Design Guidelines

Work Reviewed by the Memphis Landmarks Commission In Historic Conservation Districts*

New Construction:

  • new primary structures
  • new accessory structures
  • garages/carports
  • outbuildings/storage sheds
  • fences and walls
  • driveway gates

Demolition of:

  • primary structures
  • additions
  • garages/carports
  • outbuildings/storage sheds
  • habitable porches


  • Habitable additions to primary structures
  • Enclosure of garages as habitable space
  • Enclosure of porches as habitable space
  • Dormer additions to increase living space
  • Roofline changes to add habitable space

Site Improvements (made during new construction projects):

  • General site plan
  • Driveways and curb cuts
  • Sidewalks and paving
  • Exterior lighting

Relocation of Structures:

  • Into a district
  • Out of a district
  • Within a district
  • Within a property or site

* Excludes buildings or improvements that cannot be seen from a public street. Contact the Landmarks office at 576-7191 to have this verified and exempted from review as applicable.

To download a COA application with full details, visit the Memphis Landmarks website.

Download a copy of Evergreen’s Design Guidelines