2021 Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

May 12, 2021 Via Zoom

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Wain Rubenstein, Katie Bruce, Don Jones, Autry and Denise Parker, Matt Inbusch, Chip Chockley, Brenda Morris, Carrie Kerley, Susan Weber, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Sam Goff, and Vivian Ekstrom.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie shared the financial report. Usual debits for MLGW and Mail Chimp. Large deposit of $7,564, months of dues from PayPal account. Total assests $42,162. She filed IRS 990 via postcard. The report was approved.

Beautification – The Evergreen Garden Club wants to work on Sallie Hillard Park. Teresa will meet with them on Friday at their regular meeting to discuss.

Membership – Chris previously sent the new house packet list. Chris has a number of checks to submit.

Communication – Teresa reported the usual Facebook stuff as well as posting Yard of the Month.

Fund Raising – Teresa is attempting to find a chair for the ball.

Planning – Don reported there are 5 applications submitted to Landamarks, 3 minors, two majors. Minors, 256 Hawthorne, garage, 211 Kenilworth, new drive and sidewalk, 444 Stonewall, new detached garage with pool room. Committee reviewed and determined no new comments needed. Comments had already been submitted on materials for the Hawthorne garage.

1769 Overton Park – Small building similar to a solarium is proposed. EHDA will remain neutral. 1677 Beard – install circular driveway. Property originally may have had two driveways. EHDA will submit comments in opposition, based on our opposition to front yard parking.

Community Engagement – Chip reported that it is time to get some forward momentum after COVID.

Neighborhood Watch – Jeremey reported that District I had its second meeting with the MPD Coordinator. He had good things to say about the officers and coordinator with MPD on this. He urged board members to attempt to get interest in other districts. Five households minimum participation required.

Neighborhood Spotlight – No irons in the fire at this point for future spotlights. Jeremy asked for board members to make suggestions to Don Jones.

Jeremy reported that Eric Gottlieb contacted Jim Dean at the Zoo regarding trash from patrons, particularly on Tuesdays and weekends. It was reported that Dean is considering cardboard trash cans that we assume the zoo would pick up, but there has been no report of cleanup by Zoo personnel. There was also significant discussion regarding parking in the neighborhood on heavy-use zoo days.

1905 Overton Park – Chip reported that Steve Barlow referred him to Will Gibbons at the City Attorney’s office. They apparently have a new way of handling and prosecuting such situations. Chip has discussed this with Will, and Will said he would check on next steps by the city attorney’s office. In the meantime, he said consistent 311 complaint is the proper procedure.

Jeremey had spoken with Mr. Mohammed of Code Enforcement. The property has a follow up visit scheduled. Per Mr. Mohammed, if the situation is not resolved at time of follow up, it will be forwarded to Environmental Court.

Chris is researching and will come back to the board with potential options for data storage such as dropbox and Google’s solution.

Jeremy reported that the Kids writing project was terrific and the board agreed.

Wain reported that he understands that the developers of Washington Bottoms are looking at mixed use, but it is probably several years down the road.

There was discussion about resuming board meetings in person. Will be via Zoom again next month, but will have discussions at next meeting regarding this.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

April 14, 2021 Via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Denise Parker, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Wain Rubenstein, Cannon Parkerson, Turner Foster, Misti Doose, Carrie Kerley, Susan Weber, Gene Laurenzi, Chip Chockley, Don Jones, Brenda Morris.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported on the financials and the budget. March deposited $1,365 for memberships,  with usual expenses, and expenses related to membership, dues cards, and welcome packets. She filed annual report with TN Secretary of State. The financial report was approved.

Beautification Committee: Spring Cleanup – will attempt to work with Evergreen Garden Club on Sallie Hillard park, Garden Club wants to work on the park and plant something in honor of garden club member Billie Cannon who recently passed away. Teresa and Gene will coordinate with garden club. Jeremy will make sure EHDA is registered and we will pick up seeds for the plant the town red campaign.

Membership – Cards will go out shortly to past members who have not yet paid dues.

