Cop Stop!

Honoring the heroes that protect us everyday!


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The Shelby County Sheriff and local communities have also jumped on the program with Cop Stop programs starting in Bartlett, Oakland, and Lakeland.   This all started approximately June 2014.  What has happened since has been nothing but an unprecedented response. In this day and time, appreciation for those who serve at home, abroad, and right here in our own community is needed more than ever.  This movement is changing the way police are perceived.

EHDA currently has 2 officers assigned to our neighborhood each shift; however, there are many more officers on duty in the surrounding areas that make calls to EHDA as needs arise. EHDA has committed to opening our homes not just to the officers assigned to our neighborhood, but to entire precinct. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch are all options as our men and women in blue work around the clock so please feel free to choose what best meets your needs.