2020 Minutes

EHDA Board Meeting

Dec. 9, 2020 Via Zoom

Attending: Missy Williams, Bill Bullock,  Don Jones, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Chris Morton, Denise and Autry Parker, Chip Chockley, Neely Bagwell, Susan Weber, Sam Goff, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Carrie Kerley, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Brenda Morris.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie reported no deposits this month, 2 normal withdrawals and one to Farmburger for total of $306. $36,403.23 total assets. She will prepare a budget for 2021 for discussion at next meeting. Report was approved.

Membership: Chris reported for 2020 more members than in previous two years at 383 with dues at  $13,598. Chris is putting together the nominating committee and will have more to report in the coming weeks.

Communications: E news content is low so not always going out weekly.

Planning: Don discussed the UDC amendments. Part of an annual update since Josh Whitehead has been zoning administrator. Started with about 75 items compiled throughout the year, some of which are housekeeping. About 10 items evoked interest from the community. That is now a list of 2 to 4 where there are any concerns that have not been fully addressed. Don found two items that he is concerned about on behalf of EHDA. One is about setbacks, porches and other building elements.

Item 64 dealt with public notification and a section of the ordinance dealing with a community impact statement. Don suggested to codify the allowance of late comments from an entity like EHDA. When situations such as COVID preclude meetings required for variances and other circumstances, contact shall be made and then provide evidence that they did reach out, making all part of the record.

Jeremy reported that VECA is requesting historic overlay status like Evergreen. It was approved for EHDA to support in writing and potentially in person at meetings on same.

Case before Landmarks, airplane addition on Angelus. Committee recommends supporting it.

January membership meeting via Zoom, 21st at 6 p.m. Dr. Jeff Waren and Colonel Jackson of MPD to speak.

Crosstown also applying for historic district status. Jeremy is working with them. They are having meetings and trying to determine if the mound is included in their boundary.

Safety: Had meeting about a week ago. Missy reported they are looking at crime stats, cameras, and other items and putting it in a format to show data and intent. Still moving forward on Neighborhood Watch.

More Neighbor Spotlights in the works.

Don reported on the Santa Drive by. Several grandmothers wanted to know when Santa will come by. Don reported it is coming together well. He was thanked for all the hard work on this.

Missy reported she spoke with Eric Gottlieb and there is no change or updates regarding the Zoo.

Missy reported on a Zoom meeting earlier tonight on the improvements on the golf course at Overton Park. Construction to start in January. Revamp of Abe Goodman Golfhouse. New maintenance building. And update of the entire course.

Missy will send a letter to MLGW to request that EHDA be considered as a neighborhood for LED streetlight replacement.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

Nov. 18, 2020 via Zoom

Attending: Missy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Don Jones, Sam Goff, Susan Weber, Vivian Ekstrom, Chris Morton, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Turner Foster, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Angela and Canon Parkerson, Jeremy Williams, Denise and Autry Parker.

Finance: Carrie had submitted earlier the financial report, which was approved.

Beautification: Don and Gene reported that per Mike Flowers at the City, the walking trail at Williamson will be funded, with any balance going to a new surface area for the play equipment and potentially addressing some drainage issues. Don suggested we reach back out to parks early in 2021 with additional asks of the City for Williamson Park.

Membership: Chris reported not many changes from last month, about 10 new members since then. Will send final membership graph out next month.

Communication: Some Facebook page activity where some content was deleted. Chris has posted some new rules. Don’t block the administrator is the newest rule.

Chip mentioned it may be appropriate to educate folks on how to deal with the new bike lane striping on Evergreen. Missy is working on this, and believes that this may be easier when the transition is fully complete, with some barriers in place.

Planning: Jeremey updated the group on his list – PD at Garland, working with the developer on a lot near Garland and Peach. Working on finding a design that is in character with the neighborhood. On Hawthorn, parking pad was poured without permission. It was heard today and permission was denied. Developer has reached out to us to understand path forward.

Landmarks Commission – Niel Prosser is no longer a commissioner, and there was another opening. The mayor has appointed two new members. One was formerly at Memphis Heritage, the other on the Downtown Commission Review Board. Jeremy participated in a meeting with a number of historic-inclined Memphians and discussed ways to help the cause. He is optimistic that this may yield good results as it moves forward.

