2019 Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

Nov. 13, 2019

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Dan Dixon, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Chip Chockley, Neeley Bagwell, Turner Foster, Missy Williams,

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Sam announced Chris Morton will chair nominating committee for selection of 2020 officers and board members.

Community Engagement – Bill will chair Christmas Caroling. Sam has the Santa costume and can serve in that role. Next general membership meeting will be January 23, 2020.

February 29 will be the Evergreen Ball.

Planning and Development – Met past Monday. It was recommended by Jeremy and approved for EHDA to send a letter to residents to educate on the process of making home improvements in an historic district. Jeremy will vet the letter through the board.

There was discussion regarding the distribution methodology of the letter. Sam will see what kind of home ownership list he can get from Assessor’s office. Budget amount $1,000.

After reviewing EHDA Design Guidelines, the following recommendations are made:

120 N. Willett – in Environmental Court on Nov. 18. We have reached out to EC staff and EHDA reps will be on hand at the meeting. 1576 Galloway – EHDA will recommend that a rail with vertical pieces be installed as was there originally. 1796 Poplar, apartment complex, EHDA commenting that the slurry over brick is inappropriate. 470 N. McNeil – recommend approval after several changes on siding, windows, and roof line.

We understand the Trinity Church Sanctuary owner is seeking to use part of the building for apartments. We are recommending a meeting with owner and some Board/Planning Committee representatives.

Wain discussed the upcoming St. Jude Marathon.

Sam announced an upcoming board party, and will send date and place.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

October 9, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Denise Parker, Jason Brewer, Jeremy Williams, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Brenda Morris, Carrie Kerley, April Pruett, Dan Dixon

Minutes from previous meeting were approved

Beautification:  Discussion of a rumor that the city might be looking at selling Williamson Park to a developer. Members will try to find out if this is true.  City parks department will not be allocating funds for improvements to Williamson Park.  Discussion of grants from the County Commission for community engagement which we have been able to get in years past, and will try to continue.

Financial:  Carrie handed out financials report, which was approved.

Communication:  no report given

Membership:  no report given

Planning:  1706 N Parkway Landmarks application to tear down back yard garage structure and rebuild.  Committee recommended and Board approves supporting their application.
Discussion of the home at 1700 Galloway which has been in the midst of painting and exterior renovation for a very long time has been painted.
329 Buena Vista seeks a variance with Board of Adjustments to allow an accessory dwelling unit.  Board did not move to support or oppose this application.
276 N Watkins was granted a COA from landmarks for major renovation, but tore down most of the structure.  They are refiling their application before Landmarks. The Board has already submitted a letter to Landmarks in favor of construction moving forward per the design in the original application.
MMDC continues to discuss a project to oversee improvement to the Madison-Avalon corridor, specifically name/brand, boundaries, documentation of conditions, creation of a vision, grass roots fundraising, develop a volunteer event for MLK day 2020.
Discussion of driveway replacement in EHDA, and when or if it would require approval from Landmarks.

Fundraising:  Noted that the Evergreen Ball is approaching.  No report given

Community engagement:  The 50th Anniversary was a success.  Good turnout and involvement.

There was discussion of the Washington Bottoms area and the property that Kroger owns, which is now for sale.

Next meeting November 13.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

September 11, 2019

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Bill & Teresa Bullock, Denise Parker, Missy Williams, Jason Brewer, Jeremy Williams, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Roger & Vivian Ekstrom, Don Jones, Brenda Morris, Carrie Kerley, Neely Bagwell, Tom Midgley.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification: Gene thanked Teresa and the Garden Club for cleaning up Sallie Hillard Park. Gene plans to pursue improvements in Williamson Park. Teresa asked about maintenance of the rain garden at Evergreen near Overton Park. Don suggested contacting Robert Knecht. Gene will touch base with Tammi Sawyer to see if there is a grant available for work in Williamson.

Communication: Teresa reported the recent social media posts on NNO and picnic.

Membership: Chris handed out a long list of new neighbors. He also handed out membership report showing 338 members and $10,820 in dues revenues.

