2018 Minutes

EHDA  Board Meeting

November 14, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Tom Midgely, Angela Parkerson, Jason Brewer, Turner Foster, Missy Williams, Gene Laurenzi, Caroline Smith, Carrie Kerley, Tim Flack.

Sam called the meeting to order promptly at 7 p.m.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Communication – Teresa reported Facebook has been updated with Marathon Information. Wain reported a first-class mailing is going out soon. Missy will send additional information for E News and Facebook page. Wain shared a map of the route, noting that the half stays west of Manassas, and the full is the only one that impacts Evergreen.

Sam noted that a couple of design students assisting Cooper-Young called to ask questions. They noted they were impressed with website. Kudos to Chris and team.

Gene attended a meeting at the Overton Park Golf house regarding EHDA’s adoption of Williamson Park. They want Evergreeners inspecting the park to report back to the City regarding that state of the park. Teresa suggested setting up a Facebook page for Williamson Park. Gene noted he had complimented the crews maintaining the park and repairing the broken equipment.

Membership – Only 3 new home packets this month. Chris noted that we now have almost all block captain slots filled.

Planning – Jeremy noted no significant changes of status on the 9 or so properties the committee is following. He noted apparent obfuscation regarding some properties, with code enforcement/city closing tickets where resolution has not been achieved. Gene let the board know that Alan Wade is now representing Landmarks, and is questioning EHDA’s standing in the lawsuit against Landmarks. Gene expects a motion for dismissal to be filed by Wade.

Sam noted he is getting more comments and complaints about the abandoned church on Autumn. He also noted that Trinity UMC will be having the sanctuary appraised and listed for sale. He noted that Chooch Pickard had toured the facility and has some interesting suggestions for potential uses if not used as a church.

Financial – Carrie reported $46,000 in total assets. She also distributed a budgeting document that reflects expected income and outflow for 2019.

Community Engagement – The movie took place on a cold night on the third scheduled time (due to weather). Caroline noted that she will roll off the board; Jason Brewer agreed to step in as leader of that committee.

Christmas Caroling – Roger will get the permit and the route and research potential carolees with John Cameron. Bill will secure musicians, the venue, and the float. Chris will put a save the date in the E News and ask for carolees.

Don noted that Market on Madison, tomorrow, 6-8.

January meeting. Missy will attempt to line up speaker. It was decided that Lee Harris would be great to get him if available.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA  Board Meeting

October 10, 2018, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Cannon Parkerson, Turner Foster, Don Jones, Tom Midgely.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Communication – The rescheduled date for the movie is October 21. Notifications on Facebook and E news.

Membership – No change since last month. Chris passed out list of new home packets per CA home sales.

Planning – No new items on the list. No significant changes. The lawsuit has been filed against Landmarks regarding the new apartment complex on Madison.

Sam noted that the midtown overlay applies to the development at Madison and Belvedere (i.e. setbacks, transparency, etc.). Current plan does not seem to meet overlay requirements.

Sam noted cottage development on Trezevant has been approved by Council with conditions. If this moves forward, it will have to go to Land Use prior to City Council.

It was approved to fund the application fee to rename Forrest Avenue back to its original name, Forest – $400 (Don Jones abstained).

It was approved to spend $250 for a board retreat in December.

Chris Morton agreed to chair the nominating committee.

Wain noted that the St. Jude Marathon Community Engagement effort is significantly bolstered over previous years. There will be many signs – there will be a telephone number for folks having travel concerns. It will be December 1.

Don let the board know that he had reached out to John Cameron regarding sidewalks. Sam will reach out to Central Gardens per John’s suggestion to see how they are going about it.

On the committee for the Christmas Caroling is John Cameron, Roger Ekstrom, Don Jones, Bill Bullock, Sam Goff. Sam will be Santa if no better candidate.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA  Board Meeting

September 13, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Tom Midgley, Chuck Guthrie, Missy Williams, Angela Parkerson, Jason Brewer, Caroline Smith, Tim Flack, Turner Foster, Don Jones, Carrie Kerley, Gene Laurenzi, Councilman Worth Morgan, Porche Stevens (Crosstown) Vivian and Roger Ekstrom.

Sam introduced Chuck Guthrie, Market on Madison at Madison and Cleveland. Small area of antiques, new home décor gifts, jewelry, candles, soap. Chuck invited the board to visit his establishment, and also invited us to plan an Evergreen Open House some evening.

Sam introduced Councilman Worth Morgan to discuss the proposed ordinance regarding Landmarks.

