2024 Minutes

Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting

April 17, 2024 – Trinity United Methodist Church/Via Teams

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Roy Bell, Gene Laurenzi, Chip Chockley, Brenda Morris, Caroline Smith, Shannon Dixon, Susan Weber, Marshall Ogier, Caroline Weiss, Neely Bagwell, Michael Seeker, Autry and Denise Parker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. (Motioned by Sam, Seconded by Roy)

Financial Report –

  • Carrie sent the financial report ahead of time (ball income isn’t included yet) (Don motioned. Sam Seconded)
  • She has filled out the 990 and filed the annual report
  • She is working on getting EHDA sign estimates and will be discussed in more detail next month (she was absent, but Jeremy reported)
  • The Trinity egg hunt donation was approved for $500, but a check of only $250 was sent. Jeremy will follow up to rectify since the funds were spent.

Beautification –

  • For years we were involved in Greensward fight and that was resolved.
  • Also involved in Williamson Park improvements and that was resolved primarily (trees planted).
  • He is thinking of reaching out to Overton Park to see what help they need.
  • Chip mentioned that VECA has a program of assisting with homeowners with sidewalk repairs (50%).
  • It was discussed to do some fact finding about how other neighborhoods are doing this program.
    • Perhaps canvas the neighborhood and find some of the worse cases.
    • Perhaps negotiate a group price for neighbors.

Memberships – (postponed to May)

  • Kinkos account
  • Block Captain list
  • Welcome packets

Fundraising –

  • Nothing new. It would be interesting to engage in strategic planning to be able to develop a budget to fundraise for.

Planning –

  • No active cases
  • Jeremy has documented an 8-foot-high fence on Clark Place that he is sending to Landmarks.

Community Engagement/Safety –

  • Cop Stop – a Saturday morning breakfast (not middle of June) at Trinity would work; Shannon will follow up with someone to reach out to the precinct about a date and will discuss resources needed at a future meeting
  • Brewery Walk – Shannon will pick a Friday in June and publicize (Shannon will contact the brewery about the date – June 7th prospective date)
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety – no meetings in a while

Branding –

  • Anything we do in conjunction with another organization, we need to make sure we get proper exposure for it. Board members were urged to keep this front on mind.
  • Would be nice for board members who are attending events would be easily distinguished with name tags. Could also do t-shirts. Sam will also research die cut pins.
  • There was interest in t-shirts with various ideas, one being a design contest and producing the winner

Communication – (postponed to May)

New Business

  • Spring/early summer community event, ice cream social? Picnic?
    • Jeremy is thinking about May before it gets too hot. Will bring this back up at the next meeting.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Shannon discussed doing a simple strategic plan with the free consulting firm that is a part of New Memphis:
      • Survey neighbors on their priorities
      • Do some focus groups with neighbors on their priorities
      • Have some sessions with the board to respond to that neighbor input and decide on priorities to flow down to committees, an annual calendar, and a budget
    • The group decided to proceed with discussions on engaging New Memphis consultants on a strategic planning process. (Chip motioned. Neely seconded.)
      • Caroline, Neely, Marion, and Jeremy will meet with the consultant group at New Memphis (Shannon will connect)
      • The group will apply at this link: https://www.newmemphis.org/pro-bono-nonprofit-consulting

Old Business

  • 1663 Autumn –
    • Caroline reached out to Frank about some dumping and overgrown grass and he responded promptly with positive action.
    • Frank is trying to get an MLGW permit to turn on electricity in order to start renovation. But he has declined to share his current plans.
  • EDHA metal signs
  • Tree planting
  • Adopt-a-Trashcan, Sallie Hillard Park

Next scheduled meeting will be May 8.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting

March 20, 2024, Trinity United Methodist Church/Via Teams

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Don and Marion Jones, Roy Bell, Gene Laurenzi, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Chris Morton, Chip Chockley, Brenda Morris, Roshun Austin, Carrie Kerley, Laura Lanier, Caroline Smith, Shannon Dixon, Susan Weber, Natasha Strong, Lauren Williams Batiste, Karen (VECA VP), Marshall Ogier, Caroline Weiss, Neely Bagwell.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Roshun Austin, president of The Works gave information about a project at 1230 Watkins in the Klondike neighborhood. She noted how much investment they have made in the neighborhood. Property was acquired for $220,000. The works has about 30 years in affordable housing, has been in farmers market and urban farming. Now Green infrastructure work and up cycling. The facility in Klondike will take trees from urban homes and commercial businesses. They will cut and send green wood to sawmills to become usable lumber. Planning categorized it as a sawmill, outside of current zoning. The Works filed a planned development but has withdrawn it after opposition. Why here: 10 acres, next to a very contaminated site, plus Nexair, Buckman and near Kilowatt Lake.