Financial: Carrie handed out a report showing total assets of $40,422. Budget on track with exception of $5,500 legal expenses for legal fight on Court Avenue houses.

Planning: Much discussion on 1700 Galloway – Jeremy will continue to communicate with Environmental Court. Also discussion on 227 Stonewall at Landmarks.  It was agreed to support this application.

Court Avenue properties and apartment complex project. In city engineering being reviewed, although changes are being made. Current plan does not include the properties on Court EHDA fought to keep from being turned into parking lots.

1750 Peach contract pending.

Discussion regarding Midtownmemphis.org and plan to improve Madison Heights area. EHDA will participate.

Jeremey understands the building just north of Home Depot has been sold to a New York developer.

Fundraising: Teresa reported great turnout on first Evergreen Ball committee meeting. The event will be Feb. 29, 2020.

50th Anniversary – Bill reported on the event, including food lined up, activities for kids, music, and participation by the Zoo, Fire Department, and antique car rides.

National Night Out – Melanie.doresey@memphistn.gov

Crosstown CDC – Sam attended their board meeting earlier in the week. He noted they had several grants they have recently received. We also agreed to work with them to improve the Watkins area.

Other Business – Missy related to the board her work toward getting a flashing light on North Parkway in front of Snowden School, perhaps solar powered like one at Rhodes. She has been in contact with Snowden PTO. May even be an option for McLean at Overton Park Avenue.

Bill asked about what to do with Ring Camera video showing nefarious activity. It was suggested to invite Commander Dana Sanpietro to an upcoming meeting.

Next Meeting Oct. 9. Jeremy will bring laptop for Vivien to keep minutes.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

July 10, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Dan Dixon, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Turner Foster, Cannon Parkerson, April Pruitt, Jason Brewer, Chip Chockley, Vivian Ekstrom, Don Jones, Brenda Morris, Tom Midgley.

The corrected minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification: Bill reported on EHDA Signs. The sign at Evergreen and Poplar is missing the lower gridwork. However, the frame was repainted and a refurbished insert was put in. It looks much better. We have approached the homeowner at Garland and Galloway to see if we can locate one of the newly found signs there.

Communication: Teresa reported that we are communicating about next year’s Evergreen Ball via our electronic and social media channels.

Membership: Chris reported that we are still down a bit on membership. Membership peaked in 2016 as the Greensward controversy was ramping up. It has declined somewhat since then.

Planning: Jeremy passed out a report that is included as an attachment in an upcoming Evergreen News email. The committee recommended some comments to Landmarks on several cases before that body. The board approved their recommendation.  He noted discussion with Neighborhood Preservation Inc. regarding some problem properties. He will have further discussion with them on this topic.

Sam reported a complaint from an Evergreener regarding an Air B & B on Forest. It was noted that the City has OK’d Air B&Bs, and Evergreen cannot prohibit them. Should be handled like other nuisance properties.

For the general membership meeting on August 20, Sam related that several of the mayoral candidates have agreed to attend. The idea is to give each 5 minutes to expound on their platforms. It was decided to focus on mayors for the August meeting. It was noted that block captains delivering flyers may get a bit better attendance than without. Sam and Don agreed to help deliver the flyers to block captains if we go this route. In recent years, event organizers have usually emailed the flyer to the captains for them to deliver as appropriate to their blocks. Offers to print and deliver flyers to the captains have who need that have gone mostly unaccepted.

Fundraising: Evergreen Ball, Feb. 29, Committee of over 10 to meet soon.

Community Engagement: Jason noted that with his upcoming schedule, he may not be able to chair. Looking for a new chair to organize this important facet of EHDA.

50th Anniversary: Next meeting to be held at Bullock’s house on Monday, July 15. Event is Sept. 21. Bill will get a blurb to Chris for an upcoming E News.

Evergreen Presbyterian Church would like to host EHDA Board meeting in September. It was agreed to do this. No board meeting in August.