Worth noted many council members were upset with recent developments. 8 to 10 different little things that rubbed people the wrong way. One issue he mentioned was the perception that the less wealthy in historic district having to get a lawyer to fight decisions in chancery court. He told the group there were to be some draconian cuts at Landmarks. He said Kemp Conrad stepped up to get both sides to the table to potentially come up with a better solution.

When they thought they had 7 votes, a letter from TN Historic Commission upset many members of the Council. It was then tabled. He opines that they would not un-table and vote at the same meeting. It will take 7 votes to un-table. Currently, both Cooper-Young and Speedway Terrace are treated as having protection by Landmarks.

A board member asked about council members voting on actions where they have direct personal interest in a council decision. Members of the EHDA board have concerns that council members are voting on some issues that potentially violate ethics guidelines. Worth noted that any citizen can file a complaint regarding this to the ethics board.

Gene asked if lobbying was in our best interest on the Landmarks issue. Worth’s opinion was with the status quo, it may be best to wait and let things play out. It may be valuable to lobby new council members or others considered “swing” votes on the issue.

Council is contemplating a resolution to change the term limits of council and mayor from two terms to three. Also looking at un-doing “ranked choice” voting. Looking at another resolution that eliminates runoffs altogether.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Financial – Deposit of $2,400 in dues. Total Assets – $45,832.60. Financial report was approved.

Beautification – Spending a lot of time on Madison apartments issue. Gene recommends someone from board meet with City Beautiful on Williamson Park to affect the improvements planned. With the location of three unused signs that had been forgotten, Bill updated the board on status of refurbishing the existing EHDA signs in the neighborhood. Two have been completed, with an estimated 15 or so to go. Also, seeking locations for the currently unused signs.

Membership – Trending down slightly.  Approximately half of the block captains are not current dues payers.  Chris will send list to Sam who will ask block captains to renew. Beginning in January, we will have the ability to set up recurring payments.

Porshe told us the café and bar at Crosstown Arts is open from 5 p.m. to 1 .a.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Restaurant at Crosstown Arts is now open lunch and dinner until 8. Asian Community will be celebrated Saturday, Sept. 22. Ramping up for Trunk or Treat.

Community Engagement – Caroline reported on Party on Sept. 21, Friday. Arrive at 6. Movie – Greatest Showman. It was agreed for $400 be approved for MemPops and to combine neighborhood picnic with this event. Will make Memphis water available in large containers (no bottled water). Flyers to neighbors around park to let them know what is going on. Teresa and Tom will help hand out those flyers to perimeter residents. Movie begins at 7:15 p.m.

AJ Wolf will allow for us to use power from his garage.

Atomic Tiki is likely still an opportunity for block captain appreciation. Other possible options: Parkview and Crosstown Concourse.

Planning – 112 Clark Place – in August an owner has been back in the property, they are cleaning it up to be occupied by the son of the woman who owns it. Painting outside, cut down bamboo. Sending letters to negligent property owners. Missy brought up issue on combining parcels and getting a better rate on sidewalks. Will confer with John Cameron on status. It was noted there is a need to educate residents and sanitation regarding placement of trash and recycling containers that block sidewalks.

Apartments on Madison. Committee and attorney met with developer. We suggested alternate plans that they refused. EHDA has asked that if they are tearing down homes, to reconfigure their project to face some buildings to Court and make the project meet EHDA Historic District Guidelines. Gene reported that we will be appealing the Landmarks Board decision.

Sam reported we have been asked to weigh in on the Cottages on Trezevant across from Hein Park. Going to Land Use control at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.    In a split vote, it was agreed that we would support Hein Park in opposing this development. Don Jones recused.

Sam reported that the Memphis Neighborhood Collaborative is looking to advance candidates for City Council that will be good for Memphis. He urged individual board members to stay attuned to the issues and look to elect candidates that care about their community and potentially align with the goals of EHDA. Representatives outside EHDA are important to us as well.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA  Board Meeting

August 8, 2018, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Tom Midgley, Jason Brewer, Neely Bagwell, Cannon and Angela Parkerson, Gene Laurenzi, Carrie Kerley, Joseph Kelley, Kathryn Elliot (new neighborhood members on Garland).

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Financial Report – Total Assets $45,662. Jeremy asked about the damage to swing sets at Williamson Park from a falling tree. Sam has spoken with Maria Munoz Blanco, and it is in her court.

