2023 Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

August 9, 2023

Trinity United Methodist Church and Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Caroline Smith, Carrie Kerley, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Ashley Bonds, Denise Parker, Wain Rubenstein, Don and Marion Jones, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Shannon Dixon, Susan Weber, Neely Bagwell, Sara Corum (pastor at Trinity), Clay Polk.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Finances: Carrie reported $46,518.21 total assets. The report was approved.

Sara addressed the group letting us know that Trinity is looking for ways for the church to know and meet more needs of the neighborhood. Thoughts were such as food needs, grief, yard maintenance, etc. Sam added that there may be situations where Trinity would be better suited for providing help than would EHDA.

Beautification – Gene reported that he and Don will set up a meeting with Mike Flowers to discuss improvements at Williamson Park. Note: the playground surface was redone in recent weeks. There was some discussion that putting in an active volleyball court. Water is now working at Sallie Hillard Park.

Membership: Chris reported about same as last year in numbers of members and a few more  dollars as well.

Fundraising: Caroline reported that the committee met with Sabine Bachman regarding a wine tasting event. It will be Monday, Sept. 25 6 p.m. at Tonica with tapas and wine. Maximum 92 people though we may cap it at a smaller number. Thinking of $100 per person for this 5-course event.

The committee also met on the Evergreen Ball. Working on a theme. No auction this time. Looking for restaurant donations. February 24 is the date at the Stonewall Lodge.

Planning: Don reported.

285 N. McLean – circular drive – Don took our comments and sent them to Landmarks and let them know that we were not in support of the current plan. Suggested redrawing plan to more closely resemble an existing neighbor’s plan. Those plans were done, they were approved, and Landmarks required appropriate landscaping.

1595 Court – Court and Avalon across street from Cash Saver. Owner wanting to make the structure a duplex. Comments from the committee have been sent to Landmarks and we expect to see some changes.

Watkins issues. Clay reported that 251-253 Watkins has had some major issues since it was purchased by an investor in Birmingham. After some work, the house has been deteriorating, and the owner does not appear to want to do anything. The house is boarded up, but there are instances of people living in and around the structure and nefarious activity going on. It is a true nuisance. Clay noted that these abandoned houses may be one of the drivers of crime.

At 361 N. Watkins, the property is generally maintained, but there appears to be inappropriate activity in that house as well.

Neely reported that the owner of the house at SE corner of North Parkway and Hawthorne is now in assisted living. She has the contact information for the woman who is taking charge of the home.

Community Engagement / Pedestrian Safety – Chip reported that the OP and Evergreen intersection crossing improvements now fully functional.

Branding – Sam plans to have a mission and vision statement at next board meeting for feedback.

Jeremy reported on 901 Save the Food Challenge coming up soon.

Bill reported on ReGraze’s request for a support letter. Bill will ask Mike Larrivee to get with Don Jones to work out details of previous donation.

Zoom Subscription – Jeremy noted that he is using Zoom subscription only for EHDA. Given recent changes in Zoom terms and conditions, Jeremy will explore other options.

V&E Artwalk Saturday Oct. 7.

Ice Cream Social – The event was good with participating from board members and neighbors. It was decided that it was a little too hot to bring out a large crowd. Will take that into account in future planning.

1663 Autumn – Court Date Aug. 10. Caroline expects a plan to be presented soon.

Sam noted that Friends for All (formerly Friends for Life) building should be finished later this fall. We will try to coordinate a board meeting/tour there.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting

July 12, 2023

Trinity United Methodist Church & via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Autry and Denise Parker, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Ashley Bonds, Chip Chockley, Michael Seeker, Laura Lanier, Wain Rubenstein, Caroline Smith, Susan Weber, Neely Bagwell, Brenda Morris, Vivian Ekstrom.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie had already submitted the financials for last month. Total assets $46, 569.71. The financial report was approved.

Don reported that he and Gene reached out to Mike Flowers regarding improvements at Williamson Park. They are hoping for a response.  Bill reported that we should have working water at Sallie Hillard Park this week thanks to Michael Wayt. Teresa reported that Midtown Living Magazine had coverage of the EHDA yards on the Experience Memphis Garden Tour.