Sam reported that Carissa of the Metal Museum has sent a letter thanking us for our support of their vision of future use of Rust Hall and requested another letter. Being unaware of all the potential other uses for Rust and Brooks, there was discussion of appropriateness of such a letter. Sam will draft a letter for board consideration.

Crosstown Yard Sale on July 20th.

The board discussed the meeting several board members attended on June 26 with the Zoo. At the suggestion of the Overton Park Conservancy, they reached out to Evergreen as one of their close neighbors. In general, the meeting went well, with the zoo staff seeming interested in understanding EHDA’s concerns. They noted at that meeting that there was to be a July 8 joint OPC, OPA, Zoo and City Press Conference. None on the board had heard of it. Sam will reach out to find out if it took place and the results.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

June 12, 2019

Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Bill & Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams,  Chip Chockley, Cannon Parkerson, Don Jones, Vivian Ekstrom, Turner Foster, Gene Laurenzi, Tim Flack, Carrie Kerley, Denise Parker, Tom Midgley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Finance – Carrie circulated a financial report – Detail on May, and 2019 Budget and year to date figures. Almost $4,000 deposit for dues and wine dinner. The report as approved.

Beautification – Gene reported he will set a date for a clean up of Sallie Hillard park. Teresa reported that the Evergreen Garden Club would like to help. Bill mentioned having a tree-planting again this winter – It will be 2 years since last planting at that time. He will bring a proposal to the board at a future meeting.

Communication – Teresa reported posting in Social media.

Membership – Chris reported membership is down compared to historic average. He noted we have several options for paying. Sam reported that Kelly English has purchased a home on Clark Place. It was noted that some of the businesses that are represented in the Welcome Packet are not dues payers. Teresa and Sam will work on that. Chris reported that only about 30% of the block captains are members. Several have been replaced in recent months. It was approved that block captains must be members to serve in that position. Considering a Sunday night thank-you at ECCO for block captains in the fall. Chris and Teresa will approach Sabine at Ecco.

Planning – Jeremy circulated the planning committee report. Two houses on Court were torn down yesterday. It was agreed by the board to support the application at 410 Stonewall. Planning has concerns of the property at 1465 N. Parkway and it was agreed to send such letter. At 1597 N. Parkway, the committee supports square spindles for new railing on second story. 444 Stonewall – It was recommended and agreed to send a letter of support for the application but disappointment that work began without authorization.

Jeremy reported that Andy Kitsinger of MMDC asked EHDA to partner with Central Gardens to adopt the area around Madison and Avalon. It was agreed that Jeremy should respond in the affirmative.

Sam reported that sidewalks are high on the City priority list based on happenings in the south end of the neighborhood. He expects more Evergreeners will receive letters from the City where issues exist.

Tax Incremental Financing – Sam reported that Crosstown CDC was approached by MMDC and encouraged to apply for a TIF for the area from I 240 to McLean and Jackson to Linden. This is a huge area that includes most of EHDA. Board members interested are encouraged to let Sam know so they can be included in future communication.

Fund Raising – Teresa reported that she will begin the process of planning for the Evergreen Ball.

50th Anniversary – $5,000 was approved for a maximum budget. September 21 is the date. It as advised that we make sure appropriate permits were pulled.

Fall Membership Meeting – Sam reported that he will check with Trinity about available dates in order to book space for the Membership meeting in August.  Mayoral candidates have inquired about speaking at this event.

Sam reported that the new vice president of the Zoo wants to meet with some of our board to discuss issues.  Sam will arrange with volunteers from the board who want to be involved in this conversation.  There was discussion about traffic problems that crop up on the free zoo Tuesdays.

Next meeting is July 10th.  There was no further business, and we were adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

May 8, 2019, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Teresa Bullock, Dan Dixon, Wain Rubenstein, Missy Williams, Denise Parker, Angela Parkerson, Chris Morton, Brenda Morris, Jason Brewer, Gene Laurenzi, Jeremy Williams, Roger Ekstrom, Tom Midgley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Membership – Chris handed out a report noting current memberships as compared with previous years. He said dues reminder cards recently went out and EHDA was receiving a number of dues payments now. There is a new category of recurring payments since that option was added to the menu this year. He also handed out a list of 4 homes that changed hands where New Home Packets will be delivered. He noted that there is little for-sale inventory in EHDA at present.