Communication – Teresa noted we had a request from an Evergreener to allow Tammi Sawyer to be added to the EHDA Facebook Page. After significant discussion, it was decided to keep current policy, not allow any non-Evergreeners to be on our Facebook page, thank her for her interest, and recommend that she get on the Evergreen News distribution list.

Planning – Jeremy reported on several properties. 1722 Lawrence, second floor addition, no objection from Committee. 311 and 315 Stonewall, request to turn back into two family structure, meeting planned later in August. 375 Avalon, garage, board agreed to support.

Also on the committee’s radar, commercial property on McLean, 2 lots north of North Parkway,

Planned development at Madison and Willett. Landmarks has approved for the project to tear down two houses to turn into parking. Despite recommendation from staff and much opposition from EHDA, Central Gardens, Memphis Heritage and others, the commission agreed to Council Chair Berlin Boyd’s request to approve the demolition of the houses and their replacement with parking.

After significant discussion, it was agreed to send a letter to the developers to encourage them to speak with EHDA about our concerns and wishes on what should happen on the properties where the houses are to be demolished. We are hopeful that what will face Court is in accordance with our design guidelines.  If no response from the developer, it was agreed to file the lawsuit.

August 14, 3 p.m., City Council Chambers, Council is voting on an ordinance that restates the authority of the Landmarks Commission. It was agreed to encourage Evergreeners to attend.

Community Engagement – We have scheduled movie night for Sept. 21. No alternate night. Block Captain event being planned. Neighborhood night out, perhaps Sept 21, in conjunction with the movie night.

Sam has contacted both County and City mayor camps regarding mayors for August 23 EHDA General Membership Meeting. No responses yet. Pending timeliness of mayoral responses, Tammi Sawyer may be asked as well.

Trinity Methodist – It was agreed to fund $1,000 toward roof for their garage.

New members asked about how to go about speed humps on Garland. They were given some information by board members on how best to proceed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

July 11, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Turner Foster, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Don Jones, Wain Rubenstein, Caroline Smith, Chris Morton,

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Beautification Committee – Sam noted a massive tree limb fell on the playground area at Williamson Park in the last week. Don let the board know he had checked with the city regarding trees planted on North Parkway.

Communication and Community Engagement– Teresa let the board know that we need dates for annual meeting. It was agreed that we use August 23, and invite the new mayor of Shelby County. National Night Out is August 7. It was agreed that we would encourage block captains to have at party for their block, and it was agreed that EHDA would coordinate with the Levitt Shell for some space to honor block captains in the fall. It was also suggested we use September 21 or 28 for a movie in Williamson Park and a “Neighborhood Night Out.”

Membership – Dues so far, $11,520, a bit behind final numbers for the last two years. Number of members is 362, with 6 members at the $250 level. Chris reported that recurring dues renewal will be available in 2019.

Planning – The developer for the apartment complex between Court and Madison has made request for demolition of two houses on Court. Both are currently vacant and owned by the apartment developers. Planning committee proposes to oppose this. It was agreed to look into utilizing the services of a a structural engineer to determine if these houses are indeed in need of demolition, as the developer claims. It was agreed to oppose the demolition, with Don Jones abstaining from both votes.

1905 Overton Park is up for a Trustee sale after July 24.

It was agreed to get Gene Laurenzi to send a letter to the owners of the church building at 1663 Autumn to let them know we will be filing suit for neglect.

Jeremy and Don brought up the idea of speed humps or other traffic calming. Don related that this calming is based on some combination of excessive trips or excessive speed. Dan noted that while there is current interest in District 1 near the new apartment complex proposed, there are wants and needs in much of the other neighborhood. It was agreed to approach the city engineers office and request a traffic study on Clark.

Next meeting August 8.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA  Board Meeting

June 13, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Turner Foster, Katie McCabe, Sam Goff, Dan Dixon, Jeremy Williams, Cannon and Angela Parkerson, Don Jones, Neely Bagwell, Wain Rubenstein, Caroline Smith, Roger and Vivian Ekstrom, Tom Midgely, Sheila Holbrook-White, Director of Development for Overton Park Conservancy.