Chris gave an update on membership. He received a number of new memberships after reaching out to folks that had not yet paid. Graphs and charts next meeting.

Fundraising – Caroline has grown the committee. The ball date is Feb. 24, 2024 and they are working on a wine tasting this fall. Caroline will send Chris a blurb on the ball so he an put it on the calendar.

Planning – Don reported on one item before Landmarks that has already been talked over in committee. There is a request at 285 McLean for a circular drive. Applicant reasons– “attractive addition, safety, helpful for service contractors.” Zoning code permits based on width of lot. This has been discussed at a Landmarks design meeting. There is an exiting one that was previously approved by Landmarks. There is also a gravel circular drive and several never-approved parking pads on McLean.

Committee chief concern is it opportunity for overnight parking. One on Beard was previously turned down. Design guidelines do not address circular drives.

It was noted that we don’t think circular drives are appropriate in the neighborhood. After discussion, we agreed there is uniqueness of McLean.  If we support a circular drive, we will note that in any comments to Landmarks. We may also suggest appropriate landscaping.

Concerns included the concern of the use of the space for “front yard” parking. Being a rental property, that may also exacerbate this issue. Don thanked the board for their input and he will reach out to Landmarks with some questions before moving forward with comments.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety – Chip reported that the improvements at Overton Park at Evergreen are complete except for making the pedestrian walk signals operative. Traffic study is currently ongoing near ECCO on Overton Park.

Branding – Sam reported he is working on branding, and asked members how to position the neighborhood as different from others. He is soliciting ideas.

Caroline updated the board on a letter drafted to Judge Dandridge from neighbors regarding the abandoned church at Dickinson and Autumn. After much discussion, it was agreed that EHDA would support the letter by signing on.

Jeremy suggested a couple of dates for an Ice Cream Social. There was discussion over several options. 1) contract with someone like an ice cream Food Truck, MemPops or Ben and Jerry’s, 2) buy our own ice cream and DIY it, 3) invite Evergreeners to make their own ice cream and share it. Or potentially some combination of those. Laura will check with folks she knows at Ben and Jerry’s. The board approved an amount up to $500. We are leaning towards Aug. 5. At 1 p.m.

Bill reported there are 7 responses to our soliciations regarding planting new front yard trees. Michael Wayt is vetting our preferred tree list with different nurseries. Once we have a good idea of what species are available this winter, we will determine what is desired at each location and work towards planting during the winter.

Jeremy noted that V&E Artwalk is Saturday October 7. They were very appreciative of our donation.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

June 14, 2023

Trinity UMC and Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Bill Bullock, Clay Polk, Caroline Smith, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Chris Morton, Wayne Rubenstein, Autry and Denise Parker, Susan Weber, Roger and Vivian Ekstrom, Neely Bagwell, Michael and Mallory Seeker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Gene reported on the businesses on Overton Park that are concerned about speeding on that street. He said that Allen Montgomery is spearheading the effort. Gene asked that EHDA send a letter of support for the speed humps. It was approved for a letter of support for speed bumps on Overton Park if Mr. Montgomery wants it.

Beautification – Chip noted that Sallie Hillard Park looks great. The board agreed.

Jeremy reported power washing of Williamson Park will happen. He has received permission to use water from a resident on Willett.

Membership – Chris reported that membership is down, though money is less down. He will try one more email blast.

Fund Raising – Caroline (chairperson) reported a small group met last week. Looking at two events: wine tasting in September and then a gala on last Saturday of February. She said a priority is building up the team.

Planning – Don reported no new applications on zoning and landmarks side. On Code Enforcement, he and Marion drove the neighborhood and compiled a list and forwarded to the board. There was some discussion on two properties on Watkins (house next to Kroger) and another at Larkin.

1663 Autumn – The old church. There is a plan for a meeting of close neighbors on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Don and Caroline will attend and report back to the board.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety – Chip reported that the committee was formed after a couple of accidents including Evergreen and Overton Park. Pedestrian signals and modern traffic lights have now been installed at that intersection. Other project is inventory of streetlights, though that project may be on hold since MLGW is now installing new LED lights.

Chip also noted there was a car bicycle accident with injury at McLean and Overton Park this past Monday.