Communications – Teresa reported doing some Facebook updates including Wine Tasting (also in E News). She reported Chris will do a link to the Evergreen Garden Club Facebook Page, and potentially an Evergreen Garden Club page on the EHDA website.

Community Engagement. NNO is now Tuesday, October 1 for Memphis. Bill reported on 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held Saturday, September 21. Still looking for the alternate rain location for the Williamson Park event. Bill will submit budget for medallions for EHDA signs, as well as budget for the event.

Beautification – Gene presented check from $500 grant.

Sallie Hillard Park at Evergreen and Belvedere is overgrown. Gene will pick a date and do a volunteer cleanup of the park.

Planning – Gene reported Chancellor ruled against us in the suit regarding the proposed apartment complex on Madison where the developers wanted to raze and convert homes on Court to parking. Interestingly, one of the houses previously condemned has not been un-condemned and is available for sale.

Bill reported he went to Environmental Court earlier in the day to represent EHDA in the proceeding regarding 1700 Galloway. Referee Cameron ruled that the owner had 3 weeks to submit a plan that would result in completed painting within 2 months.

Jeremy handed out a list of properties on the EHDA watch list with updates. There is an application to tear down garage on Stonewall. Committee will send board recommendation.

There was discussion about sidewalk construction, curb construction, and repair of same. There appears to be conflicting information regarding who is responsible for repair. While Jeremy had spoken with city officials who said the homeowner is responsible if the curb and sidewalk are contiguous, Chris had information to the contrary. Chris will share with the board the names and numbers of the City employees who he spoke to regarding responsibility for curbs and/or sidewalks. A number of sidewalks are currently being replaced in District I.

Fundraising – ECCO Wine Dinner, May 20. Can seat 50. $75 per ticket. Payment info in E News this week.

There was discussion regarding rentals, Air B n Bs, and what is appropriate in Evergreen. Gene wondered if there is a way for EHDA to foster more new homeownerships as opposed to purchases by out of town owners to put on the rental market. Sam reported very high rents in midtown.

It was moved and agreed to support OPC with $1,000 for helping repair the burned portion of the East Parkway Pavilion.

Missy solicited ideas for the August Meeting. Date was set at Thursday, August 22. Mayoral candidate forum was the main suggestion.

Bill reported that he is serving on the committee to vet ideas for future use of both Memphis College of Art and Brooks Museum. The Create Your Space Selection Committee had its first meeting on May 2, and Bill agreed to keep the board/membership apprised of the progress/process. U3 Advisors is leading the effort, with timeline showing RFP to go out in May, with finalists to be selected as early as July.

Missy reported she has been speaking with Mark Fleisher of Central Gardens regarding dealing with alleys. CG and EHDA have many of the same issues.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

April 10, 2019, 7 p.m.

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Teresa Bullock, Dan Dixon, Don Jones, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Missy Williams, Denise Parker, Turner Foster, Carrie Kerley, Chip Chockley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Bill reported on the EHDA signs. 12 of 17 signs have been replaced, cleaned or repainted. He let the board know we have at least two complete signs that can be installed in the neighborhood. Bill asked for suggestions from the board on best locations. Entering the neighborhood from the west on Overton Park Avenue and Galloway were two suggestions where there is no signage at present. Gene had previously reported via email that he has received the City Beautiful $500 grant check and will deliver to Carrie.

Finance – Carrie circulated the budget approved for 2019, with year to date numbers. March expenses were broken down, and total assets as of March 31 were reported as $41,776.. Largest change for the March period was dues deposit of $1,425.  The report was accepted.