Katie and husband own Hi Tone, Atomic Tiki and other local businesses. She let the board know that she is seeking a street closure in their fundraiser for Alive Rescue Memphis. This is a grill cheese cookoff event that has been held several years in the past, and needs EHDA’s support for the closure. Event is November 4th. It was approved to send a letter of support from EHDA for the event and the street closure.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Don reported that City Beautiful has accepted our request/application to be an official adopter of Williamson Park. On Tuesday, Gene and Don met with Mike Flowers at City Park Services, and are pleased to report that Mike is familiar with our plan. The fiscal year commitment for 18-19 has been approved, and Williamson is not included. Our goal is to stay in contact with Mike and get on the 19-20 fiscal year plan. A key part of the plan is the path, that connects with the Memphis Leadership Foundation property, which has changed hands. Process begins in January, and Mike suggests getting in touch with him by April.

There was concern raised around some of the trees planted on North Parkway that are exhibiting signs of stress. Don will reach out to Plant the Parkways and some of the involved parties to see if all is being done to keep as many alive as possible.

Communication – It was approved that the administrators have permission to delete EHDA Facebook users who are rude. Teresa noted the web page is back up and running and asked for additional content for the web page.

Sheila of OPC reported that Day of Merrymaking is October 6, anticipating cooler weather over previous ones in June. She asked for feedback of what EHDA would think might make the event more meaningful. The Event is from 10-3, live music or dance. There is a Hollywood Feed Spooktacular event involving pet costumes in the afternoon. Family friendly, free to get in. Sheila was encouraged to forward communications that can be included in the EHDA communication networks.

It was approved to support the OPC with a $1,000 donation for the Day of Merrymaking.

Finances – There was discussion regarding budgeting of funds. It was agreed that we would get an accounting of what we have been receiving and spending recently, and that we survey our membership regarding where they think our priorities should be.

Sam encouraged us to talk with neighbors and brainstorm on what our semi-annual membership meetings should look like. Perhaps we may want to do something different.

Membership – Chris had indicated via email that there was a significant increase in dues paid after recent mailing, and we are on par with recent good membership years.

Planning – Jeremy supplied a list and noted there were no major new items. He noted 120 Willett has no progress. We will send a letter to the owner. The committee is keeping a close eye on the apartment complex south of Court Avenue. No EHDA action at this time. Jeremy noted continued interest in speed humps on some of the north south streets in EHDA. There were already traffic studies for the north sections of Avalon and Overton Park between Stonewall and Evergreen – and those two streets are “eligible” for speed humps.  There has been a request for speed humps on a section of Galloway as well. Jeremy and planning committee will do some prioritization on potential new traffic studies.

Community Engagement – The Crawfish event went well even without the movie. Turnout of approximately 100 folks, and all who attended thought it was great. It was agreed that we would reschedule the movie for the fall when weather is cooler and start time can be earlier.

Sam noted that Memphis Neighborhood Collaborative is holding a Mayoral Forum on July 18 at Circuit Playhouse.

Sam noted that Speedway Terrace and Cooper Young’s historic status was rescinded by City Council. This seems to be an unprecedented event. There is concern overall for the protections we are afforded by our Historic Status.

There was discussion regarding the Explore Bike Share location. While there have been some home/business owner concerns on Overton Park near Willett, it is thought that Evergreen between Overton Park and Poplar, and near Williamson Park may be good locations.

Sam will approach the Overton Park Conservancy and have discussion whether there is any value in having OPC involved in operation of Williamson Park.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA  Board Meeting

May 9, 2018

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Missy Williams, Jeremy Williams, Cannon and Angela Parkerson, Chris Morton, Jason Brewer, Caroline Smith, Tom Midgley, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Carrie Kerley, Tim Flack, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, Trey Moore with Explore Bike Share.

Trey, Executive Director of Explore Bike Share, explained to the board about the efforts of the 501 c 3 organization. On May 23, the program will launch in Memphis. There will be about 55 bike stations in the core of the city. 600 bikes initially. Received Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Grant and they hope to use that to expand in the University District, Binghampton and increase density in the core area.

There was discussion about the specific location on Overton Park near Willett. There was concern if it was in the optimal location, as well as concerns for pedestrian safety given the potential increase in traffic on Overton Park Avenue. Roger recommended board members check out Commute Options Memphis and work to reduce the number of single occupant automobile rides.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported that we have $48,386.14 total current assets. In April, $1,641 in deposits, mostly memberships. $854 in debits. Annual report filed with Secretary of State. $250 to MMDC for Mojo support and $250 to Central High School.

Committee Reports.

Beautification: Gene recently filed paperwork for EHDA to adopt Williamson Park. The city wants some Evergreeners working in the park to sign release forms to reduce their liability in case of accident. Several board members completed the forms. Don reported he reached out to Mike Flowers regarding improvements to Williamson Park. He hopes to have additional information at the next board meeting.