Crosstown is applying for historic status, and it will be heard at Landmarks Commission. There is written opposition on record.

Committee discussed doing a blurb in EHDA newsletter on 311. The idea is to help Evergreeners utilize 311 to solve problems they may not have previously known how to solve.

Amendments have been proposed by OPD to the Unified Development Code that has concerned Neighborhood Preservation Inc. EHDA has supported NPI’s position. It appears Josh Whitehead has agreed to make some adjustments to these amendments. UDC is zoning code for Memphis and Shelby County, with a number of steps needed prior to approval. Don will monitor and keep the board apprised  regarding how things proceed.

Midtown Montessori has begun work on their site.

Community Engagement – Chip reported that all the gifts purchased from local businesses have been delivered to him except for two. Next step is getting them to block captains and having a zoom meeting with them. Chip will finalize details with his committee and proceed.

Safety – has met looking at crime stats, forming neighborhood watches, looking into cameras, grants, etc. Will be meeting again soon. Neighborhood Watches will be the same as the five existing EHDA districts.

Neighbor Spotlight – Missy was first, have had one since, and trying to get about one per month. Several in the works. Don doing significant work on this.

Overton Park doing a survey wanting input on the east sections of the park.

Christmas Caroling – Don discussed an idea on how to do this this year. His idea is to put Santa in a Pickup Truck, play carols from the truck, and have a few stops where Santa can throw some goodies to neighborhood kids. The board was supportive.

Don also let the board know that he and his neighbors are planning to decorate the light poles on their street for Christmas. He challenged others to do the same for their streets.

January membership meeting. Chris will chair the nominating committee, and will solicit members for the committee and names for open board positions. Potential speakers – New Landmarks Commission members, Eric Barnes with the Daily Memphian.

There was further discussion on safety given some recent events in the neighborhood.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Board Meeting

October 14, 2020, Via Zoom

Attending: Bill Bullock, Missy Williams, Gene Laurenzi, Chris Morton, Jeremy Williams, Don Jones, Sam Goff, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Carrie Kerley, Brenda Morris, Chip Chockley, Angelea and Cannon Parkerson, Neely Bagwell, Wain Rubenstein, Vivian Ekstrom, Denise and Autry Parker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Missy gave a shout-out to Teresa for the Sue Williams Second line. Don added that he thinks we should do something like this again. Many board members were in agreement. Perhaps something to do on Evergreen Day, September 21.

Quiet month on finances. Only unusual amount was reimbursement of $1,400 for mailout of letter noting our status as an historic district with Landmarks oversight.

Total assets: $34,893.20.

Beautification Committee: Gene reported further on the status of the master plan at Williamson Park. City is ready to move forward, with the big issue being parking on the north end of the park. $150,000 first spend. It was agreed to ask the city to move forward with the walking plan. There was much discussion regarding whether or not we were supportive of about 5 parking spaces built on the north end of the park. Don and Gene will speak with Mike Flowers and let him know that we want them to proceed with the trail but the board was not convinced at this time that additional parking spaces on the north end are needed.

Membership: Chris sent the membership report which shows higher numbers — 369 households and about $13,000 in dues — one of our best years. New home packet list will be sent.

Communications: Big question from Chris – health department released guidelines for Halloween. They are not recommending (though not banning) trick-or-treating. Chris recommended and the board agreed for EHDA to post these guidelines on our various communications platforms.

Planning: Jeremy reported they are working against a parking pad that has been poured on Hawthorne. Putting in comments to oppose. Also giving comments on a new proposed house on Clark Place. Crosstown Historic district is looking to get historic district status and are asking for EHDA support. It was agreed to support this in writing.

Additionally, Jeremy reported that we are going to look at re-working our design guidelines. Don added that all are welcome to participate – send an email to him if you want to do so.

Community Engagement: Chip reported on the project to purchase gift certificates from local businesses. They will be given out to block captains, but Chip is looking for input on how to do it. Chris will send him a list of dues-paying block captains. Chip may attempt to reach out to those block captains and schedule a zoom meeting to express our appreciation as well as educate block captains on their duties.