Communication – Social media has been better since rules instituted. Carrie noted that Central Gardens is doing a kids section in their newsletter. All agreed it is a great idea, with low content in E News. Carrie was asked to write up a blurb and offer MemPops gift certificates to kids making submissions.

Fundraising – Teresa said if we have a Feb date on Evergreen Ball, we should get started by July.

Planning – Committee met earlier in the week and discussed minor cases – no major cases this month. Case for subdivision on N. Parkway close to Crosstown. Supposedly going to Land Use Control Board. Committee had concerns with splitting lots. Design of building will go through Landmarks as well. Don Jones will chair the committee going forward.

Design Guideline update – Matt, Katie and Jeremy have been working on questions and formatting for questions for a survey.

Community Engagement – Chip noted he is still sitting on a cache of gift certificates for block captains when opportunity arises. Some may be used for incentives for folks filling our Design Guidelines surveys.

Safety and Neighborhood Watch – Jeremy is working in District 1, and is hoping to apply lessons learned to the other districts of EHDA. Jeremy meeting with Police tomorrow.

Neighborhood spotlight – One additional person added, was sent to Chris and will go out in next E News.

National Night Out – Official date is second Tuesday in August.

Dropbox for EHDA Data – Chris and Jeremy are putting together an online repository for EHDA files. There is now an EHDA President email account, that can pass to each new president. Chris noted a bare bones dropbox business account tied to our domain accommodating 3 users can be secured for $450 per year. Chris will check into some other options suggested like One Drive and report back to the board.

Resident at Stonewall and N. Parkway made a suggestion of rebuilding a stone wall on the west side of Stonewall at North Parkway to replace the one torn down in the past. It was decided not to pursue.

Jeremy noted a question from a neighbor wondering if the Zoo will be cleaning up trash in the neighborhood left by zoo visitors parking in the neighborhood. New CEO Jim Dean has seemed to be amenable to working with the neighborhood. It was suggested to check with Eric Gottlieb and Sarah Newstok.

Jeremy discussed 1905 Overton Park. In a nutshell, it appears there is little that EHDA can do to effect any significant change. Jeremy asked for board input regarding whether EHDA can do something itself. There was significant discussion, and it was agreed that EHDA filing suit against the current homeowner may be the best way to effect change. We will touch base with Steve Barlow of Neighborhood Preservation Inc for information and recommendation.

1663 Autumn Avenue is getting several complaints on the city 311 Ap. This is an abandoned church that has been unoccupied for many years. Some complaints include animals leaving the church. EHDA has previously attempted to find solutions to the issue, but there is even question whether the owning entity actually still exists. Gene has the last deed, and we will look into bringing this into Environmental Court.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

March 10, 2021 Via Zoom

Attending: Missy Williams, Jeremy Williams, Bill Bullock, Chris Morton, Susan Weber, Brenda Morris, Chip Chockley, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Gene Laurenzi, Don Jones, Katie Bruce, Autry and Denise Parker, Turner Foster, Wain Rubenstein, Neely Bagwell, Matt Inbusch.

Minutes from last meeting were approved

2021 budget approved unanimously.

Beautification — recommended reaching out to Mr. flowers, which Gene will do to get an update on Williamson improvements. There is a video gaming competition to be held at Williamson park, notice was posted on Facebook today.

Membership, dues have come in, Chris has new cards, reformatted due to new postal machines that were returning some, cards will go out shortly to those that have not yet paid dues for 2021.

Communication – no updates

Fundraising – no updates

Planning – small area plan is something that we should push and work on and develop in relation to Memphis 3.0.  would likely look to partner with other neighborhoods to go forward with this.

Missy sent a list of vacant problem properties to Melvin Burgess Assessor of Property who asked for that information in case he can assist in making improvements.

Don updated the group on the questionnaire to Evergreeners regarding their views on design review guidelines. He plans to break it up in small parts and get it in front of neighbors via several social media outlets and attempt to get it available to as many demographics as possible. It is hoped this information will help guide us in where we spend our efforts. There was some discussion regarding how to incentivize folks to fill out the questionnaire. Also discussion on how best to store data. Hope to launch in April and then start the Design Guideline Committee efforts.