Communication: Teresa reported she is waiting on folders for new home packets. Chris reported the website has been hacked again. Have contracted with a company to ensure it does not happen again. Chris is impressed with the company and their proactive efforts.

Membership: Chris reported 238 members, $7,600 in dues so far this year. Another 50 after last email. Slightly behind where we were last year. Paper cards have now gone out as well.

Planning: Jeremy gave out a list of properties we are working on. Sam reported a sinkhole in front of Atomic Tiki. Jeremy noted there is an application at 1759 Overton Park near Hawthorne.  There was also discussion regarding the Apartment Complex just south of Court Avenue. The project wants to demolish two existing houses on Court. EHDA will find a structural engineer to assess the viability of the houses.

Community Engagement: Caroline reported the committee met recently to come up with ideas of what they want to do. Four topics: 1) Safety – Missy and Tim – explore neighborhood watch; 2) Block Captains – Caroline – increase involvement. Planning one or more events per year, especially one before national night out, recruit missing block captains; 3) Community Events – meetings, ball, movie night, walk to dinner night, home brew fest, national night out, add calendar to website and Facebook page. Perhaps big kickoff for adopting Williamson Park on the first weekend in June. Crawfish boil with Memphis Mudbugs. Funded  by EHDA.  It was approved for $3,500 to be allocated for this event. 4) Revive Spirit Swag – Coozies, stickers, T shirts, flags, plaques.

New Business: Speedway Terrace approved yesterday as a historic district, with same caveats as Cooper-Young’s approval. Ordinance being re-written by City Council that appears to attack Landmarks.

Wednesday, May 23, 6 p.m. at Highland Library, Neighborhoods First, Formational meeting for council of Historic Districts.

Sam noted that several residents have suggested a traffic circle for traffic calming at Stonewall and Overton Park.

Sam noted that we may want to host a county mayoral forum.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting
April 11, 2018
Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Missy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Cannon Parkerson, Dan Dixon, Turner Foster, Chris Morton, Jason Brewer, Jay Adkins, Neely Bagwell, Caroline Smith, Tom Midgley, Vivian and Roger Ekstrom, John Cameron, Don Jones, Tim Flack, Gene Laurenzi, Chris Carlson (Snowden Foundation).

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Chris Carlson, president of the Snowden School Foundation, addressed the board. He noted that Steve Selvedge is playing Wiseacre May 6, 3-6 as a fundraiser. It was approved to donate $1,000 to the Snowden Foundation.

Carrie had previously submitted the financial report. March balance $47,599.44. Report was accepted and approved.

Gene had previously sent a proposal to adopt Williamson Park. Sam reported we were successful in securing a $500 grant from Memphis City Beautiful. There was discussion and then the board approved for EHDA to adopt Williamson Park. It is a one-year commitment.

Chris reported that he needs assistance with finding block captains for 8 blocks. Jeremy agreed to take Clark place. Missy agreed to take Evergreen.

Chris reported we have about 190 members so far. Reminder email went out this week. About 30 paid today. All that haven’t paid soon will get a card in the mail. Neely suggested the membership committee explore multi-year memberships. Chris will look into some options as well as auto renewals.

Jeremy reported on planning committee activitees. Galloway parking structure and fence. Madison and Willett apartment complex. Looking for comments on the parking structure. There was discussion regarding a lawsuit on a parking pad on the Mclean. Another parking pad on Autumn was discussed. Also two properties on Poplar were discussed. 311 Tickets closed on several properties, where we disagree that resolution has been reached.

201 Stonewall case is closed, though wall has not been addressed. 290 Stonewall, having trouble locating owner.

John Cameron reported that Patrick Dandridge is the new judge in Environmental Court until the August general election.

Missy in contact with Pettijohns for Crawfish Boil.

Community Engagement – Neely reported on Movie night. Taryn and Carrie will assist. Looking at Williamson Park in June. Atomic Tiki may be a good partner. Sam encouraged Neely to bring a budget to next meeting.

Crime – While there is a perception of a “rash” of some crime in EHDA (per Nextdoor), Cyberwatch does not support that there is a significant issue. It potentially means that folks are not reporting crimes to the police, or that there is no rash. EHDA continues to encourage every resident to report even the most minor of issues, knowing that police resources are allocated based on a data-driven basis.