Next target by the committee – Evergreen and Galloway. He also noted that residential streets without posted speed limits now have a limit of 25 MPH. Considering signage or other ways to reminding drivers of such. He noted Germantown is experimenting with painting speed limits on the pavement.

Caroline noted that there are several intersections where sight lines are limited. There was discussion of what the codes are regarding the sight “triangle” at intersections. 311 calls are recommended.

Branding – Sam asked if EHDA would be willing to allow our Logo on Trinity Church T shirts along with other partners. It was agreed and discussed that this co-branding could be an idea for future EHDA T shirts.

It was noted that our fundraising effort for OPC raised $4,677. The board agreed that it was a great meeting and pot luck. We discussed doing more of those types of gatherings now that we are mostly out of the Covid issues. Ice Cream Social seems like a good next one.

V&E Artwalk is October 7. It was agreed to contribute $500 as a sponsorship.

Tree Planting – It was approved to ask the neighborhood who would like a tree and then see what we need to budget. Bill will work with Chris and Teresa for appropriate messaging on E News and Facebook.

There was discussion on best avenues for approaching homeowners with varying financial and/or physical issues preventing them from appropriately maintaining the home. In the specific instance being considered, it was agreed to send a letter to the homeowner’s family member that is involved. It was also agreed that Chip would give us a primer on the Neighborhood Preservation Act, and options afforded us by that law. Marion and Don will reach out to Roshun at The Works regarding grants and loans that may assist.

Next meeting July 12.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

April 12, 2023

Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Gene Laurenzi, Chip Chockley, Carrie Kerley, Neely Bagwell, Don and Marion Jones, Susan Weber, Bill Bullock, Canon Parkerson, Shannon Dixon, Kaci Murley, Ashley Bonds, Denise and Autry Parker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Finances: Carrie Reported on finances for the last two months. Significant deposit, much of it dues. $48,700.84 total assets. The report was approved. (attached)

Jeremy introduced Kaci Murley, Deputy Director of Overton Park Conservancy. She talked about EHDA’s previous community engagement on the Master Plan. They now have designs that they want to bring back to folks that have given significant feedback. They would like to start with Evergreen have something in May or June for us to make comments. They would also like to partner with EHDA regarding fundraising for the park, perhaps like what was done in the past with EHDA matching and resulting in new monthly donors.

It was determined to attempt to have the OPC meeting at Trinity on May 10 in lieu of the board meeting scheduled that date. It was moved by Marion and seconded by Neely to proceed with matching up to $2023 and adding up to $500 for food and signs for this event. It was unanimously approved.

Beautification – Gene is asking Parks to give an update on where they stand with the Williamson Park improvements.

Membership – Chris presented a report showing a total of 125 members and $5,300 in dues. Notices will go out soon to previous members who have not yet paid.

Fundraising – Jeremy let the board know he is looking for a Fundraising Committee Chair.

Planning – Don thanked Chris for getting the committee’s ongoing information on applications on our website. He also thanked Shannon for her help. They are considering how this may work on Facebook.

Community Engagement/Safety – Chip discussed the walk and talk last week on pedestrian safety. There were 17 participants. They walked from Williamson Park to some problem intersections. Next steps: getting meetings with city to discuss things.

Trinity Playground meeting this Saturday April 15. Jeremy is looking for a champion for this effort which we expect to gain momentum and need significant funding.

Sallie Hillard Park water spigot. The backflow preventer has been stolen, and it appears it may be an approximate $1,500 investment to get things working again. It was agreed for Bill to get Michael Wayt to explore costs to bring it into service, potentially using one of the neighborhood plumbers. Bill will share estimate with board when he gets it.

All agreed the Potluck with Steve Mulroy was a great event.

Snowden CommnUnity Festival April 12 at 3 p.m.

Shannon discussed the board potentially doing some work to more closely define our strategic focus, including surveying neighbors regarding priorities. It may tie into what Sam is working on with the branding. It was agreed it was a good idea; Jeremey will work with Shannon and will use Carrie’s previously submitted budget as a good starting point.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association

March 8, 2023 Board Meeting

Trinity United Methodist Church and Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Bill Bullock, Chris Morton, Ashley Bonds, Caroline Smith, Shannon Dixon, Don and Marion Jones, Susan Weber, Chip Chockley, Mallory and Michael Seeker, Cannon Parkerson, Denise and Autry Parker, Gene Laurenzi, Vivian Ekstrom.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Membership: Chris noted that Paypal is discontinuing the device we have to accept in person money. If we want to continue, we need to purchase a new one for about $50. It was moved by Chris, seconded by Chip and it was agreed to have Chris purchase the new device.