Neighborhood Watch: Missy has discovered that there is grant money available for Neighborhood Watch groups. Crosstown has given out some Wise cameras. Gene wants to reach out to police Major and Evergreener Lambert Ross and ask for his advice on what is effective in making our neighborhood more safe. He will attempt to get his participation at next board meeting. Contact Missy if you would like to work on the Neighborhood Watch effort.

Missy reported there was a fatal shooting on Court near Stonewall along with a number of car break-ins. She reported that five people were arrested and charged with the break-ins.

There was also a shooting on Overton Park Avenue near Watkins. It seemed to be more of a shoot in the air situation.

Sam noted that he has been asked to sit on the community justice panel.

Don noted that we may want to consider nominating an Evergreener to be on the Landmarks Commission.

All agreed that our first neighborhood spotlight segment was great.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association Board Meeting
September 9, 2020
Via Zoom

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Missy Williams, Jeremy Williams, Carrie Kerley, Gene Laurenzi, Sam Goff, Chip Chockley, Denise and Autry Parker, Angela Parkerson, Turner Foster, Wain Rubenstein, Susan Weber, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Vivian Ekstrom, Don Jones. (Let the minutes reflect that Chris Morton and Brenda Morris were both inadvertently left off of the meeting invite for this month.)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financials: Carrie Kerley reported as of Aug. 31 $36,404.26 in assets. Usual monthly expenses in addition to $3,000 check to Levitt Shell.

Beautification: Gene reported he will be seeking participation in tree program from the city. There are also some public meetings being planned for some park improvements. Teresa will send the Williamson Park plans to the board.

Communication: Had to do some Facebook policing because of inappropriate behavior.

Planning: Jeremy reported on 2 specific items. 319 Garland near Peach, empty lot; to north, 2 story apartment complex. A developer has purchased the lot, and wants to build two structures on the lot to use as rental. EHDA has said not a great idea, and OPD also recommended rejection.

Developer came back and suggested instead of two tall skinny structures, build a 4 square with use as a duplex. It would look like any other 4 square in the neighborhood. Planning has looked at it but is interested in what EHDA has to say. He requested board approval for conditional support and it was unanimously given. It will be a planned development.

293 N. Willett, backs up to Williamson Park. Owner wants to build a second floor. Latest plan calls for “airplane expansion.” There is some thought the intent is to make two separate dwelling units. Planning and neighbors are opposed.

McNeil porch renovation was rejected from Landmarks. Will be going back with changes.

Teresa brought up the idea of a second line band through the neighborhood celebrating the life of Sue Williams. Most thought great way to get the neighborhood together. Teresa will put an email out with the details.

Missy discussed several issues: 361 N. Watkins with odd goings-on. Most neighbors believe there is some sort of drug activity going on. Missy has reached out to Colonel Debbie Jackson. Some neighbors “reported” on Facebook, but that is not a good way to inform the board. We agreed that neighbors need to call police, perhaps the front desk.

Also, Forest Avenue break-ins. 8-10 different residents hit within a couple of weeks. An arrest was made in late August. Property at Forest and Hawthorne. Jeremy has spoken with the owner who plans to renovate, but no timeline given. Planning will reach out again.

Gene suggested getting a grant for cameras. He will reach out to Community Engagement to explore.

Midtown Montessori at Poplar and Garland. They told Missy their final permit from city engineering has been approved. Construction may begin by the end of September.

221 N. McLean, parking pad in the front. Under appeal. Issues with this and property at 217.

Do we want to do some happy neighbor spotlight in the newsletter? Teresa noted that we need someone to put it together and write it, and she and Chris can put it out on Facebook, newsletter, etc. Don expressed interest in assisting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Historic District Association

Board Meeting

July 8, 2020

Via Zoom

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Missy Williams, Susan Weber, Carrie Kerley, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Jeremy Williams, Wain Rubenstein, Denise and Autry Parker, Neely Bagwell, Cannon Parkerson, Sam Goff, Chip Chockley, Gene Laurenzi, Turner Foster,

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie presented the financial report. Usual monthly charges, Landscape Works bill for Williamson Park trees. $3,000 to OPC. Check written to Levitt Shell will show up next month. We are on track to being over our $16,000 budget when considering future yet-to-be-paid expenses. We received nice thank you notes from OPC and Levitt Shell.

Chris will have membership report next meeting.