New Business: Sam led a discussion on Landmarks, historic districts, and City Council. At yesterday’s meeting, Council put off discussion on Cooper Young until the end. It was approved pending approval of a future ordinance. Sam sees this as an attack on historic districts, weakening the protections we currently have. Sam will meet with Worth Morgan on this topic. Sam encouraged board members to contact Morgan, Hedgepeth, Conrad and Spinoza (our district and super-district representatives) to voice their opinions.

Sam encouraged participation in the ongoing Memphis 3.0 discussions.

Missy reported on response regarding the traffic letter she sent previously. Nick Oyler, bikeway and pedestrian program manager, said that improvements on Evergreen are set to be advertised for construction next Tuesday and believes it will begin by late summer. This includes crosswalks at Evergreen and Galloway. She noted his responses regarding several other intersections.

Teresa will send out the plans and commitments at Williamson Park to the board. Don agreed to serve as a lead in this area.

There was a question whether or not we have sent the letter to the Commercial Appeal regarding littering. We will check with Carrie.

Sam noted that board members need to work on committees to ensure efficiency and productivity. Sam encouraged the board to seek out at least one committee on which to serve. A partial list of board members on committees is as follows: (Note: Committees also have non-board members)

Beautification: Chair, Gene Laurenzi. Members: Dan Dixon, Vivian Ekstrom, Teresa Bullock, Bill Bullock (trees).

Community Engagement: Chair, Caroline Smith. Members: Neely Bagwell, Tim Flack, Tom Midgley.

Communication: Chair, Teresa Bullock. Members: Krissi Willliams, Chris Morton.

Fundraising: Chair, Missy Williams.

Membership: Chair, Chris Morton. Members: Krissi Williams, Teresa Bullock.

Planning: Chair, Jeremy Williams, Members: Don Jones, John Cameron.

Regarding Membership, Chris reported that block captains is main need.

Sam reported that Midtown Crossing presented EHDA with a check for $438.22. Octavia was thanked for all her contributions to the neighborhood and community.

Next meeting, May 9.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting
March 15, 2018
Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Teresa and Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Jason Brewer, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy and Krissi Williams, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Dan Dixon, Turner Foster, Don Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Chris Morton, Carrie Kerley, Vivian Ekstrom, and Tom Midgeley.

Sam opened the meeting; last meeting’s minutes were approved.

Beautification: Approached by Memphis City Beautiful regarding adopting Williamson Park. Apprehension was voiced about if this would affect the renovation grant. Proposal to be discussed in next meeting. Schedule for cleaning up park will be developed. Angela Parkerson will recruit community service people and supervise a monthly clean-up day; board approved to purchase necessary supplies.

Communication: Chris is still working on the website; he needs input from board on any suggested changes or additions. Only Facebook users that live in the neighborhood will be admitted to EHDA page. A few inappropriate posts have been removed from the page.

Membership: Currently, there are 165 members; a second electronic mailing will be sent out. Then, reminder cards will be forwarded to those not paid. Next month a graph will be made. T. Bullock is putting new house packets together. There are still block captain vacancies; to date, there are zero responses for volunteers.

Planning: Jeremy submitted a list of issues. Apartment on Madison and Willett- any stop work orders have been issued. EHDA has submitted comments opposed. Design has been changed, but not yet adhering to guidelines. Landmarks must state apartments are structurally unsound and historically insignificant. We need to raise neighborhood awareness regarding submitting requests to the Landmark’s Commission before construction begins.

Laurenzi- moves that a property watch list be added to the newsletter once modified to shorter version.

Problem properties: Increase board awareness about inappropriate construction or demolition in the neighborhood. Board members should keep eyes and ears open and raise any potential concerns to the board / planning committee.

Jeremy brought to the board an issue that developers have regarding demolition of properties. It not only takes a permit (like the rest of the city), it also takes Landmarks permission.

Jeremy recommended use of the 311 (See Click Fix) app for all problems.

There was question about the proposed development on the north side of Madison abutting Court Avenue. Sam reported that MMDC had met with the developers and given suggestions for this 205-unit apartment development. They plan on two access points on Madison and one on Court. We are opposed to demolition for parking. It was suggested that some units front on Court, as opposed to just parking. Krissi voiced concerns on the storm water issues of the site.

Fundraising and Financials: treasurer-Evergreen Ball raised $6,770.00 in ticket sales, $3,330.00 through the auction, less $2,500.00 in expenses; net $ 7,600.00. State budget- reps can request funds Larry Green will need info to submit request. EHDA was approached to host Crawfish boil by Jeff Pettyjohn; Missy is requesting more information.