Communication: Chris has added several items to the website. Gene will give Chris a description of the Beautification committee activities. Goal to have Planning Committee Page with monthly updates.

Planning: Don had previously sent a copy of the report with the following highlights:

Addition to problem properties at 1792 Forest. Been reported to Code Enforcement. There has been some police activity at this property. Marion has put together a letter to the heirs of the property to address the situation. It is believed the property may be in probate.

4 items submitted for Landmarks meeting on March 23. All applications available on website. One on Garland for variance to allow a two-unit dwelling – committee likes what it sees so far. Two items on Willett, one an addition to add a second story in airplane bungalow style. Looks good to committee.

Another is an extension of a fence into the front yard to the sidewalk. Will not support this request.

Duplex on Watkins that has been vacant for some time. In bad state of disrepair. Some repair work seems to be going on. Application at Landmarks lacking in detail.

After about 5 months of work with many neighborhood associations, a compromise has been found to changes to the zoning code. Allowing additional housing types in R6. Agreed that accessory dwelling units will be allowed on properties as small as 7,000 square feet (down from 10,000).

Jeremy will add blurbs and links to Facebook to point Evergreeners to this information on the website.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety – Chip reported an event planned for April 4 at 5:30 Walk and Talk. Purpose to meet and walk through the neighborhood and talk about target areas for improvement in the neighborhood. Also get others’ concerns regarding pedestrian and bike safety.

Branding – Sam thanked board for previous input and shared a preliminary Vision Statement.

Potluck and guest speaker for March 29. Steve Mulroy has agreed to participate if available. Potluck at 6 with speaker at 6:30. Committee Chairs will have space available to attract new members. Board members show up early to help arrange the room.

Snowden School Community Festival April 22, 11-3 p.m. Bill moved, Sam seconded and it was agreed to provide $500 sponsorship for the Festival.

Trinity Easter Egg Hunt April 1. Bill moved, Shannon seconded and it was agreed to provide up to $500 for Trinity/EHDA Easter Egg hunt.

Trinity Playground meeting planned for April 15 on site. Will promote with sign on playground and at Easter Egg Hunt.

Bill noted that we will hopefully plant 5 swamp chestnut oak trees in the neighborhood in the coming weeks.

There was discussion on the Church at Autumn and Dickinson. It has been purchased by Frank Smith, and work is taking place to stabilize it.

There was much discussion about streetlights that are out. Proper methods of reporting outages were shared with the group (MLGW Website, 311, etc.)

Jeremy updated the group on the burned out house on Watkins near Kroger. Plan is approved by Landmarks and Jeremy will send the document to the board.

Also discussed improvements going on at the house on Court near Cash Saver.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association

February 8, 2023

Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Laura Lanier, Wain Rubenstein, Brenda Morris, Chip Chockley, Shannon Dixon, Don and Marion Jones, Caroline Smith, Ashley Bonds, Gene Laurenzi, Carrie Kerley, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Neely Bagwell, Susan Weber, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Vivian Ekstrom, Denise and Autry Parker.

Sam let the board know the Branding Committee is looking for our opinions on Descriptors, Mission, and Vision and passed out note cards to retrieve same.

The minutes from the January Meeting were approved.

Financials – Carrie presented the 2023 proposed budget and December year end financials. 2022 actual expenses were well under budget at $11,863. She explained the typical annual expenditures to the board. Current Assets – $36,257, somewhat less than same time last year, but it was noted there were significant assets in Paypal account to be transferred in.

Don moved, Chip seconded and the financials including budget were approved.

Beautification – Gene discussed the Williamson Park masterplan and will send it to the board. There are some new faces in the City Parks department, and they seem to having more meetings. He will send email this week to generate board member interest in participating. Gene will attend the next meeting and if he gets no reasonable response, we will send a letter from the board to try to get things going again at Williamson Park. It was noted that Evergreen Arboretum effort is being led by Kathy James.