Planning – Jeremey reported no new items. Jeremy noted the letter they are working on to residents regarding adhering to Landmarks and other guidelines. He asked for feedback on the letter. Neely suggested potential language to note the benefit of living in an historic district. It was decided that when the letter is finalized, it should be included in the welcome packets.

1905 Overton Park – The individual previous owner is suing the city and the county and environmental court. Allegations are the procedures in the court are unconstitutional, and she was deprived of due process. EHDA is not a party to this lawsuit at this time. 1465 N. Parkway continued at Landmarks.

Missy said Eric Gottlieb has been in contact with Jim Dean. No progress on any parking changes on Prentiss Place. Eric noted that he thought the zoo was in a tough financial situation right now.

Discussion regarding August general membership meeting. Unlikely to be an in-person meeting – potential via Zoom. Perhaps additionally Metal Museum on their expansion of the Metal Museum at Rust Hall.

Denise updated on the board on health situation of Sue Williams. She is at home and is to be served by hospice. It as agreed that Mark Fleisher of Story Board should contact Sue to see if she is willing to tell some of her stories.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Board Meeting

June 10, 2020

Via Zoom

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Missy Williams, Chris Morton, Wain Rubenstein, Turner Foster, Jason Brewer, Gene Laurenzi, Brenda Morris, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Jeremy Williams, Denise Parker, Sam Goff, Chip Chockley, Kevin Barton , Neely Bagwell, Don Jones, Vivien Ekstrom.

Kevin Barton discussed several issues near him on Willett. He has been discussing this with Jeremy. A significant issue is parties at the air B&B near his home at 429 Willett. While the parties seem to violate Air B&B’s rules, there seemed to be no recourse. It appears the property has recently been sold. Sam noted as an air B&B operator, non-compliant tenants can be evicted by the police.

Additionally, Kevin noted the Karen Weatherly house at 415 Willett. This property is ill kempt, and the owner is a hoarder, with much junk in the property. This is next door to Kevin’s home, and creates a safety hazard from a fire standpoint for all neighbors. While the owner does not live there, she apparently visits daily. Several ideas for potential resolution were discussed.

Jacqueline Mah is new owner of property at corner of Willett and Galloway. She appears to be buying a number of properties, many of which are boarded up. This property has had some work done on it, but is in poor shape at this time.

In general, the board noted the best way to keep working on all three problems is to continue to use code enforcement, 311 and potentially Environmental Court to apply pressure. Keven noted that he has done a number of 311 complaints, but they get closed out quickly with no resolution.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Beautification – Gene contacted City Beautiful regarding trash receptacles. City is developing a new tree grant program. Gene will look into that.

Membership – currently a little over 200 members with about $7,000 in dues. New Home packet list was distributed. Sent letter regarding V&E Greenline.

Communication – Teresa sent out Evergreen Garden Club information.

Missy asked for committees to send descriptions to Chris.

Planning – Jeremy brought up the continuing issues with the Joseph Kyles house at McNeil and North Parkway. It was suggested a heads-up message to Mayor Strickland and/or Doug McGowan with the audio file of a recent Landmarks meeting. He has not obeyed Landmarks direction, and has apparently less than cooperative in meetings addressing the topic.

Jeremy also brought up 319 Garland, S. of Peach. 75 foot wide lot wanting to split the lot and build two single family homes. Planning has submitted a letter requesting it not happen.

There is concern regarding given the lot’s proximity to the shabby apartments next door, is division to two lots the only economical way to see other than a vacant lot. It is a PD going to LUCB and then City Council.

It was approved that EHDA give a statement saying although we do not agree with the size of the lots, we do appreciate and support development that follows the EHDA Landmarks guidelines.

223 Buena Vista has a variance to build closer to the front property line.

Gift cards will be given out to block captains that are dues paying. Agreed to increase budget to $2,000 for gift cards purchased from Evergreen restaurants.

$2,703 of the way to $3,000 matching goal for OPC.

Evergreen Gives Back Levitt Shell starting soon.

Gene will write the city regarding speed enforcement on Overton Park near the businesses around Willett. Also concerns regarding the crosswalk at Overton Park and McLean. MLGW construction is not helping.

It was agreed to draft something to put on the Facebook page to affirm that EHDA is an inclusive and welcoming neighborhood. Denise will work on it.