Community Engagement – Neely is working on “movie in the park,” perhaps early June and possible ways to show movie. Evergreen Banner panel could possibly be a screen.
Sam brought up the historic district neighborhoods alliance; the City Council has been weakening historic district protection and trying to stop approval of applications. Citing the Midtown Overlay as protection, Councilman Colvette is sponsoring a resolution to weaken landmarks and give OPD more power. It was suggested that we talk to neighbors about the Cooper young application for landmark status and encourage good showing for support; 2nd Tuesday in April at 3:30pm for the meeting.

Security: Sam is getting emails about a crime spree. He forwards all to the Crump Station. Speeding issues have been reported more frequently especially at Overton/Evergreen and Willett/McLean. Teresa suggested possibly more signs – crossing walk, a roundabout. It was suggested to contact Memphis 3.0.
Sam will pursue with Mayor’s office and City Engineers office re: roundabout.

New Business: Parking at Overton Park; Doug McGowen was going to compile all of the information in a report to the mayor. Concerns were voiced about buses pulling up to front entrance of the zoo which will block parkers from gaining access.

Adjourn 8:05

Next meeting April 11th 2nd Wednesday at 7pm

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting
February 7, 2018
Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Dan Dixon, David Franks, Turner Foster, Tom Midgley, Tim Flack, Caroline Smith, Don Jones, Neely Bagwell.

Sam opened the meeting and welcomed the new board members. The board members introduced themselves.

It was determined Bill will email new board members several months of minutes so they can become familiar with ongoing business. The previous meeting’s minutes were approved.

Bill will send all the list of board members with emails and phone numbers and request corrections and additions.

Beautification: Bill reported on the tree planting efforts. About 40 trees are being installed now, likely using up most of the $10,000 allocated to the effort.

Communication: There was discussion about the website and the need to make some improvements and/or increase the robustness of the site.

Membership: There was discussion regarding recurring memberships. We will ask Chris Morton to advise on pros and cons.

Planning: Jeremy reported about several properties including Evergreen Church on Overton Park. That one has been put on hold at Landmarks. He reported that EHDA has given input on the plans adherence to existing EHDA design guidelines.

Property on Avalon demolished after fire. Owner is to planning to rebuild. On hold because of sewage easement. EHDA has submitted comments to Landmarks.

120 Willett, property was torn down except front porch without permission. Many stop work orders were issued. EHDA has submitted comments. Design has been changed but not yet adhering to guidelines.

Problem properties: Concerns for one property at 290 Stonewall (high weeds) and one on Overton Park (parking of commercial truck and driveway work). Also abandoned church at Dickinson and Autumn. It was reported ownership has recently been established and should be coming up in Environmental Court soon.

Jeremy brought to the board an issue that developers have regarding demolishing properties. It not only takes a permit (like all of the city), it also takes Landmarks permission.

Jeremy recommended use of the 311 (See Click Fix) app for all problems.

There was question about the proposed development on the north side of Madison abutting Court Avenue. Sam reported that MMDC had met with the developers and given suggestions for this 205-unit apartment development. They plan on two access points on Madison, and one on Court. It was suggested that some units front on Court, as opposed to just parking. Missy voiced concerns on the stormwater issues of the site.

Fundraising – Evergreen Ball, February 24, at the Stonewall Lodge. There will be several types of music, a live auction, food from 8 different local Evergreen restaurants. Major fundraiser of the year. 58 tickets sold to date.

Community Engagement – Neely is working on “movie in the park,” perhaps early June. She is researching the different facets of putting it together – projector, screen, size, resolution, sound quality, etc.

Missy discussed Neighborhood Watch. Cooper Young has been successful with (70) cameras, including Sky Cops. The time is ripe to again broach this issue and find people to get involved with neighborhood watch and understand best practices of other neighborhoods. Need to expand effort to the website.

Sam noted that community engagement committee involves both security and involving the community in various events. There was discussion how this committee originally was safety, but after researching best practices, became a more encompassing engagement committee.

There was discussion regarding the systematic littering by the Commercial Appeal and their carrier on Tuesday’s with the free paper being thrown in the street in front of peoples homes who do not even want this paper. Previous efforts to get them to discontinue have failed. Carrie will write a letter to the CA attorneys and copy local government officials including City Council and Mayors office. Bill will write something up for Evergreen news to encourage Evergreeners and others who witness this behavior to report it to the state littering hotline.

Sam reported on Memphis 3.0. Feb 13th tour of medical district area. On 14th tours of areas both north and south of Union. Meet at 258 North Merton.