Donald Batiste, President of VECA, addressed the board on this topic. He related that the site is in the NW quadrant of VECA. He noted the 20 opposition letters that were received with the application. A survey of nearby businesses shows a neighboring restaurant is opposed. Chandler Demolition is opposed. The cleaners are opposed. The Autoglass store is opposed. Karen noted that the neighbors in the New Chelsea Neighborhood reached out to VECA. Key issue is that up zoning is needed for the project, the VECA is opposed to that. This is a former superfund site.

After discussion, it was agreed not to weigh in on the project for now.

Financial Report – Carrie shared the report. We have a new money market account, netting $158 in interest since inception. Total assets: $46,402 plus some PayPal money. She also detailed the expenses, many of which were for the Gala. The report was approved.

Beautification – Gene requested ideas for folks for beautification projects.

Communication – There has been some unpleasant things on social media. Contact Chris if you see anything. Rules, be nice, don’t bully.

Fundraising – Caroline reported that we had a great Gala and all agreed. Over $2,000 profit was made, but the time spent by volunteers was significant. For the future, perhaps every 2 or every 4 years.

Planning – Duplex under construction at Garland on vacant lot.

Community Engagement/Safety – April 9 block captain meeting being planned.

Snowden PTA has April 27 CommUnity event. It was approved to sponsor them for $500.

There was discussion regarding submissions for the E News. It was agreed that at this time, no change to current rules.

There was discussion regarding EHDA’s priorities. It was agreed to add Strategic Planning to the next board meeting agenda to explore this.

1663 Autumn – Caroline met with the owner yesterday. They have been repairing some of the structure. Owner says no plan other than getting electricity to the structure. Owner claims no viable alternatives for residential. She reported he does not want to engage with the neighborhood regarding plans. They are fixing it to comply with Environmental Court mandate.

Bill reported on the EHDA signs. Quote from Metal Museum for 20 signs was between $650 to $800 per sign. Carrie will reach out to some auto parts fabricators her husband knows to see if we are in the ballpark.

Gene will check with Evergreen Garden Club regarding Adopt a Trashcan for Sallie Hillard Park.

Pancake breakfast on Saturday, 9 to 10:15 at Trinity. Sam invited all to come.

It was agreed to put EHDA merchandise on the website for sale. Teresa will get price and photo details to Chris.

Next scheduled meeting will be April 17.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting

January 10, 2024, Trinity United Methodist Church and Via Teams

Attending: Jeremy Williams, Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Wain Rubenstein, Michael Seeker, Don and Marion Jones, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Ashley Bonds, Denise and Autry Parker, Clay Polk, Carrie Kerley, Caroline Smith, Susan Weber.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report: Carrie reported nothing out of the ordinary for December. Some caroling expenses, general liability policy, rental deposit for Gala. $53,509 current assets. $30,000 moved to 4.5% money market. Report was approved. She will work on 2024 budget. It was also approved to make payment to TUMC for room use as done in the past.

Beautification: Gene is putting together an application for the trashcan for Sallie Hillard Park. He will have a sheet at January General Membership meeting to get the necessary signatures for the application.

Membership: Chris reported Dues notices went out this evening to all who have not yet paid dues.

Communication: Funding committee to send additional info to Chris for updating E News and Teresa will update social media.

Fundraising: Caroline reported on the Gala which is in 6 weeks on February 24. Need to sell 75 tickets to break even. Only 8 sold so far.

Planning: Michael reported 1601 Galloway on Landmarks agenda. Applicant has not submitted an appropriate application. It was approved to send another letter in opposition to application as it stands, but Michael has attempted to work with the applicant to submit an appropriate application.

Burned out house next to Kroger has been demolished. Clay sent a email to Mayor’s office on Jan 2, and had immediate response to this and other properties in District II.

Community Engagement/Safety – Chip will reach out to block captains to encourage participation in the Gala. Jeremy noted he and Shannon have had some technical difficulties in reaching out, but will continue the effort.

Nominating Committee: Sam looking for one more board member for the 2024 slate.

1663 Autumn – Caroline shared that it was in BOA last month and the application was denied. Trying to figure out what’s next. The owner has done little to inform and engage the community lately so she reports she does not know where things stand. It is to be in Environment Court on January 24.

January 30 General Membership Meeting: Mayor Paul Young will be our speaker. The meeting will be a pot luck beginning around 5 p.m., potentially with meeting portion first and pot luck after.

The group decided not to be a sponsor for the SuperB owl event at Overton Park, but wants to find a more suitable forum to financially support OPC.

Friends for All would like to host the EHDA board for a tour. Will discuss potentially having March Board Meeting at FFA – keeping in mind when spring breaks occur.

Easter – Sam let us know Trinity was interested in EHDA again sponsoring Easter Egg hunt on March 24. The board approved that sponsorship again this year.

Bill reported an EHDA sign is in hands of Metal Museum. Awaiting a design.

Bill reported that 15 trees planted so far. Expect a handful more to be planted in the coming weeks.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.