Community Engagement – There was significant discussion on how to best communicate with and educate block captains.

Neighborhood Watch – Missy sent an email to district representatives regarding this. We are looking to form 5 neighborhood watch groups. There are requirements for 3 in-person meetings with a minimum of 5 residents. Melanie Dorsey is the MPD liaison for this. We are awaiting further information from Melanie regarding if we can do this virtually. One of the reasons we are pursuing neighborhood watch is to qualify for more potential grant opportunities.

Discussed the information presented by the Appraiser in the Zoom call.

Missy noted that several of the armadillo bumps on Evergreen have been uprooted.

Byhalia pipeline – EHDA sent a letter in opposition.

The smoke/vape shop to occupy the space across from Snowden was discussed. No updates available at present regarding challenges to this. March 24 scheduled to be at board of adjustment. It was agreed to write a letter of opposition to this. Don suggested we echo VECA’s comments.

Missy let the group know she is stepping down because her family will be relocating to another city. Jeremy will be taking over as president. She received compliments on the great job she has done as president as well as much well-wishing as her family moves on.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Meeting

Feb. 10, 2021 Via Zoom

Attending: Missy Williams, Chris Morton, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Bill and Teresa Bulllock, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Katie Bruce, Matt Inbusch, Wain Rubenstein, Chip Chockley, Neely Bagwell, Gene Laurenzi, Turner Foster, Denise Parker, Carrie Kerley, Susan Weber, Don Jones, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Brenda Morris,

The new board members were introduced, Katie Bruce and Matt Inbusch.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie presented the financial report. As of Jan. 31, 2021, EHDA has $36,029.95. She also presented the final budget vs. actual expenses for 2020. Budget was $16,400 with actuals $16,893. Revenue was about $16,561.57. She also presented a preliminary budget for 2021.

Don explained his request for $5,000 for working on re-writing the EHDA design guidelines for 2021. Carrie will reflect this in a line item for the 2021 budget. He further explained how Brett Ragsdale of the Office and Planning and Development thought that an update of this 30-year-old document may assist his office and the Landmarks Commission in making decisions and recommendations more in line with EHDA’s wishes.

Beautification – Gene related that the city had given EHDA some money to upgrade Williamson Park While they are going slow, they are moving forward. They will start with new surfacing for the playground, and them move to other items on the plan. Don added that it was $150,000, with the No. 1 item being a walking trail around the park. A bid is expected, but the timeframe is unknown. Gene also noted that City Beautiful has been supportive as well.

Teresa noted that one tree previously planted has died. She also noted that Niel and Sara Prosser have expressed interest in working on beautification committee and fundraising. They will be moving into Sue Williams old home on Stonewall.

Membership – Chris had previously sent the new home packet list. Membership notices went out electronically today, and he has received about 50 responses already.

Communication – Chris has deleted several people from Facebook because of bad behavior.

Planning – Jeremy noted no majors coming before Landmarks this month. VECA has been applying for historic status and got their approval from Landmarks. Will next go to Land Use Control Board to finalize the process. Crosstown is also pursuing Landmarks, but there have been some issues involving the development of the “mound,” the old I 40 ROW. While he said it will not be coming forward next month, he believes progress is being made. There was some additional discussion on what the actual plan is for the mound, and whether or not it contains any park space. Jeremy will monitor the process and share additional information with the board.

He noted that neighbors of 1905 Overton Park have reached out to EHDA board members regarding what is going on with this house. It was significantly damaged by a tree in 2003, has been through receivership, and was purchased in 2019. Unfortunately, it looks like little work has taken place, and the grounds are deteriorating and are a major concern of neighbors. Missy noted that she and Jeremy had spoken with Steve Barlow of Neighborhood Preservation Inc. He said there seems to be some litigation still underway by the previous owner. Missy noted that a reporter had reached out to EHDA not long ago. She also noted how she is working to support both the new owner and the nearby neighbors.

Don noted that Roger will meet with planning and give an overview of Memphis 3.0, that will educate us more on this comprehensive planning document. Don noted all board members would benefit from this update.