Shannon noted that she would like to see more grants to get Evergreeners to do beautification and other projects. The board agreed.

Membership – Chris noted that dues payment reminders have gone out. New House Packet list presented as well.

Communication – Chris sent out current block captain list. He needs assistance in recruiting new block captains where needed. Chris asked the board’s guidance on allowing third party group page requests on Facebook. Most of the requests seem to be political candidates. It was agreed we will continue past policy of denying access to such accounts.

Planning – Don noted 5 applications, 3, minors with Landmarks.

Major – 1781 Forest – Installed wooden fence and a balcony on the garage without COA. 1663 N Parkway at Dickinson – Nice addition to add master bedroom and sitting area. Includes using a stucco substitute in a portion of the addition.

Chris suggested adding problem properties section back to the E News. Don agreed and will provide to Chris.

Community Engagement/Pedestrian Bike Safety – Chip reported that first meeting was very productive. A letter has gone out to governmental officials noting EHDA’s interest in this topic. Information gathering going on now.

Branding – Sam noted that we as a board have many opportunities to show Evergreen’s attributes. Engaging the community is a primary focus. We have a great neighborhood, but involvement/engagement is somewhat low.

Jeremy received an email from Rob Clark of St. Jude. They are on a recruitment campaign St. Jude. It is to showcase good neighborhoods for new St. Jude employees. We will have him at a future board meeting.

Jeremy would like to reschedule our pot luck meeting with speaker. Looking into last two weeks of March. Jeremy will check Mulroy’s availability.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned


Evergreen Historic District Association

January 11, 2023 Board Meeting

Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Zoom

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill Bullock, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Gene Laurenzi, Laura Lanier, Neely Bagwell, Chip Chockley, Carrie Kerley, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Susan Weber, Brenda Morris.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report: Carrie noted that we had usual expenses plus general liability insurance, Total Assets: $37,373. Report approved.

Beautification: Homeowner on Willett east of where previous trees were removed does not want tree replaced in Williamson Park, so Gene is looking for another location. He will discuss with Parks.

Membership: Chris handed out a significant 2-page New Home Packet list with about 1/3 of the listings suspected investor purchases.

Planning: Don Reported on two items.

  • 213 N. Watkins – Burned out house near Kroger. Proposed plan generally looks OK. Committee has a few concerns and hopes to have positive dialogue with Landmarks and homeowner.
  • Vacant lot on Garland near Peach. Previous application was to subdivide. EHDA responded we could support a duplex. The current application seems to generally follow the suggestions of EHDA. Applicant will have to make a case to Board of Adjustment to get a use variance to allow for a duplex.

Committee continues to have discussions to get City Council and Mayor to get OPD to hold off on proposed changes in the Unified Development Code.

Community Engagement – Chip addressed safety. He moved that we send the previously proposed letter under Jeremy’s signature. The letter has a number of asks to a number of governmental officials. It will be tweaked to leave the meeting places and times unstated instead of asking officials to come to our regular meetings. The motion was seconded by Chris and unanimously approved. Anyone wishing to be on the committee should contact Chip.

Nominating Committee is putting together new slate for Feb. 2 membership meeting. District Attorney Steve Mulroy is to be speaker.

Marion Made a motion and Susan seconded to allocate $500 for general membership meeting supplies including signs. It was approved.

Trinity Playground – Sam suggested a Saturday morning breakfast in the spring to ask for participation from neighborhood to help plan and fund improvements for the playground. Jeremy will put that invitation together.

EHDA Metal Signs – A sign will be put back in front of the Gambles house on McLean. Bill will contact the Ornametal Metal Museum to discuss possibility of them participating in making new signs.

Trees – Bill will continue to update tree list and will provide a blurb and photographs to drive folks to look at the list.

Branding Committee: new committee set up find ways to demonstrate the things that EHDA does.

Washington Bottoms sign request. Don reported on the progress being made at Washington Bottoms. Chris made a motion and Chip seconded to fund a sign for $800. It was unanimously approved.

1663 Autumn – Jeremy reported that Frank Smith has approval from Environmental Court to take ownership of the building. Still unclear/unknown what the ultimate plan is.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.