Planning – Jeremy updated the board that the committee met earlier in the week. He noted that the four square at Court and Avalon is slated to be a triplex. The plan is to keep the exterior as is for the most part. Sam noted that this house may not technically be within the EHDA Landmarks-protected area. Jeremy noted it was the opinion of the planning committee that this use and these improvements to this house are about as much as we could hope for. It was agreed that the plan will be supported by EHDA. Don abstained.

Jeremy noted that the three homes owned by the Apartment developers between Court and Madison have condemnation notices. EHDA will watch what happens with these properties and with the apartment complex adjoining to the south. He noted that the committee has had discussions with Code Enforcement regarding best procedures for addressing neglected property. The committee is still looking for more members. Next meeting, May 6, 6 p.m. French Truck.

It was determined that EHDA would contact City Council and support the appeal from Tucker-Jefferson regarding the additional three-story barn-like homes on Jefferson. Don abstained.

The name change proposal for changing Forrest Ave to Forest Ave has been recommend for approval by the OPD staff.

Teresa reported that she has been exploring dates with Sabine at ECCO for an EHDA wine tasting fund-raiser. Looking at May 20 at this time. It was approved to work toward this date.

Community Engagement – Missy reported that she is working with Melanie Dorsey, Crump Station Neighborhood Watch coordinator, regarding making each district within EHDA a neighborhood watch. There was discussion regarding security, cameras, what Crosstown Neighborhood is doing, and what may be appropriate for EHDA if we choose to take neighborhood-wide efforts to increase security.

Easter Egg hunt at Trinity UMC this Saturday at 9:30.

Bill updated the board regarding the 50th anniversary celebration. Date will be Saturday, September 21, 2-5. Rain contingency will be an indoor venue. Evergreen UMC is not available that date, so other sites will be explored. At the top of the list now is the Parkview. Given that this event will also encompass the annual EHDA picnic, Picnic Chair Tom Lawrence will be asked for his expertise and assistance to make the event successful.

It was noted that Jim Dean is the incoming CEO at the Zoo. It was decided that we will attempt to engage him in some sort of get together or meeting with EHDA board. Missy will reach out to both Dean and board chair Farnsworth.

Sidewalks – Jeremy got a bid for everything on Clark Place. The bid is $7.50 per square foot from Luther Powers. Often between $2,000 and $3,000 for typical lots, but more for corner lots and larger lots. Luther does not offer a lower rate for larger jobs, but per Jeremy, his rate is lowest found.

Next Meeting May 8

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



EHDA Board Meeting

March 13, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Gene Laurenzi, , April Pruett, Turner Foster, Jason Brewer, Denise Parker, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Neely Bagwell, Tom Midgley, Brenda Morris, Vivian Parkerson, Chip Chockley, Carrie Kerley, Tim Flack, Don Jones.

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported total assets of $41,825 as of 2/28/2019. Biggest expense was General Liability Insurance, $2,430. Application fee for renaming Forrest Avenue, $400.

Beautification – Gene reported the application for $500 City Beautiful grant was submitted for trees in Williamson Park. A letter was sent to the city regarding the hardscape improvements at Williamson. It was agreed we should follow up with Maria Munuz Blanco. May be good to have her at a board meeting. Members of this committee: Vivian, Gene, Denise, Teresa, Don.

Gene reported on the hearing on the apartments at Madison that back up to Court. The judge ruled against us. In general, the judge ruled that the process is to give remedy to applicants who are denied a request at Landmarks. The process is not for appealing a favorable Landmarks response.

It was noted that there is a revised application that excludes tearing down the homes facing Court. It may be related to lack of funding for the larger project. It was agreed that EHDA will have conversation with the applicant regarding rehabbing the houses. Sam and Bill will pursue this discussion.

There was a discussion regarding the formation a Political Action Committee of some sort. Noting EHDA’s constitution and by-laws, it was agreed that the formation of any such PAC would be outside the auspices of EHDA. Roger noted if there was such a committee, we would want to make sure to expend as much effort supporting good projects as we are in opposing bad projects. It was suggested creating a plan for our neighborhood, looking at lots larger than minimum, and paying attention to the Memphis 3.0 plan — Being more proactive than reactive.