Don updated the board on an EHDA questionnaire. Regarding reviewing and revising EHDA’s design guidelines, he believes that we need to know what our residents think and what are their priorities. He has already shared tool this with Jeremy and Missy. She will keep the board posted and share with the board in the coming weeks.

Safety – This group has not met recently. She and Jeremy spent a lot of time on the Neighborhood Watch effort. Melanie Dorsey of MPD has just responded and they are negotiating boundaries.

Neighbor spotlight – Don reported that Vishant Shah has given some input and he submitted about 4 names. He also reached out to DiAnn Gordon. She is interested in spotlighting another neighbor. Don expects something from her soon. Denise suggested spotlighting the new board members.

Missy reported that Colonel Jackson of the West Precinct has spoken with her about 361 N. Watkins and some of the recent activity. MPD is well aware, last time was Jan. 26, neighbors called, police responded, and the suspect was apprehended and charged with a felony and other charges. Organized Crime unit is now involved as well with this property that is suspected of being a drug house.

Missy noted she followed up with citizens who had some concerns about parking on Evergreen because of the new lane markings, and discussed same with Nick Oyler. While no changes in markings are planned, the city is looking at some additional measures to help control speed.

Missy also noted the city reached out to her to put together a meeting with residents to go over appraisals that will be happening soon. They want to do a resident-wide Zoom meeting on Thursday, March 4 at 6 p.m.

Jeremy suggested creating an Evergreen wall calendar. Perhaps we could spotlight homes, parks and/or green spaces that folks could purchase. Several people chimed in with ideas on how to make it appealing.

The potential smoke/vape shop next door to Dino’s was discussed. Vivian and Don will look into the situation to see if there are any opportunities to oppose this in case it is afoul with codes, zoning or other governmental regulations.

Missy noted that in the past month there was an issue with a load truck in the neighborhood. Enough neighbors reported it, the police have looked into it, and things seem to have improved in recent days. It is a large red pickup truck with “don’t tread on me sticker” with a malfunctioning or no muffler. It was noted we should not engage with this individual.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

January 13, 2021 – Via Zoom

Attending: Missy Williams, Chris Morton, Wain Rubenstein, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Cannon Parkerson, Gene Laurenzi, Jeremy Williams, Autry Parker, Chip Chockley, Sam Goff, Brenda Morris, Vivian Ekstrom, Don Jones, Bill and Teresa Bullock.

Financials not available this evening, will have them next month

Beautification – The City wants to do an MLK related cleanup, reached out to see if EHDA wanted to be involved, city wants a waiver and groups of 10 or fewer, Gene discussed doing some semi informal cleanup effort in Williamson park on that Monday morning. He will put the waiver/forms on Facebook.

Discussed a grant from the city, which was denied this past year, but discussed using that grant to reinforce or assist the wall on Stonewall at Poplar. The west side wall is in poor shape and needs work.  The cost to repair that wall is very high, and there is significant importance of that stone retaining wall thematically to the neighborhood.

Sam reported that there was an excavator and dumb trucks at the “mound.”

Membership. Chris will send out 2021 dues notices shortly.

New member packets were discussed. Teresa is unable to do this at this time.

Planning: Two cases before Landmarks this month. Sue Williams old home, minor. Application for 545 Stonewall, west side at North Parkway, application for wrought iron fence in the front yard. It was discussed that this may be an appropriate site for a fence.

Jeremy noted that Crosstown is still moving forward with historic district status.

Don requested $5,000 be set aside for the design guidelines review process that would involve at least one appropriately notified neighborhood meeting. There was significant discussion on how this process may flow. $5,000 was approved.

Community Engagement: Chip reported that he is working on distribution of gift cards to block captains. He noted that given Covid 19 is still active, we may not want to rush distribution that would require the restaurants to honor these cards.

Missy reported she is still working on Neighborhood Watch.

General Membership Meeting: January 21. Councilman Jeff Warren will be participating, Col. Debbie Jackson with MPD will join. Will meet via Zoom. Jeremy has created signs, and notice will go out via social media outlets.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.