Vivien reported the protected bike lanes on Evergreen should be under construction this summer.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

May 13, 2020

Via Zoom

Virtually Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Missy Williams, Chris Morton, Jason Brewer, Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Carrie Kerley, Don Jones, Neely Bagwell, Autry and Denise Parker, Chip Chockley, Brenda Morris, Angela and Cannon Parkerson, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Vivian Ekstrom.

Minutes of March meeting were approved.

Carrie reported that we have had the usual MLGW and Mailchimp withdrawals as well as the Gala photographer. Current assets: $43,484. Saw huge jump from Gala proceeds and membership dues. The report was approved.

Beautification – Two trees planted to replace dead ones in Williamson Park. Don reported continuing to wait on Park Services regarding the improvements agreed upon by the city.

Membership – Chris sent the group new house packet needs. We are about halfway to normal annual membership; Chris will send out remaining membership cards. We normally get 320 to 350 members; right now we are at 166.

Communication – normal posts on Facebook. Chris has only received one committee description from committee chairs for website. Chairs, please forward to Chris.

Planning – Jeremy reported on 319 Garland at Peach. A developer is wanting to divide and build two single family homes. Request does not meet zoning minimums. Committee and staff recommend rejection.

293 N. Willett – first floor bathroom and second floor addition. Significant problems with design. Recommends landmarks does not approve the design. Will attempt to reach out to owner again prior to Landmarks hearing date.

1465 N. Parkway – construction going on outside of the approved application.

Jeremy and other noted that a number of properties in midtown are being bought up, some of which are aggregated with multiple adjacent lots.

Community Engagement on pause due to Covid 19 situation. Sam recommended folks participate with Trinity Methodist’s coffee meeting. Notifications in E news.

Missy suggested EHDA purchase gift cards to help our local businesses and reward members or block captains. It was suggested that we include: Midtown Crossing, Ecco, Café Society, India Palace, Mardis Gras, and others. It was agreed community engagement will take this on.

It was decided EHDA will provide funding Overton Park Conservancy and Levitt Shell, and contact those institutions to find the best ways to leverage EHDA’s dollars and add to the funding total. Mallory will contact OPC, Autry will contact Levitt.

Missy asked for suggestions regarding how to approach our typical August general membership meeting. No consensus was reached.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Evergreen Board Meeting

March 11, 2020

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Missy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill & Teresa Bullock, Turner Foster, Wain Rubenstein, Sam Goff, Susan Weber, Don Jones, Jason Brewer, Gene Laurenzi, Carrie Kerley, Chip Chockley, Vivian Ekstrom, Tom Midgley, April Pruett, Brenda Morris, Denise Parker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie went over financials. February report showed expenses including Central Yearbook Ad, VECA Artwalk, Christmas Caroling expenses, Gala expenses. She also presented year to date 2020 vs. budget.

It appears the gala will net approximately $2,500.

Beautification: Gene reported we have not heard back from grant request.

Membership: Chris reported 114 dues payers at this time. Notifications to Block Captains to pay dues by March 30 went out.

Fundraising: Teresa reported on the ball, and expected a meeting soon for debrief and potential improvements for next event. The group applauded her and her committee members and the success of the event.

Communication: Committee Descriptions due to Chris for inclusion on website.

Planning: Don noted that the committee had a productive and informative meeting with Monte Jasper of Neighborhood Preservation Inc. Don passed around list of problem properties. He noted three properties coming before Landmarks and Land Use. The three cases:

1 – 293 N. Willett – numerous problems with the application. EHDA notified Landmarks staff and hopefully they will work with applicant get a more appropriate design.

2 – 575 Dickinson – “back lot” of house on North Side of N. Parkway. Comments given to Landmarks.

3 – 319 Garland – divide single family lot to two lots. EHDA will recommend the application be denied.

He reported that 1700 Galloway is in Environmental Court again on Friday. He requested neighbors try to attend to assist gaining traction. It was continued last time, perhaps because neighbors were not present to push.

Community Engagement – Jason reported that the committee met and had good discussion. He reported that we need to engage the block captains. Planning a block captain bash in Williamson Park for the family. Open to block captains or those interested in being a block captain. He is hopeful that this will help solve the block captain problem. Date of bash planned to be April 26. Jason requested $500 for the event. Carrie noted there is $2,500 in the budget for this committee. The budget was approved. Chris reported he will be able to invite active block captains and residents in blocks not covered by block captains. Next meeting of committee is April 11 at 9 a.m. at French Truck – all board invited.