Communication – Teresa reported Facebook page is working well, working on new member packets. Members of this committee: Chris, Teresa, Angela.

Membership – 8 new house packets this month. Have 171 members at this time. Notices about to go out again to non-paid members.

Planning – Jeremy gave out a report on Landmarks cases and problem properties . Planning Committee Members: Jeremy, Turner, Don Jones, Cannon Parkerson, Shannon Dixon, Buddy Fey, John Pruett, Joey Hagan. Two focuses: 1) design review; 2) problem properties.

There was significant discussion on the new Montessori school on Poplar at Garland. It was approved to support the letter Jeremy Williams has drafted that supports the project with some concerns on setback. Don Jones abstained.

Fundraising – Committee Members: Teresa, Neely, Brenda, Missy, Carrie. Gala is on the schedule for February. Wine tasting at ECCO is a potential new event this year.

Community Engagement – Committee Members – Jason, Neely, Missy, Tom, Caroline Smith, Denise, Chip. Ideas – Block captain event, Homemade ice cream event, Neighborhood Watches, Movie nights.

50th Anniversary Celebration Committee: Will meet and explore options. Serving on this committee: Roger, Brenda, Bill, Teresa, Lisa Hume, Angela, Krissi. Ideas: T shirts, public art.

Community at Snowden – It was approved to fund with $250 again this year. Sam will forward info to Carrie to prepare check.

Renaming of Forrest Avenue to Forest Avenue– Land Use Control Board, April 11. Vivian will forward announcement and Chris will put in E News.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30.


EHDA  Board Meeting

February 13, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Gene Laurenzi, Vivian & Roger Ekstrom, April Pruett, Turner Foster, Neely Bagwell, Tom Midgley, Chip Chockley, Carl Tisdal, Eric Price (Evergreener and owner in Victorian Village).

Carl recently purchased the Trinity United Methodist Church building. He plans to preserve it as it is. Use the back space for his personal office space, needing limited parking. Probably used for weddings, community functions, etc. In the next year, will be addressing roof and HVAC. Built in 1924 with hot water gas heat. There is no working AC at present. Roughly $200 k in HVAC. Some limestone needs repairs. This is his 21st historical renovation. Owns medical device companies. Lives in Victorian Village and has re-done historic buildings in Victorian Village, Main, Front and historic Nashville.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Gene said grant proposal is in, but no response yet. Grant is for trees around Williamson Park.

Membership – Chris reported on new home packets. Dues rolling in. Chris will report next meeting. Noted many recurring payments.  Court Ave block captain has moved and resigned – seeking new block captain.

Planning – Jeremy passed out a report which includes properties they are keeping an eye on. There was discussion about Memphis 3.0. which is before LUCB this week. Roger reported that according to his bosses, 3.0 added another layer, but did not supersede historic designation status. Roger confirmed that 3.0 guidelines do not trump Landmarks Historic District guidelines. Jeremy reported that Evergreener and architect Bret Ragsdale is a new employee of OPD.

1483 Court Avenue sold to a developer and a neighbor is concerned that the property is being divided. Sam reported there is a cease and desist order on this property. Jeremy will check on this.

Midtown Montessori School has purchased the property at northeast corner of Poplar and Garland.

Apartment Complex between Madison and Court. Gene reported that the hearing is March 6 at 10 a.m. Art Quinn, our attorney, is requesting presence of neighbors. City is objecting to our right to object to the apartment complex plan on Madison that backs up to Court Street, where the project is planned to site parking in place of residential structures to be torn down.

Dan reported Overton Park Alliance met regarding the City’s plan for additional parking for the Zoo. 4 phases. First phase was originally to start in spring. Now that is slid back to summer. First phase is the Prentiss lot. That will be under construction for at least 12 weeks. Phase II to start fall/winter in existing parking lot. OPA is asking them to use barricades in the future to prevent cars on all parts of the Greensward. Bids have exceeded the $3 million estimates, but the OPC/MZS commitments remain at $3M total for the construction. The rainwater runoff issues seem to be treated as a separate, but related issue, which is being funded differently.  2020 expected completion.

