Crime & Safety

Good Practices  
  • Program 545-COPS (545-2677) into your cell phone.
  • Look up and down Evergreen‘s alleys every day as you walk, bike or drive by. Immediately report suspicious activity to the police.
  • Don’t leave intriguing items visible in your car. Stow it, don’t show it!
  • Lock your doors when you are in your yard.
  • Discourage walk-up workers by never hiring them – Hire folks recommended by your neighbors.
  • Use porch and other outdoor lights at night. Lights on motion detectors can help with security AND save energy.
  • Don’t look like a victim. Keep your head up, be alert, make eye contact, be aware of your surroundings.
  • When feasible, walk with a friend.
  • Close blinds where possible so would-be burglars can’t see potential loot.
  • Report street lights that are not working properly- Click here. If not repaired in 5 days, contact
  • Mark lawn equipment, bicycles, etc. for identification. Keep serial numbers on file.
  • Click this link for important city numbers: MemphisImportantNumbers
  • For non-emergency city services such as obtaining a new trash can, calls are funnelled through 3-1-1. Click this link to learn more: Memphis311Info_Brochure
   Cyberwatch Link: Click here