New Business:

It was agreed to sponsor the MOJO of Memphis Awards held by MidtownMemphis.org., $250.

It was agreed to fund the Snowden Community Festival, $250.

Concourse is trying to find ways to re-engage the community. Missy has been discussing this with Porche Stevens. We will look for ways to connect and collaborate.

After Don brought it up, it was agreed to ask Mark Fleisher with Storyboard and/or Kim Lloyd to interview Sue Williams. It was agreed to plant a tree in Wiliamson park in her honor. Bill will work with Landscape Works on the trees, Teresa will contact Kim Lloyd, and Sam will contact Mark Fleisher.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

February 12, 2020

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Missy Williams, Sam Goff, Wain Rubenstein, Jeremy Williams, Chris Morton, Bill and Teresa Bullock, Michael and Mallory Seeker, Don Jones, Eric Gottlieb (Zoo Liaison) , Chip Chockley, Tom Midgley, Neely Bagwell, Susan Weber, Brenda Morris, Vivian Ekstrom, Turner Foster, Denise Parker.

Being the first meeting of the new board, the members introduced themselves.

Zoo Liaison – Eric Gottlieb reported on what is happening with the Zoo. He recapped the activism of the last several years and working through the Overton Park Alliance to find resolution to the parking issues at the zoo. He related the compromise that had been reached that involved taking about 2.5 acres of the greensward and giving General Services to the Conservancy.

A month ago or so, there was an announcement of a change. A modular parking system was discovered and that is now in the mix. Eric has been discussing with the city regarding ways to mitigate the impact of the parking structure on adjacent homes. Eric attempted to get the city to consider putting the garage on the eastern side of the existing main zoo lot. That has seemed to gain no traction.

Eric praised Jim Dean, new CEO of the Zoo, as being very good to work with and exhibiting a level of openness absent from previous leadership. Board members raised several questions regarding the impact to neighbors, both on Autumn and Mclean, and the concern that they were not being properly informed. Missy planned to get Eric in touch with the applicable block captains in the area. Eric reported that Kyle Veazey was sent to Europe to look at similar existing structures. Eric will ask him for some images. Eric reported that screening with green walls of plants may be a reasonable way to soften the view to those nearby.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Financial report. Carrie was not able to attend, but supplied a financial report that was distributed. Total Assets $36,638. Report Approved.

Beautification – Committee members: Gene, Don, Teresa, Vivian, Bill (tree planting). Main foci – Williamson Park, Sallie Hillard Park, Tree Planting. Don reported that we are seeking a new, nice trash can for Williamson Park. As an alternative, a planting of shrubs around the sign. Don has spoken with Mike Flowers of the city regarding pursuing the walking trail previously designed.

Communication – Teresa reported that Evergreen Ball is on Facebook. Current members: Chris and Teresa.

Membership – Current Members: Chris and Teresa. Denise volunteered to help with welcome packets. Chris handed out new home packets. Will have dues update next meeting. He reported that 40-50 folks are using the recurring membership. We have a request for a new membership level, lifetime. After discussion, it was agreed to give this more thought. Missy asked where board members can assist with Membership. Chris reported that recruiting new block captains is another difficult part of the committee. Sam volunteered his Malvern B&B as a party location for recognizing block captains.

Chris will send notices to all existing block captains that are not dues payers letting them know that they are required to pay dues. He anticipates some resignations, at which time we will determine best ways to fill vacancies and keep block captains engaged.

Missy requested that committees and chairs be part of the website and facebook page. Communication committee will work on this. She noted that committees are for board members and non-board members alike.

Planning Committee – Current members: Jeremy (chair), Turner, Don and Marion Jones, Cannon Parkerson, Shannon Dixon, John Pruett, Buddy Fey. Jeremy reported on duties of the committee: Reviewing items that come before Landmarks, with the hope of working with homeowners and getting them to understand and abide by EHDA Design Guidelines. The other side of the committee is dealing with structures in the neighborhood that are empty, neglected or blighted, and trying to get them to comply with codes and be truly contributing structures in Evergreen. Planning has also been tasked with sidewalk issues in the neighborhood. There was significant discussion on sidewalks.

