that Evergreener and architect Bret Ragsdale is a new employee of OPD.

1483 Court Avenue sold to a developer and a neighbor is concerned that the property is being divided. Sam reported there is a cease and desist order on this property. Jeremy will check on this.

Midtown Montessori School has purchased the property at northeast corner of Poplar and Garland.

Apartment Complex between Madison and Court. Gene reported that the hearing is March 6 at 10 a.m. Art Quinn, our attorney, is requesting presence of neighbors. City is objecting to our right to object to the apartment complex plan on Madison that backs up to Court Street, where the project is planned to site parking in place of residential structures to be torn down.

Dan reported Overton Park Alliance met regarding the City’s plan for additional parking for the Zoo. 4 phases. First phase was originally to start in spring. Now that is slid back to summer. First phase is the Prentiss lot. That will be under construction for at least 12 weeks. Phase II to start fall/winter in existing parking lot. OPA is asking them to use barricades in the future to prevent cars on all parts of the Greensward. Bids have exceeded the $3 million estimates, but the OPC/MZS commitments remain at $3M total for the construction. The rainwater runoff issues seem to be treated as a separate, but related issue, which is being funded differently.  2020 expected completion.

The board approved $100 to go to Easter Egg Hunt with Trinity UMC.

The board approved a sponsorship for MOJO of Midtown Awards Bash of $250.

The board approved for Teresa to create and include a coupon for a free EHDA T shirt from Diane’s. It is hoped this will help move not only T-shirts, but potentially EHDA Banners and House Plaques as well.

The board approved sponsorship to the V&E Greenline of $500.

50th Year Anniversary – Need Volunteers for Ad Hoc Committee – Roger, Bill, Missy, Wain, Neely will be on the committee. Chris requested we do a good job of explaining why 50 years vs. 1978 incorporation at EHDA. Bill will write something up for E news to explain and get more committee members.

March 13 is next meeting.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



EHDA  Board Meeting

January 9, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Carissa Hussong and Brian Smith, (both from Ornamental Metal Museum), Gene Laurenzi, Tom Midgley, Turner Foster, Carrie Kerley, Cannon Parkerson, Don Jones, Jason Brewer.

Missy called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the last meeting approved.

Carissa, Exec. Director of the National Ornamental Museum, addressed the group. She wanted to let the neighborhood know of their plans. She noted the city will be accepting proposals for the next occupant of Rust Hall in Overton Park. Current tenant is Memphis College of Art. The Ornamental Metal Museum has outgrown their current facility, and already had some plans for additional building on their current site. They believe Rust Hall is the perfect addition to grow their museum.

Rust Hall is 75,000 square feet. They feel it is a good fit as they seek to partner with other organizations. They will be tripling their visitors and having over 300 classes. One museum – two campuses.

Timeframe – RFP should be out in May, Submissions should be due in June, with decision in July.

May 2020 is last graduation class of MCA. Memphis Creative Collaborative is proposing a makers space and will likely also submit a proposal.

Finances – Carrie reported payments for Directors Insurance and Expenses for Christmas Caroling. She also proposed a 2019 balanced budget of about $13,500. Total assets on hand –  $45,10369. The budget was approved.

Beautification – Gene reported the City Beautiful grant proposal is due at the end of January. He will make this proposal.

Communication – Teresa reported many dogs are being reunited with their owners, and that a number of non-Evergreeners are attempting to gain access to the EHDA social media. We continue to allow only Evergreen residents or business owners to have access.

Chris handed out the new home packet list. He let us know the new membership dues emails will go out soon, and there will be an option this year for recurring donations.

Jeremy noted that he is becoming more aware of houses that have been abandoned and are unoccupied. Letters from the planning committee have gone unanswered. Gene suggested continued contact with property owners that are leaving houses unoccupied if they have any code violations.

Gene reported that Allan Wade and the City have filed a motion regarding the Apartment Complex proposed on Madison that backs up to the south side of Court Avenue. Their argument is that EHDA does not have standing to sue. The EHDA attorney will be speaking with the judge regarding EHDA’s claims. EHDA’s argument is that homes are proposed to be taken down and being replaced with a parking lot. While Landmarks can allow demolition, EHDA does not believe Landmarks has the right to replace a structure with anything other than a structure that meets EHDA guidelines.

Fundraising – Teresa reported several folks had asked about the Evergreen Ball . She reported the committee will start back in the early fall. Jason opined that if many folks are wanting an event, we should have more events whether or not they were fund raisers for EHDA.

It was suggested that we consider a Sunday afternoon beer event behind ECCO in April. Gene will touch base with Sabine Bachman to see what dates may work.

Community Engagement – There was discussion regarding EHDA purchasing its own projector equipment to give more flexibility. If we continue to have regular movies, it will ultimately be cheaper and more convenient to own our own equipment.

Chris, chair of the nominating committee, noted that he will send the 2019 EHDA board slate to the board.

It was reported that Trinity United Methodist will close on the sale of the sanctuary by the end of January. New owner unknown.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.