The board approved $100 to go to Easter Egg Hunt with Trinity UMC.

The board approved a sponsorship for MOJO of Midtown Awards Bash of $250.

The board approved for Teresa to create and include a coupon for a free EHDA T shirt from Diane’s. It is hoped this will help move not only T-shirts, but potentially EHDA Banners and House Plaques as well.

The board approved sponsorship to the V&E Greenline of $500.

50th Year Anniversary – Need Volunteers for Ad Hoc Committee – Roger, Bill, Missy, Wain, Neely will be on the committee. Chris requested we do a good job of explaining why 50 years vs. 1978 incorporation at EHDA. Bill will write something up for E news to explain and get more committee members.

March 13 is next meeting.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



EHDA  Board Meeting

January 9, 2019

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Missy Williams, Carissa Hussong and Brian Smith, (both from Ornamental Metal Museum), Gene Laurenzi, Tom Midgley, Turner Foster, Carrie Kerley, Cannon Parkerson, Don Jones, Jason Brewer.

Missy called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the last meeting approved.

Carissa, Exec. Director of the National Ornamental Museum, addressed the group. She wanted to let the neighborhood know of their plans. She noted the city will be accepting proposals for the next occupant of Rust Hall in Overton Park. Current tenant is Memphis College of Art. The Ornamental Metal Museum has outgrown their current facility, and already had some plans for additional building on their current site. They believe Rust Hall is the perfect addition to grow their museum.

Rust Hall is 75,000 square feet. They feel it is a good fit as they seek to partner with other organizations. They will be tripling their visitors and having over 300 classes. One museum – two campuses.

Timeframe – RFP should be out in May, Submissions should be due in June, with decision in July.

May 2020 is last graduation class of MCA. Memphis Creative Collaborative is proposing a makers space and will likely also submit a proposal.

Finances – Carrie reported payments for Directors Insurance and Expenses for Christmas Caroling. She also proposed a 2019 balanced budget of about $13,500. Total assets on hand –  $45,10369. The budget was approved.

Beautification – Gene reported the City Beautiful grant proposal is due at the end of January. He will make this proposal.

Communication – Teresa reported many dogs are being reunited with their owners, and that a number of non-Evergreeners are attempting to gain access to the EHDA social media. We continue to allow only Evergreen residents or business owners to have access.

Chris handed out the new home packet list. He let us know the new membership dues emails will go out soon, and there will be an option this year for recurring donations.

Jeremy noted that he is becoming more aware of houses that have been abandoned and are unoccupied. Letters from the planning committee have gone unanswered. Gene suggested continued contact with property owners that are leaving houses unoccupied if they have any code violations.

Gene reported that Allan Wade and the City have filed a motion regarding the Apartment Complex proposed on Madison that backs up to the south side of Court Avenue. Their argument is that EHDA does not have standing to sue. The EHDA attorney will be speaking with the judge regarding EHDA’s claims. EHDA’s argument is that homes are proposed to be taken down and being replaced with a parking lot. While Landmarks can allow demolition, EHDA does not believe Landmarks has the right to replace a structure with anything other than a structure that meets EHDA guidelines.

Fundraising – Teresa reported several folks had asked about the Evergreen Ball . She reported the committee will start back in the early fall. Jason opined that if many folks are wanting an event, we should have more events whether or not they were fund raisers for EHDA.

It was suggested that we consider a Sunday afternoon beer event behind ECCO in April. Gene will touch base with Sabine Bachman to see what dates may work.

Community Engagement – There was discussion regarding EHDA purchasing its own projector equipment to give more flexibility. If we continue to have regular movies, it will ultimately be cheaper and more convenient to own our own equipment.

Chris, chair of the nominating committee, noted that he will send the 2019 EHDA board slate to the board.

It was reported that Trinity United Methodist will close on the sale of the sanctuary by the end of January. New owner unknown.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.