2023 Minutes

Evergreen Historic District Association

February 8, 2023

Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Zoom


Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Laura Lanier, Wain Rubenstein, Brenda Morris, Chip Chockley, Shannon Dixon, Don and Marion Jones, Caroline Smith, Ashley Bonds, Gene Laurenzi, Carrie Kerley, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Neely Bagwell, Susan Weber, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Vivian Ekstrom, Denise and Autry Parker.

Sam let the board know the Branding Committee is looking for our opinions on Descriptors, Mission, and Vision and passed out note cards to retrieve same.

The minutes from the January Meeting were approved.

Financials – Carrie presented the 2023 proposed budget and December year end financials. 2022 actual expenses were well under budget at $11,863. She explained the typical annual expenditures to the board. Current Assets – $36,257, somewhat less than same time last year, but it was noted there were significant assets in Paypal account to be transferred in.

Don moved, Chip seconded and the financials including budget were approved.

Beautification – Gene discussed the Williamson Park masterplan and will send it to the board. There are some new faces in the City Parks department, and they seem to having more meetings. He will send email this week to generate board member interest in participating. Gene will attend the next meeting and if he gets no reasonable response, we will send a letter from the board to try to get things going again at Williamson Park. It was noted that Evergreen Arboretum effort is being led by Kathy James.

Shannon noted that she would like to see more grants to get Evergreeners to do beautification and other projects. The board agreed.

Membership – Chris noted that dues payment reminders have gone out. New House Packet list presented as well.

Communication – Chris sent out current block captain list. He needs assistance in recruiting new block captains where needed. Chris asked the board’s guidance on allowing third party group page requests on Facebook. Most of the requests seem to be political candidates. It was agreed we will continue past policy of denying access to such accounts.

Planning – Don noted 5 applications, 3, minors with Landmarks.

Major – 1781 Forest – Installed wooden fence and a balcony on the garage without COA. 1663 N Parkway at Dickinson – Nice addition to add master bedroom and sitting area. Includes using a stucco substitute in a portion of the addition.

Chris suggested adding problem properties section back to the E News. Don agreed and will provide to Chris.

Community Engagement/Pedestrian Bike Safety – Chip reported that first meeting was very productive. A letter has gone out to governmental officials noting EHDA’s interest in this topic. Information gathering going on now.

Branding – Sam noted that we as a board have many opportunities to show Evergreen’s attributes. Engaging the community is a primary focus. We have a great neighborhood, but involvement/engagement is somewhat low.

Jeremy received an email from Rob Clark of St. Jude. They are on a recruitment campaign St. Jude. It is to showcase good neighborhoods for new St. Jude employees. We will have him at a future board meeting.

Jeremy would like to reschedule our pot luck meeting with speaker. Looking into last two weeks of March. Jeremy will check Mulroy’s availability.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned


Evergreen Historic District Association

January 11, 2023 Board Meeting

Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Laura Lanier, Neely Bagwell, Chip Chockley, Carrie Kerley, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Susan Weber, Brenda Morris.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report: Carrie noted that we had usual expenses plus general liability insurance, Total Assets: $37,373. Report approved.

Beautification: Homeowner on Willett east of where previous trees were removed does not want tree replaced in Williamson Park, so Gene is looking for another location. He will discuss with Parks.

Membership: Chris handed out a significant 2-page New Home Packet list with about 1/3 of the listings suspected investor purchases.

Planning: Don Reported on two items.

  • 213 N. Watkins – Burned out house near Kroger. Proposed plan generally looks OK. Committee has a few concerns and hopes to have positive dialogue with Landmarks and homeowner.
  • Vacant lot on Garland near Peach. Previous application was to subdivide. EHDA responded we could support a duplex. The current application seems to generally follow the suggestions of EHDA. Applicant will have to make a case to Board of Adjustment to get a use variance to allow for a duplex.

Committee continues to have discussions to get City Council and Mayor to get OPD to hold off on proposed changes in the Unified Development Code.

Community Engagement – Chip addressed safety. He moved that we send the previously proposed letter under Jeremy’s signature. The letter has a number of asks to a number of governmental officials. It will be tweaked to leave the meeting places and times unstated instead of asking officials to come to our regular meetings. The motion was seconded by Chris and unanimously approved. Anyone wishing to be on the committee should contact Chip.

Nominating Committee is putting together new slate for Feb. 2 membership meeting. District Attorney Steve Mulroy is to be speaker.

Marion Made a motion and Susan seconded to allocate $500 for general membership meeting supplies including signs. It was approved.

Trinity Playground – Sam suggested a Saturday morning breakfast in the spring to ask for participation from neighborhood to help plan and fund improvements for the playground. Jeremy will put that invitation together.

EHDA Metal Signs – A sign will be put back in front of the Gambles house on McLean. Bill will contact the Ornametal Metal Museum to discuss possibility of them participating in making new signs.

Trees – Bill will continue to update tree list and will provide a blurb and photographs to drive folks to look at the list.

Branding Committee: new committee set up find ways to demonstrate the things that EHDA does.

Washington Bottoms sign request. Don reported on the progress being made at Washington Bottoms. Chris made a motion and Chip seconded to fund a sign for $800. It was unanimously approved.

1663 Autumn – Jeremy reported that Frank Smith has approval from Environmental Court to take ownership of the building. Still unclear/unknown what the ultimate plan is.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.