Bike Stations: Rideshare is looking at locating bike stations (typical size, one parking space) in the neighborhood, particularly on Overton Park Avenue. Neely noted they are valuable especially for tourists.

Sam noted that the Month of March, Midtown Crossing Grill is having community on tap, with part of money for tap beer going to non-profits. March is EHDA’s month. We will get Chris Morton to include a notice of this in the E News. Will likely move EHDA March Board Meeting to Thursday.

Dan and Sam reported on the parking issues at Overton Park. Expectation is a new plan to come out Friday.

It was approved for EHDA to support MMDC Mojo Awards with a $250 sponsorship. Teresa will put together ad.

Sam encouraged board members to look at EHDA design guidelines, past minutes of meetings, the Facebook page, website, and pick committees on which they would like to serve. He also encouraged them to make sure they were current on their EHDA dues.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

EHDA Board Meeting
January 10, 2018
Midtown Crossing

Attending: Sam Goff, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Tom Midgley, Gene Laurenzi, Roger Ekstrom, Louise Ann Dawkins, Missy Williams, Carrie Kerley, Caroline Smith.
Minutes of previous meeting were approved.
Committee Reports:
Beautification. Gene will send Bill a copy of the application from Memphis City Beautiful. We will request money to replant trees.
Financial: Carrie reported total assets of $48,482.49. Carrie will be filing our E postcard with the IRS, and will deliver the liquor permit for the Evergreen Ball to State of TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
Communication: Facebook account has yet to be reported as hacked. That process will begin soon so that we can regain control of the account.
Membership: Dues notices went out today. Chris shared a list of 14 folks needing new home packets. Teresa is putting together packets for the 20 new members from the previous month.
Planning: Jeremy distributed to the board a list of procedures and resources for the Planning Committee Handbook. They were approved by the board.
Jeremy discussed the moving of a house on Central Avenue forward on the lot and adding nine additional houses to the site. Central Gardens has asked EHDA to support them. The board approved this and will send a letter.
He also reported that on Monday Jan. 20, Central Gardens is hosting an educational meeting on how they deal with issues that come before Landmarks, OPD, and other organizations. The idea is that instead of getting blindsided, they are better informed. Jeremy and others from the Planning Committee will attend.
House on Willett – Planning committee will meet this weekend and discuss plans for this house that has undergone some major renovations outside of appropriate approvals. Owner appears to be willing to compromise to meet design guidelines of EHDA.
Commercial Vehicles – There is a tow truck that has been parked at 1674 Overton Park Avenue. UDC states nothing over 8,000 pounds is allowed in the neighborhood. It was approved for EHDA to send letter to property owner and copy Code and Mayor’s office to cease and desist.
House on Avalon that burned has plans out that Planning Committee will review.
Fundraising: EHDA Ball is Feb. 24. Signature cocktail is approved. Will do live auction of some bigger items including some paintings and events. Farm Burger, Ecco, Next Door, Café Society and Mardi Gras will be supplying food. First hour of music will be Jim Spake and John Gaskill with live jazz. Second hour will be mandatory line dancing (with instructor) and then other dance music to follow.
Sam reported that on each Thursday during a month, Midtown Crossing will support a community association with half of the beer sales going to that organization. The board approved for the EHDA to sign up for that, and EHDA is set for March.
Community Engagement: The annual meeting, Thursday Jan 25, 6:00 pot luck, 6:30 business meeting. Tina Sullivan with Overton Park Conservancy and Steve Barlow and staff from Neighborhood Preservation Inc. will be speakers. There is continued interest in a neighborhood movie night at Williamson Park. Elmwood and Levitt may be good resources for learning best ways. Chris suggested checking with a couple on Stonewall who do this in their own backyard. Carrie and Gene will explore this.
Teresa noted that traffic can be quite fast in front the business on Overton Park Avenue near Willett. It was suggested we explore options to calm traffic. Perhaps 4 way stop at Stonewall or another intersection. Bump out at intersections. Bike Share lanes. Missy will contact City Traffic Engineering on this and other issues traffic issues.
Greensward Letter: OPA has requested that EHDA submit a letter to City and Powers Hill regarding the parking solutions submitted so far. It was agreed for EHDA to send letter requesting the ring road be moved to the interior.
City Council voted to kill the landfill project in Frayser.
The board reluctantly accepted the resignation of Louise Ann Dawkins. The Dawkins family will be moving from the neighborhood.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.