Planning Committee meetings are Mondays prior to EDHA Board meetings.

There were questions regarding the new Montessori school building at Poplar and Garland. Process seems to have stopped. Unsure of timeline.

Jeremy reported plans to talk with Neighborhood Preservation Inc to learn some best practices. The committee is looking into the Poplar Lofts at Poplar and Tucker.

Fundraising – Committee Members: Teresa, Missy, Carrie. Teresa reported that the Evergreen Ball, held every other year, is a major fundraiser. Have also done wine tastings as well as neighborhood home brew fest. The Ball is Feb 29. Roaring Twenties theme. Tickets $50 each. 67 sold. Seven local restaurants on board with food donations. There is a signature drink called Bees Knees. Music from 6:30 to 7:30 by Posey Hedges. DJ Ron Cohen will play 7:30 to 10:30. Also have photographer.

Ball Committee: Teresa (chair), Denise, Jennifer Campbell, Diane Laurenzi, Misty Doosie, Neely, Taryn Spake, Brenda, Vivian, Jackie Morton,

Community Engagement – Jason Brewer is chair. This committee was set up originally as safety, and members researched that safety is based on community engagement. So it was renamed, and the focus was more events that allow for that: Movie night, Crawfish Boil, Block Captain parties and recognition, Picnic, Christmas Caroling (Don chair, Bill, Sam), National Night Out. Sam let the board know that Trinity UMC kitchen is available some Saturday morning for an EHDA cooking/eating event.

Members: Jason (chair), Chip, Tom, Brenda, Bill, Denise, Susan, Tom Lawrence,

Sam noted Trinity UMC has a big Easter Egg Hunt. EHDA has previously sponsored this and agreed to do so again at $250.

V&E Art Walk, supporting the 1.7-mile Greenline, is coming April 25. Board agreed to fund at $500 level.

There was discussion that board location and day is not set in stone, and can be revisited.

Missy asked all board members to consider what committees most appeal to them, and to sign up for several.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


EHDA Board Meeting

January 8, 2020

Midtown Crossing Grill

Attending: Bill and Teresa Bullock, Sam Goff, Chris Morton, Wain Rubenstein, Turner Foster, Angela Parkerson, Jeremy Williams, Don Jones, Tom Midgley, Carrie Kerley, Vivian Ekstrom, Neeley Bagwell, Gene Laurenzi, Missy Williams.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Carrie distributed the financial report. Total assets $36,666.30. She also passed out a prospective 2020 budget. The budget was discussed. Board approved both budget and financial report.

Membership: Chris noted that dues notices will go out soon; electronically first, then via mail.

Fund Raising: Gene let the board know that we need ideas for $500 City grant. Teresa informed the board know the theme for the Evergreen Ball is the Roaring Twenties. Price per ticket is $50. Date is February 29 at the Stonewall Masonic Lodge. 6:30 -10:30. Don suggested that Diane may want to display some EHDA wares for purchase. Will have live jazz with Jim Spake and others.

Communication: Teresa and Chris have posted the January meeting notice in E News and Facebook page.

Beautification/Community Engagement – Sam discussed the potential parking garage at McLean and Prentis. He has heard from several nearby neighbors who are not pleased. Sam noted that screening may be the key to make the garage more palatable from residents on Autumn as well as the view from McLean. Sam noted that Eric Gottlieb is EHDA’s representative dealing with the zoo on this issue.

Don let the board know that the City spent money on other parks and did not allocate funds towards the improvements at Williamson this year. It was agreed that we still want these improvements. Sam recommended that Gene and Don contact the mayor’s office and let him know.

The board approved $250 for Central High Yearbook ad.

Planning and Development – Jeremy handed out a report of activity.  Discussion regarding sending notice to all properties notifying them of requirements for seeking Landmarks approval; goal, minimize number of properties that ask for forgiveness because they didn’t know; and/or get Landmarks to cease being so forgiving with applicants that violate the rules.

Also had discussion regarding Neighborhood Preservation Inc. We will get them to meet with the planning committee. Jeremy also reported that Carl Tisdale, owner of Trinity sanctuary building, assured him there were no plans for apartments. It is now being used by Mercy Hill Church.

Annual meeting, January 23. Bring food for pot luck.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.